July 14, 2024
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Capricorn’s Love Language

What is Capricorn’s Love Language?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love since everyone gives and receives love in different ways. Dr. Gary Chapman has a theory that there are 5 main love languages, and understanding these love languages can help us to better care for the people in our lives.

Capricorn is not traditionally the most amorous sign, but they have big hearts underneath all that dry, dark wit.

So, let’s look at the 5 love languages and how they show up for the Capricorn in yourself or your love life!

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Sun: acts of service

Having a Capricorn sun means that honesty, respect and loyalty are the foundations of their life. Love is hard-earned when you have your sights set on this earth sign since it takes a long time for them to open up and feel safe expressing their feelings.

Since they are practical, love takes patience, which is why you should focus on diligently showing up for your Capricorn lover. The more you show up on time, help them out (without being asked because they’ll never ask), and do whatever you can to show them how much you support them, the more you’ll find that your Capricorn sun has an excess of tender love that they’ve been waiting to share with the right person.

To put this into practice you’ll need to pay close attention to your Capricorn lover. Try helping out with a household task that they don’t like to do or struggle to find the time for. Wash their dishes, sweep the floor, or fill up their gas tank when it’s getting low.

Moon: quality time

A Capricorn moon is just a Scorpio moon in a tasteful blazer! What I mean is that this earth moon is dark, reflective and–dare I say–more mysterious than their water moon bestie! This is because Capricorn moons are the last to wear their heart on their sleeve, in fact they have an excess or walls up around their heart.

It’s not always going to be easy for your Capricorn moon lover to say exactly what they’re feeling since earth signs are more focused on the tangible world, so the best way to show how much you love them is through physically being there. The more quality time you spend together, the more this moon sign is going to feel safe, seen, and comfortable enough to fall in love.

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To put this into practice start suggesting to hang out while you simultaneously work on different things. If your Capricorn moon lover is in school and needs to study a lot, suggest low-key dates where they study and you read or work on a hobby or yours. Capricorns enjoy silence and productivity, so remember that quality time doesn’t have to mean that you’re socializing or doing an activity together!

Mercury: words of affirmation

Capricorn Mercury is known for being practical and pragmatic, so don’t expect many flowery poems and romantic cliches to come out of their mouth, even when they are in the deepest throws of love. In fact, being too cheesy is most likely going to give them the ick since Capricorn is a sign that is easily embarrassed (and what’s more embarrassing than being in love, honestly).

Still, words of affirmation is the most important love language for this earth sign Mercury, you just have to know the right words to say. For them being truthful, and honest is the sexiest thing you can bring to the table, so cut out the fluff! Also, don’t be afraid to compliment them, let your Capricorn Mercury lover know that you see how hard they work and that you’re constantly amazed by them.

To put this into practice you’ll want to start noticing the small stuff. If your Capricorn lover has a good vocabulary, let them know that you admire it and find it sexy. If your Capricorn lover gets a raise at work make sure to tell them just how proud you are of them.

Venus: gift giving

Any Venus sign is going to enjoy gift giving, but understanding your lover’s Venus placement will help you to better understand their relationship to receiving gifts, what kind of gifts they want and how often they need to receive them in order to feel your love.

A Capricorn Venus person values things that are high quality, well made, and practical. They are more interested in timeless pieces that will last them a lifetime as opposed to gifts that are cheap or only serve one small purpose in life. They don’t need to be showered in gifts all the time since they’re not often in need of something new, but getting them just the right present at the right time will foster a deep and meaningful love.

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To put this into practice, pay close attention to the things in life that they lack. For instance, they might complain that their favorite winter coat is starting to fall apart, so taking them to get it repaired or buying them a replacement will not only provide them with something they need, but also show them how much you take note of the needs of your partner.

Mars: physical affection

Capricorn Mars is used to being in charge in almost every aspect of their lives since they are ambitious and hard-working, so the trick to showing them love is giving them space to release control.

Sex plays an important role in any couple’s life and understanding your partner’s Mars sign will help you both make the experience more fulfilling and loving. So for a Capricorn Mars it’s all about power and control, and they are going to feel sexiest when someone else takes the reins in the bedroom. This earth sign Mars isn’t traditionally big on PDA, so don’t try too hard to make physical affection a constant in your relationship, but instead focus on satisfying them fully in private.

To put this into practice you’ll want to have open and honest conversations about what you both enjoy in bed, but Capricorn Mars people usually find the most satisfaction from being submissive. So let your Capricorn lover be in control everywhere except the bedroom!

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