July 16, 2024
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The Inner Truth of the Capricorn Moon

There is no fuss about it, Capricorn moon wants to succeed and be of the best. They want to make a lot of money, which will allow them to have a very plentiful life. They want to be able to buy the things in life that they have their eyes on.

When this moon placement is bright it can be determined, responsible, disciplined, patient and committed. The dark side of this moon means that you are rigid, opinionated, materialistic, and overacting.

The “I have it all” theme is very engrained in the Capricorn moon’s mind—they will work their ass off to ensure that it happens. Capricorn moon is the boss, they will work, they will put you to work, and they will let you know when you are finally working hard enough.

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The moon stands for the emotional, sympathetic side of a personality whereas Capricorn is unemotional and undemonstrative sign. People with this moon have to overcome obstacles and complications within their own natures to find the happiness that they usually look for.

That’s the thing about Capricorn Moon individual—they have high standards. The Life Guide: Capricorn can’t help but have a guide, a safe guide, for how things are meant to go. Not only things, but also people.

You are a determined individual; however, your singlemindedness can sometime turn into an obsession. You put your hopes on your idea, as you turn all energies in one direction, and if you fail you might suffer serious depression. There can be this feeling that the wins are not coming in like they should.

Capricorn moon has high social expectations. They expect you to mind your manners and project your best self forward. If people act out, or speak poorly or rudely, Capricorn moon will likely remove themselves.

Capricorn is cautious and reserved, they need to turn their feelings inward, and you require a lot of emotional relationship your commitment may last for your entire lifetime.

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You are loyal, steadfast, generous and giving. You often give more then you give up. You struggle to fully commit with all your trust in a relationship.

Capricorn moon is strong, but they hate to ruffle feathers, and they don’t like to say hurtful things. As a result of this, Capricorn moon expects the same in return. They can’t help but want to people please or care what people think, it’s just in their blood. They are about breeding good genes. Capricorn Moon is also very classy by nature and might follow a republican political perspective (though not always). They usually like to do things by the book. They like to do things the right way, and often don’t listen to the advice of others. Capricorn might seem like they can be walked over, but Capricorn is actually in charge and calling the shot. This is the position that Capricorn feels most comfortable. Despite what you read off them energy wise, Capricorn is the captain of the ship, they are the king/queen of the jungle, and the boss of the enterprise. Therefore, Leo and Capricorn are Destine to conflict—they both want to drive the boat, but four hands on one wheel gets crowded really fast. Capricorn moon has to be with someone who lets them be a leader, and finds their life benefited from Capricorn’s discipline. This is also why Capricorn energy works well with Pisces energy because Pisces tends to be more submissive and looking for a boss in their lives. Pisces is one of the few signs that does not mind being told what to do. In fact, Pisces will change to meet their partner’s particular and demanding needs. As an earth element, Capricorn needs security. They need to feel like they have their own two feet on the ground, and when they do, they can be highly functional and very successful. Capricorn moon shoots for the moon on every try, so as long as they might be waiting, something is bound to catch, and good things will pull through. There is nothing worth then wasted Capricorn energy because it can accomplish so much. Some people might view the Capricorn moon as stuck-up, snobby or full of themselves. Capricorn moon does not care they only associate with the elite, or at least what Capricorn moon perceives to be the elite. 

The Capricorn moon can be very calculated, and at times emotionally cold. Capricorn likes to be the boss and will go after what they desire, in the hopes that they meet a teammate that they can share life with. This moon is scanning for the best of the best, and this moon placement will protect Capricorn from mixing up with their competitors. Capricorn will want to be proud of their partner, what they look like, what they do, and how they are exerting their best potential. A true Capricorn doesn’t want issues with anyone so even if they are thinking something negative or constructive, they will rarely say it. Capricorn has to be in a moment pf anxiety or frustration in order to stand up for themselves.

Keep in mind, Capricorn is going to put their success before yours. If it comes to competing for a promotion, Capricorn is going to be all about it.

Capricorn likes to keep it classy, though as they say, no one knows what goes down behind closed door. Capricorn tends to carry themselves with significance, and they will often use their significance to get what they want.

Capricorn is the most harmless of the earth signs. They do try to do good and put positive energy into the world. They are always praying for the world and the people they love. Capricorn is dangerous in other ways, in their authority skills and need for exceptional in the workplace. Their high stands enforce their high work performance. Capricorn usually completes the required school needed to achieve their dreams. Capricorn can be conservative, and sometimes even on the dull, boring side as they lack interest in certain people and things.

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