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What Kind Of Nachos You Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Nachos Do You Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What is one of the appetizers you order whenever you go to a pub or a Mexican restaurant? Nachos! You cannot go wrong with them and those delicious toppings. And you will want to celebrate with a plate full of nachos on October 21st because that is when The International Day of the Nacho happens. The history of The International Day of the Nacho revolves around a chef named Ignacio Anaya, who worked at Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras, that was near a military base, in 1943.

And since military wives were shopping and it was late, and they were hungry as other restaurants were closed, they went to the Old Victory Club, which was ready to close. All Ignacio Anaya could find were tortilla chips with shredded cheese to offer them. And that is how the day originated, as nacho was short for Ignacio. So, let’s talk about what kind of nachos are ideal for you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Monster Chorizo Nachos

Aries, given the fact that you are a fire sign and the first one in the zodiac, you are full of spice and energy, and you would go for a spicy plate of nachos. Since they are full of calories, they will give you all the energy you need. Therefore, the ideal type of nachos for you would be the monster chorizo nachos.

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This place of nachos has plenty of spices, including hot peppers and cheese, which you love. The only drawback is that you need to be patient to prepare this nacho dish, but you can always look for recipes that can offer some shortcuts.

Taurus – Nachos Deluxe

Taurus, you need comfort and appreciate food and a lot of it. That is why your ultimate nacho dish is the nachos deluxe. The recipe is easy though you don’t care whether it is easy or not because you are patient to build a more complex dish. But you love this one because it is comforting.

You only need nacho chips, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and ground meat of your choice. And what is the most comforting to you is the ooey-gooey cheese that stretches as you grab bites of your nachos. You can enjoy these nachos in the comfort of your sofa as you watch your favorite program.

Gemini – Mole Nachos

Gemini, you are versatile, which is why you like foods that are both hot and cold, sweet and sour, or sweet and savory, which is why the ideal plate of nachos that is perfect for you is the mole nachos. You can enjoy the savory and salty flavor of nacho chips, meats of your choice, cheese, and other spices, as well as the sweet taste of the mole chocolate.

Since you are the social one, you will enjoy a plate of mole nachos with your friends and have some fun conversations while celebrating The International Day of the Nacho.

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Cancer – Dessert Nachos

Cancer, you are the nurturing and emotional one with a sweet tooth more often than not. You are the one that loves having anything to do with the comfort of being in your own home. Of course, that can include a hearty plate, but the idea of dessert nachos excites you, which is the ideal type for you.

You can cover your tortilla chips with cinnamon, and you can also drizzle melted chocolate on them. Then, you can top them with whipped cream, fruit, and nuts. It will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Leo – Grilled Steak And Sweet Potato Nachos

Leo, you are the one that loves to show off and wants everyone to notice what you do. Therefore, you are the one that will want to show off a nacho plate that will intrigue everyone. Therefore, one nacho dish that has to be somewhat striking but not too unusual to the point that others will not eat what you serve is the grilled steak and sweet potato nachos.

What you will do is marinate steak strips and grill sweet potato slices. Then you will add them to your nachos and other typical toppings that will be the ultimate showstopper at parties you host.

Virgo – Healthy (Keto) Nachos

Virgo, you are very health conscious, and if you eat nachos, you will want to make the healthiest options for you. You will either make keto one. You will get a low-carb bag of tortilla chips and add meat, cheese, and plenty of vegetables to your plate.

Or, if you get regular chips, you will only use a few and stuff your nacho plate with lean ground chicken or beef and vegetables. However you make your nachos, you are focusing on health.

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Libra – Pizza Nachos

Libra, you are the one that needs balance and peace, and you struggle to make decisions. That is because you find it difficult to choose if someone presented you with two dinner options: pizza or nachos, and you would not know what to choose.

That is why you would love the idea of pizza nachos, so you could have both without having to choose between one or the other. Therefore, this nacho dish would give you the balance of enjoying two dishes in one between the typical pizza and nacho toppings.

Scorpio – Sriracha Beef Nachos

Scorpio, you are intense and passionate and known to love your spicy dishes. Therefore, if you enjoy a plate of nachos, it needs to be spicy, which is why you will love the sriracha beef nacho dish. You would add other spices to the nacho dish, sriracha sauce, and large slices of beef on the tortilla chips.

And if you want to show your Scorpionic side truly, you would put the sriracha sauce inside of the dish instead of over the nachos if you invite guests over since you like to be mysterious. That will shock them.

Sagittarius – Breakfast Nachos

Sagittarius, you are optimistic and adventurous, and if you are going to enjoy a plate of nachos, the ideal one would be the breakfast one. That is because you are ready to start your day regardless of the time, and this plate also gives off an optimistic vibe.

You would add the typical nacho ingredients with tortilla chips, fried eggs, sausage, or bacon. Therefore, whenever you enjoy this nacho plate, rise, and shine, you are more than ready to start your day.

Capricorn – Slow Cooker Barbeque Chicken Nachos

Capricorn, you are hard-working and have the patience to create a masterpiece because you take everything you do seriously and want your work to turn out perfect or excellent, which is more realistic. That is why the ideal nacho plate is the slow cooker barbeque nachos.

You would throw your chicken in the crock pot and add some barbeque sauce and other ingredients to make it delicious. Then when it is ready hours later, you will shred the chicken and create your nacho plate with cheese and other typical nacho ingredients with the shredded barbeque chicken. You will be proud of this masterpiece.

Aquarius – Tater Tot Nachos

Aquarius, you do your thing and do not want to be like everyone else. You march to your drummer, so if you make nachos, you will not use tortilla chips like everyone else. You will use tater tots instead and add the same toppings as typical nachos, such as cheese, jalapeno peppers, beef, black olives, salsa, and so on. However, instead of grabbing some cheesy goodness with a tortilla chip, you will take a fork and grab a tater tot in addition to that because you want to be different.

Pisces – Seafood Nachos

Pisces, you are a dreamer and known to be artsy, but because the fish represents your sign, the ideal for you would be seafood nachos. Therefore, you would add crab, shrimp, scallops, and even lobster if that is where you want to go with that to a plate of tortilla chips topped with a dreamy, cheesy, delicious topping. You cannot go wrong with nachos that are filled with seafood and maybe other pieces of fish such as salmon or tuna.

Whatever plate you decide to celebrate with on The International Day of the Nacho on October 21st, make it a meaningful day. Enjoy sharing a plate of nachos with family and friends, and watch some television or a movie as you do. That is one of the best ways to honor the day. You can also try several types of nacho dishes listed in this article regardless of your zodiac sign. It will be a lot of fun, and you will be glad you did!

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