July 23, 2024
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Top 5 Most Arrogant Zodiac Signs

There are some people in the world who just seem to think that the world revolves around their existence. They believe that they are the cream of the crop and no one else can reach their level of amazingness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself and knowing what you deserve, but when you get an inflated ego, it can definitely be a turn-off for the people in your life. Have you ever wondered if someone’s level of arrogance has something to do with their Zodiac sign? Well, I would have to say that this is absolutely the case! Are you curious to find out which signs are most arrogant and where you fit on the scale of most arrogant? Then keep on reading to find out more:

5. Aquarius

Aquarius may be the lover of humanity, wanting to connect with others and make the world a better place for others, but there is a side to them that can be quite cocky and arrogant. The thing about Aquarians is that they are incredibly smart individuals, their intellect veers toward genius. This sign gives of their intelligence to the world, and because their brilliant ideas usually stand up and make the world a more liveable place, this can definitely lead them to think that they are better than others. They can get extremely absorbed in whatever they are busy with and not notice when others might need them. Whatever it is they are doing at the moment is more important to them than anything else. Thus, they might often struggle to be self-aware enough to see that they are actually acting arrogant and self-centred because they believe that what they are doing is for the betterment of everyone else. They can often be stubborn and not realize that they might be in the wrong.

4. Aries

If there is one thing Aries cares about, then it has to be themselves. No matter what Aries goes through, they will always put themself first. Which makes it no surprise to find out that Aries is usually quite self-serving and arrogant. It can be really difficult for Aries to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. They care most about their own journey and where they are headed in life, nothing or no one is going to stop Aries from getting where they need to be. However, this sign isn’t heartless or cruel, they just get so fuelled up and excited about the things they want to accomplish that they end up forgetting about everyone else, but themselves. They’re quite innocent and naive, which is part of the allure of being an Aries, but it is also the reason why they come across as quite arrogant and self-centred, they simply don’t know any better. There is a reason they are called the babies of the Zodiac.

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3. Taurus

This might come to surprise some, but sweet and serene Taurus definitely has quite the arrogant side to them. This sign does not believe in compromises. When they want something, they will stubbornly pursue it without ever giving up. This makes them extremely arrogant because they struggle to see when others have a point. They just want everything to go their way or else they become quite stroppy and unhappy. This behaviour stems from them being a Fixed sign which means that they have a hard time changing and they are very much stuck in their ways. Coupled this with Venus being their ruling planet, which gives them a love for luxury and the finer things in life. All of this contributes to a Taurus thinking that they are much better than everyone else. A Taurus will tend to believe that their problems trump everyone else’s especially when they are going through something difficult. This is when they can become quite self-centred and act callously towards others in their life.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is easily the most callous sign in the Zodiac. They truly only care about themselves and where they are headed in their life. No one will get in the way of them and whatever it is they want. Others will often complain and be quite disgruntled by the way a Sagittarius has treated them in the past. They don’t hold back and say whatever it is they are thinking, which has a way of hurting others. This sign is implicitly honest and doesn’t believe in beating around the bush. Their arrogance makes them believe that they can get away with being unkind to others for the sake of “honesty.” This sign truly believes that the world revolves around them and the decisions they make. The last thing you want to do is have a different opinion from a Sagittarius because they will do everything they possibly can to convince you that their opinion is the correct one. This sign is so arrogant that they believe that everyone should follow their lead as well as their beliefs without hesitation.

1. Leo

Leo, the most royal-like sign of the Zodiac definitely has quite a reputation about them. If you have ever had a conversation with a Leo, you will know that they will find a way to make the conversation revolve around them and their experiences in life. It is exhausting being on the other side of a Leo monologue. On top of that, this sign is also known for their dramatics and always injecting extra spice and hysteria wherever they go. The attention simply must be on them, or else it hurts their ego and there is no one sulkier than an arrogant Leo with a bruised ego. This sign is truly self-absorbed and believes that they are the absolute creme of the crop. And just wait until you see a Leo pass a mirror, they’ll be staring at themselves for hours. You have honestly never met someone vainer or conceited in your life. This sign knows that they are the best of the best, and there is no way that they are going to hide it.

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