July 24, 2024
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Viva Virgo Season

Viva Virgo Season!

Virgo is associated with self-perfection, critical natures, altruism, honesty, responsibility, cleanliness, hygiene, health, healing, efficiency, daily routines, reliability, the strength of character, veiled sensuality, service, hard work, passion, modesty, incisive communication, and shrewd logical thinking.

Virgo is a mutual earth sign indicating adaptable practicality. Mutual means that there are many different variations, even if something will always be classically Virgo.

The Virgo Personality

These are some common positive and negative personality traits of the Virgo.

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Positive Negative
– Gentleness with the helpless
– Sympathetic
– Humane and helpful
– Organized
– Knowledgeable about good health
– Witty and charming
– Physically sensual
– Painstaking
– Emotionally warm
– Dedicated
– Scathing criticism for the lazy
– Cranky and irritable
– Dogmatic
– Untidy
– Could be a hypochondriac
– Nervous and worried
– Prudish
– Eccentric
– Undemonstrative
– Over demanding

Hidden Virgo

If you have a strong Virgo influence, this person usually worries too much about every and each physical imperfection. Virgo is rarely happy with their own standards. Virgo may be the sign of service and appear as an excellent worker. They may also appear as they know it all, but beneath this is a fear that Virgo is not good enough for the job or the partner.

Virgo relishes in the idea of serving others and take charge and handle all the mundane tasks that make up the bedrock of success.

Virgo is symbolized by “the virgin”, but in reality, Virgo is anything but a virgin. They have a rebellious side. One of the least suspected things about a Virgo is that they have strong, volcanic sexuality that can be hidden for years until the right partner comes into the picture.

Virgo’s Ruling Planet

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the planet of the mind and communication) so anyone with true Virgo in them will have a good and quick mind. Virgo can be interested in obtaining new information and through written communication. Virgo is ruled by the mythological Vulcan (the lame god of thunder) who had a confident and brilliant mind.

Virgo’s Home Life

If you’re a typical Virgo, home is a favored place, which you spend as much as possible in. At home, Virgo kind of likes to be the head of the household. Virgo is domesticated in a lot of areas like cooking, managing the finances, general maintaining, health, hygiene, gardening, etc. Virgo will always be doing or making something unless they are sitting in silence with their favorite show. Virgo will engage with their hobbies at home.

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Virgo at Work

Virgo is a really hard worker by nature. They are best in a supporting role, but they also have it in them to be the boss. Virgo is meticulous and self-disciplined. They offer other people a sense of security. Virgo is very helpful to other people. They can enjoy the routine and work.

Virgos and Friends

Virgo likes neat, tidy people. They can be clean freaks and attracted to clean, organized and organized environments. Virgo may not be attracted to what is big in emotion or anything that is too. Virgo needs a person who can provide a sense of serenity and peace.

Virgo loves celebrations that will be an outlet for their controlled emotions. Virgo will be a wonderful company during these moments. If you’re a Virgo, you’re probably a little discriminating with good taste and tend to have a wealth of information on almost every subject. Virgo isn’t course and they don’t waste money, but many of them are generous.

Virgo makes for a good friend, one that is very kind considerate, and helpful. Just don’t freak out if Virgo ghosts on you, it’s not personal, they just need their space and sometimes crave alone time. Virgo will show up when it really matters. When they have, you’re back, they have your back—just don’t test this loyalty. Virgo is a known worrywart, if their loved one is in need, the worries of a Virgo could reduce them into a nervous wreck.

Virgo in Love

Virgo love is not necessarily dramatic, emotional, or sentimental. A Virgo’s love is based on devotion. This includes the love of family and friends, and the less fortunate.

Virgo looks for quality, and what’s “perfect” for Virgo. They will wait for years for the right match if they have to. They could be scared by overt romance, or they might just soak it up. Virgo is picky, but when in love they love steadily and warmly. They will not be the type to cause room for jealousy. They will do anything to avoid breaking up. Virgo expects devotion from their partner. They want decency. To enjoy plutonic flirtations and to be pampered when they are feeling down. Personal matters need to be kept quiet, this is very important to the Virgo. Virgo is sensitive so you have to handle them with great care.

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Virgo might have some sex literature in their bookshelf because they like to understand the finer details. They also want to figure out how they can completely please their partner in bed. It is not uncommon for your pleasure to be Virgo’s pleasure.

Calling All Virgos

This is a sign of both duty and devotion. When a Virgo has committed to you in any regard, you can expect them to be there. Virgo is very real by nature. They might tell a white lie, but they are not the lying time. In fact, they crave the truth in every situation and interaction. Virgo is good at figuring people out, they can be intuitive, which means they will always know exactly where to hit you when in combat. Virgo is good at putting the pieces together. They know how to solve puzzles. There is almost a detective vibe about Virgo. They certainly know how to size something up. They have particular tastes and can be very traditional. They are grounded and down to earth and capable of being excellent providers. Virgo is the sign that you want to put in charge because they lead by an excellent example.

Virgo is a complicated sign because they often have brilliant minds, which can lead them down many different paths. Virgo needs to believe in themselves more than anything and provide themselves with the self-love that will benefit them in every angel of their life.

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