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What Kind Of Pasta Do you Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Pasta Do you Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

You cannot go wrong with pasta, as you can enjoy a plate of it as often as you can, whether spaghetti, fettuccini, rigatoni, and the list goes on. You may not want to eat it too much as pasta means you are inhaling plenty of carbs which can be tough on your pancreas. However, you can make that exception on World Pasta Day, which falls on October 25th. On the 25th of October in 1995, World Pasta Day was founded as part of the World Pasta Congress. World-renowned experts gathered to discuss the joys of noodles, emphasizing the importance of spreading knowledge of the world’s pasta panorama. And that is how it became a thing! Now, let’s go over what kind of pasta you love based on your zodiac sign!

Aries – Spaghettini

Aries, you are tough, and you are in a hurry. However, you are not the one who would want to wait around for anything, which means you don’t have the patience to spend too much time in the kitchen. Therefore, the speghattini would be ideal for you if you make a dish. The reason is that the speghattini cooks quickly and is not as fragile as it appears, which you could relate to. In addition, it is thinner than the classic spaghetti and goes well with light sauces. However, in your case, you will add some spice to your dish because of your fiery nature.

Taurus – Linguini

Taurus, you are not the one that likes to venture out onto the unknown, which is why you will only stick to a classic and traditional dish, and you love linguini. It is a conventional pasta you love because the noodles are nice and thick, too, bringing out what you want in a pasta dish. Since you are not the one who wants to do anything unconventional, you would likely eat your linguini dish with marinara sauce and lots of cheese.

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Gemini – Caramelle

Gemini, you are versatile and like anything that appears fun. Even though you will not turn your nose if offered a traditional dish because they are so good, your ideal pasta noodle is the caramelle pasta. The reason for that is that the caramelle pasta looks like candy. When the caramelle pasta is not cooked, it looks like hard candy, enticing to you. No, it does not taste like candy, but since you enjoy anything childlike and fun, it is not surprising that this pasta would be perfect for you.

Cancer – Conchiglione

Cancer, you are the one who craves comfort, and you love your home and family. Therefore, the best for you would represent that to you. Since your sign is a water sign, you will want the type of pasta to reflect that. That is why the conchiglione, the seashell-shaped pasta is best for you. And you love the giant pasta shells, too, so you can stuff ricotta cheese with chives and pour a lot of tomato sauce on them. Therefore, you will have a hearty pasta shell dish that is very cheesy that you can enjoy with your family at home.

Leo – Paccheri

Leo, you want to stand out in the crowd because you want others to notice you; your generosity will help. When it comes to the ideal pasta, even though you are not known to be a cook, if you have guests over, you will want to cook to show off. And the ideal pasta type for you is the paccheri noodles which appear like rigatoni noodles but are broader and larger. Those tubular noodles allow you to bake plenty of delicious cheesy, creamy, or tomato dishes as you will impress your guests with them that you invite for dinner. That is what you want because those noodles make a significant impression that they will remember you for it.

Virgo – Orzo

Virgo, you are practical and analytical, as you are also health-conscious. You may not opt for overly cheesy dishes because the caloric content is too high. Therefore, the ideal pasta for you is orzo. Orzo is versatile, so that you can use it in various lower-calorie dishes such as soup, and you can also use it in a pasta salad, where you will add plenty of vegetables and some meat if you choose. You can also use orzo in risotto dishes, but that is optional. Either way, you will find practical uses for orzo.

Libra – Ziti

Libra is all about balance, peace, and harmony, and the ideal pasta for Libra is the ziti noodles. That is because ziti noodles are compatible with any sauce, whether thick or thin. You can also work with ziti noodles for baked and boiled pasta dishes. Therefore, the ziti noodles can “get along” or work with anything you choose, as this is a very versatile noodle. Additionally, the ziti noodle is better with something extra than being a meal on its own. For example, you could have a spaghetti meal on its own, even with some parmesan cheese. However, the ziti noodle is best with thick cheeses, meats, vegetables, and anything else – the same way Libra is best to be with others than on their own.

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Scorpio – Lasagna

Scorpio, you are mysterious and intense, so the ideal for you is lasagne. Why would that be? That is because lasagne consists of layers of pasta, cheese, and meat, and you can say that lasagne is a complex dish. But, Scorpio, you are also a complex individual. And the thin layers of pasta cover the cheese and meats very well and keep them hidden until you cut it and take a bite out of it, which can surprise you with a hearty flavor.

Sagittarius – Ravioli

Sagittarius, you are adventurous, fun, and love anything cultural. Therefore, the type of pasta dish that would be ideal for you would be ravioli. That is because you can add any filling you choose inside the ravioli pasta. You can add different fillings that belong to different cultures inside the pasta noodle, such as Asian-based fillings consisting of vegetables, seafood, or other meats. You can also have fun adding other types of filling into the pasta, such as mushrooms or butternut squash. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating different ravioli dishes.

Capricorn – Fusilli

Capricorn, you are ambitious and hard-working, and your mind has plenty of ideas that you will put into action. For example, you can relate to the fusilli pasta noodle because they look like spinning machines, hence your mind. You also find them to be impressive pasta as they are long noodles with grooves, and the ones who make that pasta work very hard at making it appear as a work of art. You can use any sauce with fusilli, but since you like anything sophisticated, you can make a gourmet meal from this noodle.

Aquarius – Casarecce

Aquarius, you are the one that does your thing and does not want to conform, and that is why the typical long noodle does not impress you. Almost every pasta dish involves spaghetti or linguini. Therefore, you like one that is twisty, such as the casarecce noodle. You can use the casarecce noodle in casserole dishes or pasta salads. You can use it in any pasta dish regardless of the sauce you want to use. Since this noodle is somewhat unusual, you relate to it well.

Pisces – Gigli

Pisces, you are very artsy and dreamy, and you would want to enjoy a dish that you can relate to, which is why the gigli noodle resonates with you. Gigli is somewhat twisty like casarecce, but there is an artistic finish to them on the outside as it has a floral appearance which makes it artistic. And since Pisces is very creative, there are so many pasta dish ideas that you can use with the gigli pasta. However, more often than not, you do pair this noodle with intriguing European delicacies such as pancetta.


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If anything, you now know of different noodles and dishes you may want to try on World Pasta Day. And you will want to celebrate that day on October 25th. Some noodles may intrigue based on your zodiac sign, or they may intrigue regardless of your zodiac sign. Either way, head over to the grocery store and start grabbing some. That will be a great night to cook up a nice pasta meal for your family or yourself.

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