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Saturn's Impact On Your Life Path

Saturn’s Impact On Your Life Path

Saturn has a powerful impact on our life path. Saturn indicates to us where we feel we lack the most. Saturn is, in essence, our inner critic. How our parents disciplined us is marked by Saturn, which is why Saturn governs our inner critic, as the inner critic is directly linked to our inner child.

We all possess a certain amount of inner resistance, and life is not always easy for us. When we face particular scenarios in life, our inner critic becomes louder, and we face a more significant deal of resistance within ourselves. Had we not possessed this resistance and fear, we would be able to accomplish what we wanted effortlessly. Yet, our parents’ voices tend to haunt our minds into adulthood, limiting our actual potential to operate at our very best as adults.

Saturn is linked to our childhood authority figures that limited us. If we can understand these subconscious limitations we have as adults and work to eliminate them, it does wonders for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Our Saturn’s zodiac placement holds a particular karmic lesson we need to learn. Upon learning and realizing this lesson, our lives become much more manageable and worth living.

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Saturn indicates where we are limited, and we need to learn discipline concerning our Saturn lesson. We do not choose our parents, and we are karmically born into the lives we are born into, meaning our parents play a significant role in the karmic impact we have within this lifetime. Saturn isn’t all that bad, and it can reward us and bring good to our lives, but only once we have satisfied its purpose of learning specific life lessons.

Saturn will not bring us anything useful if we deny and refuse to face the lessons it teaches us. We will continuously make mistakes in our life and follow down the wrong path until we allow ourselves to learn what it is desperately trying to teach us. Saturn is like that teacher we have that we dislike. After knowing the teacher, and what they taught us, we are grateful for the lesson, even if we learned it in hardship. Without realizing the important lesson the teacher was trying to teach us, we would not be where we are now.

Saturn is a slow-moving planet infamous for “slowing us down” in life. The reason for this is that Saturn cannot teach the vital lessons it needs to teach us overnight, and it has to be taught to us through harsh and challenging experiences we will go through in life. Until we allow ourselves to slow down and see and listen to what Saturn is trying to teach us in this life, we will repeatedly be bashing our heads against the wall, stuck in a cycle where we cannot progress.

It is vital to bear in mind that although it can seem that we are frequently being punished in this life through our Saturn lessons, it is not punishment but merely a “tough love” approach to getting us to learn. Often, we do not learn, as our ego causes us to remain stuck in limiting beliefs and refuses to let us allow the discipline into our lives that we need.

Saturn in aspect to the Moon

Those with Saturn in a positive aspect to the Moon (conjunction, trine, sextile) tend to learn the lessons associated with their Saturn placement reasonably quickly, as their emotional inner world and inner child have fewer hardships to overcome. These natives generally know most of their lessons associated with Saturn by their 1st Saturn return, allowing them to effectively navigate their life toward a direction that brings them success and inner happiness.

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Natives with negative aspects between their Saturn and Moon (opposition, square) face much inner resistance regarding the lessons they are dealt with. Their emotional world can be extremely hostile, and they find it challenging to navigate themselves toward a direction where they can free themselves from their inner limitations. They hold onto their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs so desperately that they will not allow any form of change, and this causes them to undergo much more struggles and hardships to find a purpose and meaning in this life compared to others.

A negative vibration between Saturn and the Moon will lead to a person refusing the help, assistance, and guidance they need to achieve their goals. They bash their heads into a wall year after year until they eventually reach their second Saturn return, decide “enough is enough,” and begin seeking the answers they need to make the changes they need to achieve fulfillment.

The Transits Of Saturn

When Saturn moves through the zodiac sign that your sun is located in, you will experience a 2.5-3 year period where you are highly limited and restricted. It can feel that no matter what you do, growth and success never come to you.


Based on our Saturn placement, we will refuse to commit to certain aspects of life. This refusal to commit to these elements leads us to, in essence, limit ourselves when it comes to what we want. We cannot deny one part of life because we only want to enjoy what the other part of life offers. When we do this, we dig a hole for ourselves where we will never be able to function at our highest ability because we refuse to commit to essential aspects of life. On the other hand, these aspects of life can bring us many rewards once discipline and commitment have been established in this area of life.

To better understand which areas of life you might be refusing to commit to, look to the houses that SQUARE and OPPOSE the house your Saturn is located in. This house will point to which sectors of your life you refuse to learn vital lessons from and change the way you approach that sector of your life.

We can only achieve great things in life through hard work and discipline. Although, of course, hard work is not fun, and it can feel terrible when we have to do it. But one vital thing Saturn teaches us is that those who work hard will be rewarded; as such, we always get what we want when we put the time and energy into it.

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