July 23, 2024
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The Geminis Are Coming

The Geminis are Here!

Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign. It is the third sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and thought. Mercury governs all nervous and mental processes. This planet takes the neutral position of mediator between male and female viewpoints. Communication is a lifetime for Gemini. Whether it’s words, gossip, philosophy, or ideas it makes Gemini a happy, inspiring, devoted person. Gemini can often talk their way out of anything, especially trouble.

Basic Traits of a Gemini

Besides being concerned with communication, articulation, and speech, Gemini is nimble and has grace. They are witty and instinctual, very persuasive, and open to change and variety. Gemini is a curious creature who needs to feel free to move, explore and experience short journeys. Gemini will be interested in learning and collecting new facts. They like education, but couldn’t handle sitting through a boring lecture. This would result in Gemini going on their phone, something that they love to do because they need to be stimulated otherwise, they get bored, anxious, and impatient.

Gemini is very adaptable, prone to detail, intuitive, and youthful yearning for freedom. Gemini is inquisitive, charming, entertaining, versatile, quick, inventive, liberal-minded, and never prejudice. Duality and responsiveness are Gemini’s most famous traits. They usually want more than one of everything. This can include jobs, hobbies, friends, and lovers.

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The Negative Side of Gemini

Gemini can become quite restless. They are easily bored and easily embarrassed. They can be impractical, impatient, and irritable. Gemini can be capricious and fickle. They can be gossipy, nervous, manipulative, and noncommittal. Gemini can also present dual personalities. Gemini is prone to change. One minute they want to go out and party and the next minute they want to lay on the couch and watch TV. Since Gemini is so caught up in the superficial, people often think they are fake.

They are fast to understand an idea or assess a situation that they tend to skim the surface of, not attempting to explore things in depth. It’s not really that Gemini is fake, it’s just that Gemini wants to play all the roles. Variety is their forte, which means they often leave a trail of unfinished tasks. Geminis have a tendency to fritter away energy on too many things instead of projecting their cleverness on one task. Gemini is also known to tell a lie or two.

Some Geminis don’t directly lie (and some do), but like most Geminis, they stretch out the truth and exaggerate stories. Gemini can also play people and be manipulative. They have a bad reputation in the zodiac for being shady, with famous Geminis like Donald Trump and Kanye West it is clear that this is a sign that cares if they are liked.

Gemini at Work

Gemini’s working style is to get things done. They work better with other people around and are good in group environments. Gemini is fast on its feet and can handle emergencies quickly. They are open-minded and will give almost anything a try at least once. Gemini is good at charming their way through an interview. They are very good at thinking, coming up with new ideas, and figuring out details.

Gemini likes fast action and quick returns. They will bore and fail to execute ideas if there is too much red tape holding up a project. Gemini enjoys a spacious and stimulating work environment. See Top 10 Jobs for Gemini.

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Gemini as a Friend

Gemini is attracted to people who like to explore and have meaningful conversations. They will have both male and female friends. Gemini tends to respond well to people who suggest spontaneous adventures. A Gemini friend will be there for you when you need them. Though think of them as a Peter Pan type who is eager to be off to the next endeavor.

They will keep their friends amused with their humor, their antics, and their witty banter. Gemini should get along with other Geminis (though it is a variable), Cancers, Leos, Libras, Aquarius’, Aries and Taurus. They will find things to potentially be difficult with Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Things could be turbulent between Gemini and Scorpio or Gemini and Capricorn.

From the opposite sign Sagittarius, Gemini can learn to take a broader view of things, and their influence will bring structure to the mass of information that Gemini collects. This will help Gemini eventually find the truth.

Gemini and Love

Geminis are known for their flirting, even if they are dating you they still might flirt. It is a part of their personality. Gemini is looking for that soul mate romance. Someone they love enough to admit to. Gemini will love attention and affection, but they get overwhelmed by confusing emotions. At times, they may appear too cool and too distant. Gemini will, however, think things through before doing anything rash.

Gemini needs a rational understanding of love as they tend to repress their strong emotions. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Gemini is sensitive and open to being hurt, even if many of them do try to protect themselves from getting hurt. Gemini does have the ability to become emotionally dependent. They feel very deeply but don’t always have the capacity to express their love.

Gemini needs to be understood by their partner. They expect their partner to be emotionally telepathic, sympatric, and tender. Above all, they need personal freedom for themselves and their partner. They also need their partner to know that they enjoy flirting and that it is harmless. Gemini expects complete faithfulness of their partner.

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The Inner Gemini

You react quickly to new situations. You are so set on and attuned to your environment, that you tend to have a nervous disposition. You give off sparks of energy, excitement, and charm, but inside you sometimes feel like a wound-up spring. People are fascinated by your enthusiasm while inwardly you are probably bored with this project or this person. In your relationships, you are very giving, but you also need time for yourself.

People like to be in your company. They find you interesting and amusing. People love you for your talent with words, and for your sense of humor. Friends trust your judgments about emotional matters. They also trust that you will jump in and help when asked. Only those closest to you know you can be moody and discouraged at times. When crossed you can be sarcastic, which might make some people think you are arrogant.

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