July 14, 2024
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Which Trending Netflix Show Should You Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

With so many new Netflix shows coming out every week it can be quite difficult to choose what to watch when you are in the mood for a tv-marathon binge. So why not use your Astrological sign to make things easier for yourself? Check out this list to find out which Netflix show is perfect for you according to your sign: 

Aries – Vikings: Valhalla

If there is one thing Aries is known for then it is for their bravery and warrior-like spirit! This is why the new Netflix series, Vikings: Valhalla is perfect for you pioneering rams. This is the story of the Vikings fighting for what they believe in as they find themselves clashing with the English royals over religion. This show is action-packed with enough fighting sequences to keep any Aries interested and glued to the screen. 

Taurus – Maid

Taurus, you’re incredibly stubborn, but when you channel your energy correctly you’re one of the most hard-working and resilient people around. This is why Maid is the perfect Netflix show for you to see. The story canters around a young single mom trying to escape the clutches of her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. No matter what life throws at her she refuses to give up as she is determined to create a better life for her and her daughter. Only a Taurus could identify with this strength and patience to succeed. 

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Gemini – Inventing Anna

Sometimes Geminis get a really bad rap for being the Zodiac’s best liars. A Gemini seriously knows how to make up stories and get everyone to believe them. This is why Inventing Anna is a must-watch for any Gemini out there. And this is the true story of a fake German heiress convincing the New York elite of her riches while simultaneously defrauding them of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the crazy story of deception, scamming, and the wild tale of how Anna Sorokin created Anna Delvey. Which Gemini doesn’t have an alter-ego anyway?

Cancer – Bridgerton

One thing is for sure, Cancers are extremely romantic and sentimental. They love a good romance and anything that will move them emotionally. This is why you have met your match when it comes to Bridgerton. This show has everything a Cancer could ever need, a sappy storyline, lots and lots of romance, and a bit of drama to spice things up. Season 2 is just around the corner giving every Cancer the escapism to indulge in all of the melodrama!

Leo – The Circle

Big personalities? Tick! Drama? Tick! A popularity contest? Tick! The Circle is every Leo’s dream! Leo’s are known for their charming and larger-than-life personalities, and they will almost always do anything to be in the spotlight. This show is honestly perfect to appease Leo’s need for admiration and attention. In this game show, the contestants get to curate and portray themselves in whatever way they please and the most popular person gets to walk away with $100,000. Ding, ding, ding!

Virgo – Queer Eye

Any Virgo loves a good project, especially when they get to be of service to others and support someone in making their life just a little bit easier. This is exactly why Queer Eye is the must-see show for any Virgo. The premise of every episode has the Fab Five helping a specific individual to somehow improve their lifestyle and give them a new sense of confidence by focusing on everything from fashion and food, to personal grooming and giving these individuals the tools to boost their self-esteem. 

Libra – Love Is Blind

Libra’s are the hopeless romantics of the Zodiac! These individuals just love to be in love and experience the world with a partner. And this is why Love Is Blind is the perfect show for any Libra. The premise of this show is to take a group of people and have them go on blind dates. And yes, it is literally blind. The couples never get to see each other until they both agree to get engaged. We then get to see the relationships evolve and all the drama that comes with it. It is a fascinating take on finding love and is bound to have every Libra glued to their screen!

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Scorpio – After Life

Scorpios tend to love a bit of mystery and often have a fascination or interest in death. This sign usually signifies things like a rebirth, transformation, and the cycles of life. There is no better show than After Life for a Scorpio. This Netflix black comedy is about a man coming to grips with the way his life has changed after the passing of his wife. He needs to come to grips with his own depression and suicidal ideation, although the subject material is quite dark, this show manages to bring lightness and levity where you wouldn’t expect it to be. 

Sagittarius – Sex Education

Sagittarians are wild, independent, and free-spirited. They are quite curious about the world and are always seeking either big philosophical questions or a good time like a party. Sagittarians usually get their knowledge from life experience and try everything out at least once. There is no better show that encompasses this better than Sex Education. This show follows a group of teenagers as they figure out who they are whilst coming to terms with their sexuality. It is smart, witty, and entertaining, everything a Sagittarius could ever want in a series!

Capricorn – Squid Game

Ambition, determination, and sacrifice are all words synonymous with the sign of Capricorn. These sea goats need to come out on top, no matter what! These are just some of the qualities each contestant needs to make their way to the very end of Squid Game. This extremely popular show follows the lives of hundreds of cash-strapped contestants as they participate in innocent children’s games in the hope of winning a very large cash prize, unfortunately, the stakes are very deadly, and only one person can come out on top. 

Aquarius – Archive 81

The sign of Aquarius can be a bit of an oddball; expect the unexpected from these individuals. They like to stand out and usually have very strange interests. They are the sign most likely to believe in aliens and find unsolved mysteries quite fascinating. This is why Archive 81 is perfect for these curious creatures. This series follows the story of an archivist that gets hired to uncover the truth and mystery behind a series of videotapes. There is enough sci-fi and intrigue to keep every Aquarius glued to their screen. 

Last Netflix Show: Pisces – The Witcher

A magical fantasy set in a fictional world full of twists and turns? This is the perfect backdrop for any Pisces to thoroughly enjoy a show. These sensitive and imaginative people are partial to tv shows that give them a sense of escapism and The Witcher certainly delivers the goods. The story canters around a Witcher, a Princess, and a Sorceress who are all linked by destiny as the three of them need to come together to fight the forces of evil. It is simply easy for any Pisces to get lost in the world of The Witcher.

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