May 28, 2024
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What it Means When You Go Silent Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What it Means When You Go Silent Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

There will be times when your partner or friend ends up being unreachable, whether in the literal or figurative sense. For example, you may not reach them by phone or text, and they are not reading your messages for some time. Or they may not talk to you for whatever reason and give you the silent treatment, which is upsetting. That is their way of making it clear they are not happy with you.

If you think about it too, there are also times when you go silent, and no one can reach you – or you give others the silent treatment. You have your reasons for doing that, and your horoscope may be behind it. What does it mean when you go silent based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Plenty of Pre-Verbal Rage

Aries, you have one of the most direct signs, which is why when you go silent, it is terrible news. It is awful news for the one you are ignoring. You have a storm brewing within, and you are about to explode. However, most of the time, you will explode anyway and not go silent at first. That means when you do go silent; perhaps you are trying to process the rage before releasing it.

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That means you would likely go silent towards someone special to you because you do not want to risk losing them. Or you may experience this if you are angry at your boss. But you want to temper it because you do not want to risk losing your job. However, you still will give them an earful. It just won’t be as severe since you processed it some.

Taurus – Too Stubborn to Discuss the Issue

Taurus, you know that you are pretty headstrong and very stubborn. You also are not the type that wants to endure conflict because it stresses you out. Therefore, when you are upset with someone, you will go silent, and you will make them anxious by going silent. In addition, you usually go quiet if you are forced to do something that you do not want to do and going silent will make your disapproval of it known. It may not change the outcome, but it will make whoever puts those demands to you know that you are not happy with it. That is the main reason you would give them the silent treatment.

That means you will purposely ignore their calls and texts and show them that you have read their texts without replying to them. Therefore, they know you are getting their messages and know you are purposely ignoring them.

Gemini – Lost Interest

Gemini, you love to meet new people, and you are very sociable with your friends. However, there is an issue. You can lose interest in someone very quickly if you find someone else or something else to replace them. When that happens, and when you are bored with that individual, you will go silent. It will start with you making excuses why you are not accessible on the day they want to get together. But it will escalate to you ignoring their calls and texts. It has nothing to do with you being mad. You just do not care about conversing with them and having anything to do with them anymore. That also means you are highly likely to ghost someone when you lose interest in them.

Cancer – Goes Quiet if You Hurt Their Feelings or Bash Their Loved Ones

Cancer, you know how emotional you are, and you will also go to the ends of the earth to protect your home, your family, and your loved ones. However, you have a passive-aggressive side to you. And that means if anyone hurts your feelings, you will go quiet until you are ready to explode. That means if you are going quiet after someone says something that you find hurtful (whether it was intended that way or not), then they should worry.

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That means your wrath is on its way. The same goes for anyone saying anything hurtful about those who you love. You will never tolerate any of it. You will never warn anyone that it is a bad sign when you go silent because you prefer that they find out the hard way. That way, they will never do it again.

Leo – Goes Quiet if They Are Not Getting the Attention They Want

Leo, you know that you want to be at the center of the spotlight, and you need constant attention. And there are some people who you prefer to have attention from as opposed to others. Therefore, if you find that the one person you are interested in is not paying much attention to you, you will be mad. And the way you express your anger in this regard is not by chewing them out. You will give them the silent treatment instead.

You do that because you want them to grovel back to you since no one likes being given silent treatments. If they do not crawl back to you, then you will ghost them. You will block out their contact information and vow to never speak to them again.

Virgo – For Breaking the Rules

Virgo, you are not the type that pulls the silent treatment. If you are upset with someone, you will want to talk it out to meet an understanding. However, you also have your set of rules when it comes to relationships and friendships. For instance, you do not want to be the one to reach out to your partner or friend all of the time. If you feel that you are putting more effort into the relationship than they are, you will give them the silent treatment and ghost them. You will provide them with enough chances before taking that drastic step, however. But when enough is enough, you will cut them off and not be reachable again.

Libra – Sense of Balance Is Off

Libra, you want balance, and you want peace. That is why you will never like to deal with conflict because it messes with your sense of balance. However, here is the thing. The lack of conflict when it comes to an issue needing ironing out with someone will cause imbalances within. And you will begin to feel it. For example, if you are angry with someone, you will give the silent treatment in passive-aggressive ways. However, you are more likely to go silent than make sarcastic remarks because the imbalances you feel within make you want to become speechless. However, if you sense someone is upset with you and doesn’t say anything, you will also grow silent. That also causes imbalances within.

Scorpio – They Are Extremely Hurt

Scorpio, you are quiet as it is because you are mysterious and secretive. And someone hurts you in not the worst ways possible; you will not grow silent towards them. Instead, you will be sarcastic and mean towards them. However, if someone hurts you deeply to the point that they betrayed you, then you will go silent and not want to talk to them at all. So your silence may be happening for some reason. Either you are plotting revenge, and you don’t want to speak to that individual, or you are ready to ghost them, and talking to them would be too painful. Speaking to them after a betrayal is too hurtful. So it is better to say nothing to them.

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Sagittarius – Feels That a Partner or Friend Can’t Offer Them Anything Anymore

Sagittarius, you are fun-loving and happy-go-lucky. It is rare for you to be angry with anyone as you do not like to hold grudges. However, if someone upsets you, you will express your anger, be blunt about it, and then let it go. Therefore, you do not give anyone the silent treatment if you are upset with them. Instead, you will go quiet for other reasons. If your partner or friend no longer has anything to offer you, you will not say anything to them. And you usually go silent right before you ghost them. Therefore, if you are not talking to someone anymore, they have an excellent chance to worry that you will not be in their life. If they approach you, then you may or may not respond to them. It all depends on whether you think there is anything salvageable or not.

Capricorn – If They Feel That Their Time Is Being Wasted

Capricorn, you do not want anything taking you away from your ambitions and work, which is why you will dedicate a lot of your time to working on those. Therefore, your time is precious. You do not want anyone wasting it. And if you feel like anyone is wasting your time, you will go silent because you are too upset to say anything about it. You do this because you want to lose your temper. For example, if you have a family member who dragged you away from your important day at work because they were going to an appointment and refused to get an Uber – you would be super angry and would give them the silent treatment on the way there and on the way back.

Aquarius – When They Feel Caged In

Aquarius, you are highly independent, and you do not want anyone getting into the way of your freedom. You know you have some responsibilities, and you don’t mind them as long as they don’t interfere with your life too much. However, when it comes to anyone clingy, you will not handle it, and you will go silent. That is your way of making it known you resent their clinginess.

For instance, if you were trusted into a caregiving job, you would be giving the silent treatment a lot because that will interfere with your freedom. That kind of situation would be an absolute nightmare for you.

Pisces – When They Are Called Out

Pisces, you are kind and gentle, but you also don’t like to face reality. And if someone calls you out because you have not been honest or you are not paying attention to something important, you will not have very good feelings about that. You are not the type to want to confront anyone like Libra, and therefore, you will go silent when someone calls you out. You will sulk and not want to talk to anyone. You may stay quiet for a while until you are ready to speak again. However, if anyone tries talking to you while giving the silent treatment, you will stay away from them and retreat.


Does any of this resonate with you at all? If so. Then you will see that you are not alone because everyone goes silent when they are upset for one reason or another. You may resonate the reason for going silent more with your Moon sign than your sun sign because that is purely an emotional response. If anyone goes quiet with you, and if you know their Moon sign, you will have an idea why they do it. The best thing to do is to allow them to process their feelings, and if they are ready to talk to you, they will.