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Secrets Revealed! The Partial Solar Eclipse in October 2022

Secrets Revealed! The Partial Solar Eclipse in October 2022

Eclipses are important astronomical and astrological phenomenon. Astronomically, they occur two to six times a year depending on the motion of the universe for a given year. This year (2022), there will be four eclipses. The partial solar eclipse on October 25th, 2022 will be the third of the four. Astrologically, eclipses reveal what is hidden, bringing secrets into the light.

The Sign and Degree of the Eclipse

Solar eclipses happen during the New Moon and lunar eclipses happen during the Full Moon. This particular eclipse will happen when the New Moon is in Scorpio at 2 degrees and will transpire from 5 am to 9 am eastern standard time (EST). Unfortunately, this eclipse will not be visible in North America. It will be visible starting in Greenland; going through Iceland, Europe, northeastern Africa, the Middle East, western Asia, India, and ending in western China.


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Solar eclipse path


Here’s what the chart looks like at the exact moment of the New Moon (6:49 am EST).

Secrets Revealed! The Partial Solar Eclipse in October 2022 moon chart

Since Scorpio is water energy, ruled by Pluto, this New Moon is in energy that feels the need to be intense, powerful, and transformative. We will feel the need to face profound emotional issues, especially any trauma we need to revisit, overcome, and release. Especially this month, the energy will focus on our most important relationships, thanks to the Sun/Moon conjunction including Venus in the mix, which will be at 2d39m of Scorpio. Scorpio is the “I transform” energy of the Zodiac. Where, within yourself, do you feel your greatest need to address power issues in your closest and most significant relationships?

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This New Moon will occur at 2d00m of Scorpio, making its Sabian symbol 3 Scorpio, “Neighbors Help In A House-Raising Party In A Small Village.” According to Marc Jones, “This is a symbol of the indomitable outreaching of the human spirit on the side of simple co-operations in everyday living, and of the individual’s realization of his own inherent divinity as he seeks his fulfillment through his fellows. There is a joy in common enterprise which strengthens his efforts for personal gain, and also a sense of well-being in the sure dependence he may place on family and neighbors whenever an emergency arises.” The key word is: HELPFULNESS.

Transformation, Transformation, Transformation!

There is no sign better at keeping secrets or uncovering secrets than Scorpio, which is, truly, the “double agent” of the zodiac. The close proximity of Venus means we will probably find most of the secrets that come to light will have to do with our relationships, especially the intimate, deeply emotional, and sexual aspect of romantic relationships. In our friendships, we may reveal that we want an intimate or sexual relationship instead of just a friendship or the other person will reveal this desire to us.

Scorpio also rules trauma, making this eclipse one that may bring family secrets to light. If there are old wounds from childhood that have not been addressed, this solar eclipse will likely trigger wanting or needing to address them. You may find yourself wanting to get your most difficult experiences out into the open so you can deal with them. If you are the cause of trauma in another person, you will likely have to face what you have done, under this solar eclipse. You may find the courage to seek counseling or therapy after this eclipse has done its work.

Do You Know Your Chart?

If you know your chart, then any points between 0 degrees and 4 degrees will get triggered by this eclipse. Since the eclipse takes place in Scorpio any points in Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, or Pisces will connect through the flowing energy of the sextile (to the earth signs) and the trine (the other water signs). Your journey to the truth, or out of a secret, will flow between this eclipse (Sun and Moon) and Venus (also at 2 degrees) and the other points involved. Let’s consider the asteroid Vesta as an example.

If Vesta in your natal chart happens to be at 3 degrees of Capricorn, then you may unlock the secret of working from home or find it easier to see how your work “enters” the homes of others. Depending on the houses involved you will discover “where” the flowing energy is connecting. The real power of any astronomical phenomenon, any transit that is, really only offers its peak insight when applied to your specific chart.

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Should the placement of the solar eclipse square (points in Leo or Aquarius) or inconjunct (Aries or Gemini), then the unlocking of the secret might be a forceful and disruptive experience, like finding out your spouse is having an affair, or your child has an alcohol addiction, or your employee has embezzled from your company. Where the difficult aspects reveal their secrets in your life will also be tied to which houses are involved in your chart.

Lastly, if you have points at these degrees in Scorpio or the opposite sign Taurus, then be prepared for the most intense transformative energy, which may be uplifting or extremely difficult. The conjunction and opposition aspects are the two aspects that can go either way since these alignments are about merging or balancing instead of support (sextile/trine) or challenge (square/inconjunct).

If you do not have any aspects with this solar eclipse or any points in Scorpio, the event could hit you in surprising ways, or with very little impact. Just be aware that between October 24th and 26th some profound, important, challenging, and surprising truths may come to light!

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