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breakup triggers for each zodiac sign

What Are the Breakup Triggers for Each Zodiac Sign?

All relationships have challenges; even the best ones do. Arguments happen, and it is healthy to have arguments in relationships because it shows that your communication is excellent, and unfortunately, seeing eye to eye will not always happen. However, a resolution can be found in healthy relationships, and then the couple will make up. In unhealthy relationships, sometimes arguments can lead to a breakup. Perhaps it may be for the best if the relationship is not salvageable. Sometimes, arguments are not necessarily breakup triggers. Repeated behaviors are, and if it happens too often, they become deal-breakers. Let’s now take a look and see what the relationship triggers are for each zodiac sign.

Aries – When Your Partner Constantly Picks Fights and Rages On

Aries, you are full of fire as it is, and you are not the patient type. You do not have any problems, however, with confrontation. However, you also do not have any patience for your partner continuously raging and picking fights with you. If you find that your partner shares the same negative qualities, that will not last, and that will become a trigger. You may be the one in the middle of a raging episode that you take their things and toss them out on the streets. And then you will finally kick them out because you will have had enough.

Taurus – When Your Partner Repeats Their Mistakes

Taurus, you are the type that would hang onto your partner because you simply do not like to let things go. However, at the same time, you are also the type that does not easily forget what anyone does. That means you will remember each mistake your partner makes. Even though you do not like to let go of anything, if your partner keeps making the same mistake all of the time, then you will find that you have no choice but to let them go. Even the stable and loyal Taurus has limits, and that is it for you.

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Gemini – When Your Partner Fails to Comprehend You

Gemini, you are fun, and you need mental stimulation. But, more importantly, you need others to understand you. When you go into a relationship, you will take your time to understand your partner, but you expect the same thing. If your partner refuses to understand your ways and behaviors, you will lose your patience with them. Sure, you may have habits they don’t like, but you are also tolerant of their habits. If they keep judging you based on your rituals, habits, and mannerisms, that is a breakup trigger for you, especially if they refuse to attempt to understand you better.

Cancer – When Your Partner Bothers You When You Want to Be Left Alone

Cancer, you know that you are one of the most emotional ones around, and sometimes you need comforting, and other times you need to be left alone. Those times when you need to have space to yourself, you will not tolerate anyone trying to get in the way of that. That is a considerable breakup trigger if your partner continuously gets into your space when you need it the most. Of course, you will be upset that they are trying to get in the way of your space, but you will feel as if they are not respecting your boundaries.

Leo – If Your Partner Doesn’t Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Leo, you know that you need a lot of love and attention, and you need that from your partner. However, you are also deep down insecure, so that means if your partner is not only neglecting you but is not making you feel good about yourself, that is a deal-breaker. For instance, if your partner is a workaholic and you feel they choose work over you, that is bad enough. But, if they are also not complimenting you enough, or worse, critical of some of the things you do, like how you don’t put your dishes away after a meal – that is it.

Virgo – If You Feel Your Partner Is Devaluing You

Virgo, you may be very picky because of your highly analytical nature, but you do everything you can for them when you love someone. You also understandably want to feel appreciated as you will not stand to be taken for granted. However, if you feel that your partner, who you do so much for, is not only taking you for granted but seems disinterested in you, you will not stand for that. You will feel devalued by your partner, and that is the one thing that will make you want to end the relationship. You may talk to them first since communication is essential because they may not know what they do. But if they keep acting that way towards you, that is it.

Libra – You Tend to Have Very High Standards

Libra, you are all about relationships, and you are very friendly, but you also have very high standards when it comes to what you expect from your partner. If your partner does not pamper you and is not romantic enough for you, that could be a breakup trigger. However, you will not share your issues with them because you don’t like confrontation. Instead, you will behave passive-aggressively until your partner catches on that you are unhappy with them. Then the argument could escalate, and if you admit to them that you feel they are not living up to your standards – they may be the one to break up with you because they’ll feel that no matter what they’ll do, you will not be satisfied.

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Scorpio – When You Feel Your Partner Wrongs You

Scorpio, you are secretive but, at the same time, loyal. Your partner has every reason to trust you, and if you trust them, they gave you a good reason to do so. However, you are incredibly sensitive, and you will feel that your partner may wrong you even if they do something innocent. You are not the one who will discuss it with them. Instead, you will allow the irritation to fester until your partner catches on that you are upset with them. If they can work through the issue or misunderstanding with you, then you can find a resolution. However, if they can’t, then that is a breakup trigger. You take it very seriously when you feel wronged in any way.

Sagittarius – When Your Partner Cannot Live Up to Your Expectations

Sagittarius, you are not the one who will hook up with just anyone. Your partner needs to share the same love and desire for adventure that you do. You want to live a more carefree life, and your partner will have to do the same. If your partner is too much into their routine, is not spontaneous enough, and does not want to travel too often – that can be a breakup trigger for you. You also will not be the type to discuss the issue with them. If they show disinterest in it, you will leave them because they are not living up to your expectations.

Capricorn – When Your Partner Is Impractical and Unappreciative

Capricorn, you take everything seriously. You are highly ambitious and hardworking, and you put a lot of effort into your relationships. You expect your partner to be practical, but if they are spending money like water and doing things that are not sensible, that can be a breakup trigger for you. However, you will have patience if your partner did not grow up in a home where their parents were practical and are open to learning how to become that way. They will also save your relationship if they appreciate the effort you put in, and they put effort into your relationship too. If they don’t, then you will not hesitate to end it with them.

Aquarius – If Your Partner Is a People-Pleaser

Aquarius, you are the one that marches to your own drum, and you embrace uniqueness. You do not want to conform, and you expect your partner to embrace their individuality and do things they want (within reason, of course). However, if you see that your partner is going out of their way to conform to please others and not you, then that will be a breakup trigger. It is not an issue for you if your partner likes a fad that you find annoying because they genuinely appreciate it. However, if they work hard at being so much like someone else or giving into others just to please them, that is it for you.

Pisces – Lack of Connectivity

Pisces, you are the dreamy type, and you can be idealistic. However, that does not mean that you cannot be grounded in reality. When it comes to essential things in life, you will ground yourself. And when it comes to relationships, you need to connect well with your partner. If there is no connection between you and your partner, you will not want to pursue the relationship. What is the point in staying in a relationship with someone if there is no connectivity? You need to feel connected to your partner on a soul level, which is incredibly essential to you.

You may find that none of these issues are breakup triggers, as you may have your own regardless of your sign. Everyone is unique. It boils down to that everyone has expectations when it comes to relationships, and if your partner fails to fulfill any of them, then that is your breakup trigger. Honestly, regardless of your sign, if your partner does not show appreciation towards you and puts little effort into the relationship, you will feel the relationship is one-sided. Therefore, that can be anyone’s breakup trigger. Those who cannot appreciate their partners are not even genuine relationship material anyway.

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