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what you might not know about sagittarius

What You Might Not Know About Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of luck and fortune. It might seem like you breeze through life, but really, you’re just good at hiding the stress. You are friends with Lady Luck because you are sometimes that person who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Astrologers would say that Sagittarius has the gift of providence—the luck that surrounds you, protects you and stays with you. With work, friendship, career, and money—it seems the windows open up right when you need them to. By nature, this inspires a cheerful and sometimes jovial disposition. Sure, you have your down moments, but for you the grey clouds seem to disappear fast. This is because your most likeable trait is optimism. You tend to see the glass half full and like to look on the bright side. You are always sure that something wonderful is coming around the mountain, and if nothing comes, you will make it happen. Sagittarius is known for bringing the thunder.

What You Might Not Know About Sagittarius

The Astrological combination of the fire element, Sagittarius’ restless, highly mutable quality, and the lucky planet Jupiter make for a creature who can’t be confined.

Independence is what serves you, and what signifies you because you will always go your own way. You are very progressive, restless in spirit, and always eager to get on with the business of living. Sagittarius doesn’t want to whine about issues, they rather seek solutions.

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A life that is rich, full, ideal and very adventurous. Boring is something Sagittarius doesn’t do well, even if everyone has their limits, Sagittarius would rather be stimulated. Somewhere they picked up a case of wanderlust, and they aren’t looking to be rid of it. The grass is always greener someplace else, and your anxious, inquisitive nature needs travel, excitement, and the unconventional.

Sagittarius is curious and likes to know everything. They just want to know like a bad habit. Sometimes this quality will take them to dangerous places if Sagittarius is not careful.

In the zodiac, Sagittarius symbolizes the search for wisdom; this is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer. Listen, Sagittarius loves to speak, and is often a fan of hearing their own voice.

Emotionally, Sagittarius is very hard to pin down. You might even wonder if Sagittarius has soft emotions. Do they even care? They defiantly do, but they need to meet someone that they can truly trust and open up to for the long haul. Messy entanglements will never do well for the Sagittarius, and if these occur Sagittarius will show their angry side.


They need a sense of earth in their lives—something concrete to come home to. Sagittarius rarely talks about their feelings—at least in depth. At least, not to just anyone. Often, their feelings about things are quite deeply felt, but very private and personal to the Sagittarius.

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Generally, you’ve got places to go, and sometimes you can’t even sign up for something that keeps you in one spot. If Sagittarius is willing to stay put for you, then that is saying a lot about how strongly they feel for you.

Friendship is not like an emotional commitment for Sagittarius. This sign is always down to be a pal to anyone who needs one. When Sagittarius is your friend, they are the nicest person on the universe. Sagittarius loves to help, but “no strings” is often their motto. Like It’s been said, Sagittarius does not like to be held down for too long by anything, which is why true love is often the exception, even if it’s not unlikely to know some single and mature Sagittarius people.

Their most valuable possession is freedom. If It comes down to a choice you will take a difficult path, accept less money, dispense with security and basically do anything you want or care to as long as you only have to answer to yourself. 

Your passion for liberty underlies all your other qualities

While it says some of you will accept less money, most of you will only accept the most money that they can get. Sagittarius is very capable of obtaining capital in life as being the boss is their natural best role.

You don’t get in the way of other people and their business, and you don’t muddy in matters that do not concern you. You will only get involved if it is asked of you.

Some people like being around you because you’re goofy. You have a good sense of humor. And you make fun of your friends. Plus you make fun of yourself. You know when to be serious and when to turn it off. It’s charming until someone wants you to be serious, and then, well, you might be in a little trouble.

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Sagittarius sees people and their full potential, which is why if they pick on you, it’s because they see your worth. It’s not that Sagittarius is a perfectionist, but they do love for things to be perfect. As in, no problems, all is good, there are no worries and everyone is merry.

Overall, Sagittarius has a lot of heat, and can be super fun and friendly, but in reality, a very seldom few make it into their heart. Sagittarius is a vault about their real feelings and thoughts, and they only let an elite few in on their beautiful madness.

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