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8th of August: All About the Numerological Meaning of 8

Is your birthday on August 8th? If so, have a great birthday. And you will want to know the numerological and spiritual meaning behind the birthday of 8/8. August 8th is the day of karma, bravery, and a strong desire to be successful. There is a lot of eight energy in the day, and those who have this birthday want to play various roles in their life. That does not mean they are flittering from one career to the next. But whatever roles they fall into, they want to be highly successful. That is because, with the heavier 8 energies of this date, Saturn is the ruler of it, the planet that rules karma, hard work, discipline, and restrictions, and the number eight is karmic, which means there is a heavy emphasis on cause and effect. As August is the eighth month, it will magnify the numerological 8 energies even more since it is the eighth day—let’s talk about eight’s numerological meaning before discussing August 8th’s numerological meaning.

The Numerological Meaning of 8

The study of numerology focuses on the spiritual significance of numbers in life. In numerology, eight is often associated with power, karma, and materialism. As mentioned, the number eight is often considered karmic as it is both a spiritual and materialistic number.

When you look at the number eight, it resembles the infinity symbol, and there is a reason for that. The number recycles the energetic path of power and karma. That is why those affected by these energies have a strong sense of right and wrong, confidence, power, and authority, but at the same time, strength, love, respect for humanity, and a desire for peace.

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When you look at the eighth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot, in most decks, Strength is the eighth card, representing the inner strength associated with this number. However, Justice is the eighth card representing cause and effect in some decks.

When you look at the eighth card in the Minor Arcana, there is a theme of work, movement, or power. The Eight of Wands represents swift movement, the Eight of Cups represents moving away from something that is no longer fulfilling, the Eight of Swords challenges you to find your power in a situation where you feel trapped, and finally, the Eight of Pentacles is about hard work and apprenticeship. Now, talk about what you can expect on August 8th, energy-wise.

What Can You Expect On August 8th?

That is the day that you have double-eight energies. There is no doubt that in one form or another, you will face a situation where you will see that there will be an opportunity to step into your power, potentially facing a karmic problem and needing to work hard for something. You may find yourself with extra responsibilities to tackle on that day.

There will be opportunities for you to do past wrongs right, hence balancing karma, making a fast decision on something important, or having to exert some boundaries to step into your power. You may have the urge to tackle some complex tasks.

For example, suppose you feel that a friend has been taking advantage of your kindness and you have been doing favors for them when you didn’t want to do them. However, the energies on that day could cause you to once and for all stand up for yourself and say “no.”

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On the flip side, if you have upset someone in the past, and they are angry with you, you may feel that your actions were justified, but you will have the urge to visit them and attempt to smooth the situation out.

You will apologize for how you may have handled it but will not apologize for the reasons behind your actions. You cannot control how the other individual reacts, but you will feel you did the right thing by balancing the karmic issues you may have had with them. Now, let’s delve further into the numerological profiles of those born on August 8th.

The Characteristics of Those Born on August 8th

Even if two people are born on August 8th, their personalities won’t be identical. This is due to the fact that numerology plays only a minor role in determining a person’s personality on this day. Their horoscope also depends on others factors, like their birth year and name. It’s important to note that while Leo is the sun sign of those born on August 8th, it represents just a fraction of their personality.

There is a numerological significance to the 8th of August, especially as it pertains to power and karma. As mentioned, that is the day about balancing karma, taking responsibility for your actions, and stepping into your power as you attempt to be as successful as you can, and those born on that day believe they have their unique mission to inspire others to be the best they can be and to empower themselves. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

The influence of the numerological energies of the double 8 means you may be powerful, motivating, and charismatic. However, there is danger of allowing your ego to get the best of you while you step into your power as you may appear boastful, and you may unconsciously belittle those who you feel are not trying hard enough. You may also become too attached to materialistic items. You may also set goals that may be too lofty.

You may also be inclined to get into fields that need unique talent that are related to management, law, research, or arts. There would be an aspect of yourself that has an affinity for anything mysterious which may mean you would be inclined to become a researcher.

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Suppose you have more influences in your chart, such as a well-expected Saturn or a lot of Capricorn. In that case, you may be inclined to go into coaching, teaching, accounting, science, business, and go into any management role. It is possible to enjoy some of those things as hobbies, but you might not be able to make a career out of them.

You may also be the type to enjoy showing off your home and the type to enjoy wearing trendy clothing. Because of the double 8 energy, you may have a materialistic side to you which you must keep in check. The influence of Leo as the ruler is the Sun will be behind those traits.

The Takeaway

To sum up, those born on August 8th are born on a day full of empowerment, success, and balancing karmic issues. Therefore, those who have that birthday are often in some type of management role, arts, business, law or have careers that provide empowerment and motivation to others such as coaching.

They have a powerful and strong nature based on the vibration of the double 8 energy, and their hardworking side can be a good model for others. August 8th natives can be motivating and charismatic due to the influences of Leo. It is unfortunate that those who have a lot of dishonesty and self-interest in their charts can be controlling and manipulative to gain power.

Aside from that, if the birthday is irrelevant to you and when it comes to seeing what types of energies are in store for August 8th, expect it to be a day of empowerment, hard work, and balancing karma such as making past wrongs right. There is potential for you to step into your power one way or another and influence others to do the same.

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