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What Does It Mean To Be A Libra? The Spiritual Nemesis

Are you born between September 23rd and October 22nd? Then congratulations, you’ve incarnated as the eternal bringer of justice and expert of human relationships, the Libra zodiac sign. Outside of their masterful ability to handle social environments and harmonious connections with multiple people, Libras have a deeper, more spiritual, and esoteric meaning to them. Represented by the ancient Greek goddess, Nemesis, they are here to equalize the world and bring forth the sprout of justice. Are you a Libra-incarnated individual? Keep reading, you might just discover what it is you truly do to people.

The Depth Of The Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra is the zodiac sign which begins the so-called “darker season” of the year, entering fall with the change in October, they are ruling the first the six months of the hibernating period (Oct-Feb) for us humans. Right after summer, still with that airy, flamboyant vibe, Libras are the social butterflies and connectors of our zodiac family. Utilizing all that good energy that was gathered in summer, we cross the equator and enter early winter/fall with Libra, ready to thrive and build for ourselves over the course of the next 6 months.

As a cardinal air sign, it is the zodiac sign embodying leadership and new beginnings. They are not necessarily the masters of follow through or support, as they tend to usually have that initial spark, setting the tone of conversations and being good at mainly getting the ball moving. Then usually the idea gets passed on to the Gemini mutable sign, who likes to bounce their inspirative thoughts left and right, until finally the idea moves to the fixed sign of Aquarius, who supports the underlying structure and architects the system.

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And of course, these natural gifts are in the domain of human relationships, as all air signs are concerned with people. They’re not always extroverted, but they’re all concerned with people and communication. And being masculine, or outwards oriented archetypes, air signs usually tend to rise to fill space, unlike the more feminine-nature signs of earth and water, which receive and hold space.

Now why is this important to grasp?

Because Libras, represented by the cosmic scale of harmony and balance, or the ancient Greek goddess Nemesis, known for bringing equilibrium to the cosmos through revenge, Libras are known for being the initiators of this “darkness” cycle within our 12-month calendar year, but also within us, as individuals.

They are the trigger that sets the gear in motion, for our journey back home.

The Meaning Of Darkness – Fall Of The Sun In Libra

Our Sun is crossing the equator, the moment it traverses through the constellation of Libra, the halfway point between darkness and light in the sky. During this moment of change in the calendar year, the days start getting filled with more darkness as the night gets longer, and as the Sun duration gets shorter, we start having less light. This pattern remains like so, until we arrive again in Aries, in April. That’s why often you might hear astrologers say that the Sun is in its fall in Libra, but exalted in the opposite planet, Saturn. It is because Libra is situated in October, right at that moment of transition during the fall equinox.

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For your perspective and understanding, the Sun is exalted in Aries, which is the first sign of the 12th-house-zodiac family, representing the recognition of ego and expression of oneself, being the opposition of Libra, which is all about duality, balance and the seeing of oneself in others, not in its ego expression. It is why Libras are often seen as objective thinkers. This natural ability to embody the other and see the situation from many perspectives, is truly an innate Libra gift. They don’t do it in a Pisces way, where the other gets absorbed, but it is done in an airy way, where mainly an intellectual and rational understanding is picked up, which gets the gear going faster for the entire group.

And in a way, one might say that this is what the definition of darkness is. If light is the expression of ego, of oneself, represented by Aries, then darkness is all that light is not, represented by the others, the opposite of yourself. Darkness is the space that surrounds the light. The space in which light is encompassed and diffused. The space in which the eternal dance of polarity takes place, and creation occurs. The space which the Libra, so dearly holds.

Libra The Spaceholder – Exaltation of Saturn

As aforementioned, Libra excels in the planetary placement of Saturn, giving those born with Libra placements an incredibly powerful logical mind and an uncanny ability to play in all sorts of human environments, wittyfully smoothing their ways in and out of group-conversational gaps, Libras make sure the job gets done, emotionally and spiritually, for all.

It is why often a Libra won’t have a favorite friend or a best buddy, and simply be on good terms with multiple people. They are the one that gets the network moving and holds the space for the interactions to happen. Just like their native planet, The Old One, Saturn, who keeps the motions of time in check, for us souls to experience.

But these incredibly architectful abilities within human relationships that Libras possess, can sometimes work to their hindrance, disabling them from speaking of the negative that needs to be addressed in certain situations, or being scared to hurt someone’s feelings with their honest truth.

They’re not like their brothers and sisters coming right after, the Scorpios, who are all about ride or die vibes. They’re more romantics, like the Pisceans, simply flirting with life itself, not necessarily you. And packed with their street smartness and social intelligence, they’re walking psychologists, reading you naked on the spot, and seeing where you best fit in their puzzle.

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How To Thrive As A Libra – 3 Saturnian Tips For You

Learn to be ok with your darkness

Sometimes certain souls have the ability to encompass a greater amount of suffering or darkness without them necessarily feeling overwhelmed by it. The key is to not feel guilty about who you are. You are so deep, and this ability is what allows you to encompass the whole group and move everyone in the right direction, tipping the scales to their favor. The more you come to terms with your own depth, the deeper you’ll be able to enhance the lives of others.

Become a psychologist

Ok, maybe not the only career path, but seriously. You have an incredible ability to read the Other objectively and assess their role for the future. You’re practically already a walking psychologist for your friends and most of your social environments. You might as well get paid for it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be precisely this career of course, but for sure you wanna get involved professionally with people and where the life of emotions is at. Someone’s gonna have to get the party going.

Life is cold, get colder

This will allow you to start bringing things inwards. You can still be very immersed into parties, gatherings, and group get-togethers, but learn to contain your emotion, your expression. This will gradually move your joy from an outside temporary excitement, to an inner, everlasting peace. Cold outside, warm within. The secret is the quality of your breathing and your capacity to hold oxygen under your skin. But that’s a topic for another article. Until next time, shining one.

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