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What Is Your Favorite Winter Time Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Favorite Winter Time Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Wintertime is in full force as the memories of barbeques, eating on patios while enjoying the summer breeze, and outdoor swimming is distant memories.

So now, the activities you do have to change because it is too cold to spend a lot of time outdoors unless you bundle up to do that, as many winter sports such as skiing are popular. And if you are looking for ideas for dating wintertime activities, you may need some inspiration based on your zodiac sign! Let’s review your favorite wintertime date idea for your zodiac sign.

Aries – Winter Sport Idea

Aries, you are passionate and full of energy. Therefore, if you are looking for a winter date idea, it will have to give you plenty of passion and be an outlet so you can let out pent-up energy. Therefore, any winter sport would be the best date idea for you.

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It does not matter if you want to ski with your date or, even better, go snowboarding. And better yet, you may want to hit the slopes. You can book a weekend getaway with your date at a ski resort. That would be a fun idea for you.

Taurus – Relaxing By The Fireplace

Taurus, you are sensual and not the type to get into winter sports because you need stability and relaxation. Therefore, your ideal date is you and your partner sitting in front of the fireplace going as you relax on the sofa and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Since you are pretty sensual, you will fill the hot cocoa mug with many marshmallows because it makes the hot beverage taste even sweeter. You and your date will also enjoy having deep conversations as you both relax with the fireplace on as you have the lights in the room in a dim setting.

Gemini – At The Library Or The Bookstore

Gemini, you are the one that needs intellectual stimulation, and you would want your winter date to provide you with that. Even though Amazon is the primary outlet for books and many other items, there are still plenty of bookstores.

That is where you and your date will hang out in the winter. You will grab a book and read it with your date, even if you have no intention of buying it. However, if you find it intriguing, you will purchase it. If there is no bookstore near you, you can always head to the library with your date to do the same thing.

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Cancer – Relaxing At Home

Cancer, you are a homebody. You are very similar to Taurus because your idea of a winter date is to snuggle up with your partner at home, watch television and eat some cookies or other comfort foods. You are not keen on going out when it is cold and dark.

You may agree to go to a restaurant with your date, but then you will spend the rest of the evening at home. Or, you may cook your date dinner and spend the rest of the time watching a movie with the fireplace lit.

Leo – Head To The Ice Skating Rink

Leo, you are the one that wants to be in the spotlight where others will notice what you do. That is why you will want to head over to the ice skating rink with your date, and you will be showing off the moves you will make to your date and anyone else that is at the rink.

You will also be happy to teach your date how to ice skate if they are not too experienced with it, and if they balk, you will have a way to convince them to go for it.

Virgo – Board Or Card Games

Virgo, you are analytical and all about work and providing a service. However, you have a side to you where you want to seek enjoyment and have some R&R. Therefore; you are not going to spend your time cleaning with your date.

What you will do instead is enjoy playing a board game or a card game with your date. Playing those games will give you and your date an opportunity to bond and you may decide after you are done with the games to relax and watch some television after.

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Libra – Dinner And A Walk In The Snowy Landscape

Libra, you love dating as it gives you an opportunity to get to know your potential partner, as you also don’t like the idea of being alone. You also love to walk with your date in a natural setting as there is something very romantic about it.

Your ideal winter date would be you and your partner going for dinner, particularly at an exquisite restaurant, if the money allows you to do so. Then you would walk with your date along the snow-covered trees at a park or in the city, as long as the weather holds.

Scorpio – Dance Class

Scorpio, you are passionate and would want to do something that brings you a lot of passion with your date in the winter. Consider taking a dance class, such as learning to tango or salsa dancing. And when you bust those moves, that brings a lot of passion to the dance floor.

Dancing to that degree does burn a lot of calories, so you would head over to the dessert cafe with your date after dance class, but it would make it a fun and passionate evening.

Sagittarius – Dinner And Clubbing

Sagittarius, you are all about fun and excitement, and you will have a lively date. Your ideal winter date will involve having dinner with your potential partner. You will likely want to go to a restaurant with foreign cuisine because you love different cultures.

You will order the three-course meal, appetizer, main course, and dessert. And then you and your date will burn it off by heading to a club where you can dance that energy off. Either way, your idea of a fun date is a lively one.

Capricorn – A Game Of Bowling

Capricorn, you are known to be a hard worker and goal-oriented, and you also are known to compete with yourself. Therefore, the ideal winter date would be for you to go for a game of bowling. You love a challenge and will want to challenge your date with five or ten-pin bowling.

You also find bowling relaxing and even having fun, which you don’t usually do because everything is so serious with you. However, a bowling game will be your perfect winter date idea.

Aquarius – Go Sledding

Aquarius, you are the one who likes to do your thing and is playful and adventurous. Therefore, your ideal winter date would be to go sledding with your partner. You will find a hilly area to enjoy sledding, as you will have a great time with it and watch your date enjoy sliding down the hills.

After your sledding date, you would go to a dessert cafe to get hot cocoa, or you may head to your home or your date’s home to enjoy some of that delicious hot beverage there and watch some television for a bit.

Pisces – Make Snow Art

Pisces, you are romantic and artistic and always want to make your date happy. Therefore, the ideal winter date for you is to make some snow art together, whether you make snow angels or even build a snow person.

Then, if it is snowing, you and your date will sit around enjoying the sight of the snow falling because it is quite exquisite. And when you have had enough cold temperatures, you will head indoors and enjoy a sweet snack or a cup of hot cocoa.


Whichever winter date idea you choose to do with your special someone, you will want to have fun, as you could also do a combination of these ideas in one date, such as going sledding and then enjoying time to make some snow art. Then you could head to your date’s home or your home and snuggle up on the sofa to watch movies with the fireplace lit. Or, you could use some of these dating ideas for separate winter dates. Keep warm, and enjoy them!

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