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The eighth house in astrology is perhaps the darkest house in one’s natal chart. Traditionally, this house is called the House of Sex among the astrology houses and is known to represent sex, death, and taxes. However, there is so much more meaning behind this house and what is described in it than these three words. In the eighth house, all of our deepest and darkest secrets come to life, our fears, taboos, and limitations. Everything that we want to hide or set free from, all our anger, relationships, things, and emotions that we refuse to deal with – all of those appear in the eighth of the houses in astrology. It is a succedent house ruled by the sign of Scorpio and planet Pluto.

Transformations described in the eighth house are not always bad, yet this house is generally considered the darkest and the most hated of the twelve astrology houses. In the eighth house, important sexual initiations are described. Moreover, financial inheritance, insurance settlement, your first loan approval on the house, or a first joint bank account can be spoken about in this house. However, more often than not, astrologers have to work with the part of this house that describes irrational fears and obsessions from the past. Like the seventh house, the eighth is also the house of other people. The relationships ruled by this house are based on inequality and can rock us into ecstasy, anger, desire, greed, or insecurity.

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What Role the Eighth House Plays in Your Life

What is the eighth house in astrology? It covers many mystical experiences in life. The eighth of the houses in astrology rules over sexuality, embracing sex as one of the mystical experiences in one’s life. According to the eighth of the astrology houses meaning, sex does not signify an activity purely for fun and pleasure. Instead, it is described as a bonding between two souls who enter higher spheres and gather extremely powerful energies that can be used for improving one’s self. In the eighth house, orgasm is spoken about as a simulation of death, and the mystical act of sex represents the blending of souls that combined with love and respect can produce large amounts of life force energy.

Being the darkest of the twelve astrology houses explained, the eighth house rules over all forms of death. It can indicate one’s experiences with death that one will live and learn from, along with the way an individual will die. Apart from that, this house can indicate deaths of people close to the person, the professions related to the matters of death, near-death experiences, and everything connected to the realm of the dead. However, the eighth house astrology is more about the symbolic endings and death rather than the real death.

What is the meaning of the eighth house in astrology? The eighth house rules over issues concerning debts and taxes and in general the money of other people, including bank loans, governmental money, inheritance, or the financial resources of the spouse, which means the house can indicate the financial situation of your partner. Apart from money, in the eighth of the houses in astrology, we can also observe conscious magic. Being the gate to other worlds, the eighth house astrology contains hidden truths and mysteries. Closely connected to the ninth house, the house of philosophy and wisdom, the House of Sex in astrology is the source of questions and answers that give meaning to all belief systems, knowledge, and learning.

The Eighth of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

Perhaps the darkest of the astrology houses, the eighth house rules over sex, death, and other people’s money. The planets in the eighth house astrology determine one’s attitude toward these themes. If the eighth house cusp is in the sign of Cancer, a person is shy and uncomfortable when it comes to controversial topics; if the eighth house is in Libra, such people prefer not to share their opinions or information on those themes with anyone else; while those with the eighth of the houses in astrology in Aries not only feel confident in their knowledge about such topics but also choose to give others advice. Find out about the other astrology signs hosting the eighth house cusp below.

The Eighth House in Aries

Those with the eighth of the astrology houses in Aries often give others advice on the matters of this house, such as sex, death, and money. They believe themselves to be experts on these topics, even if others think otherwise. Such individuals think it is good to openly discuss different matters in life and are not afraid of taboo topics.

In romantic partnerships, they prefer to handle many things by themselves, especially joint finances. Their partners might find it upsetting when Aries try to push to do things their way. Such individuals tend to rush things and need to learn that changes in life do not happen overnight. They face every transformation in their lives directly without looking for help from others.

The Eighth House in Taurus

When your astrology eighth house is in Taurus, you must be really good with money. You know where to place your investments and other people value your advice when it comes to business matters. Such individuals are great at budgeting and saving, but they do not like spending their money except on their romantic partners.

Those with the eighth house astrology in Taurus prefer not to rush things in life and accept the changes that happen gradually. They take time when making decisions and use their senses to transform their lives. Sometimes, it might take too long for the Taurus to take action, in which case they need to have someone to give them a jump start.

The Eighth House in Gemini

Those with the cusp of the eighth house in Gemini are individuals with high intellect and a great deal of curiosity. They enjoy exploring new topics and may seem a little insensitive in their conversations with others, since they do not shy away from asking questions about other people’s money, intimate life, deaths, and other topics that would be considered taboo in a conversation.

Such individuals are very knowledgeable about money, budgeting, investing, and saving. They face problems head-on and use their intellect to transform their lives. When times get difficult, those with the eighth house in Gemini use their mental will to get through the difficulties.

The Eighth House in Cancer

If your eighth of the astrology houses is in the sign of Cancer, you are a private person who would get shy in the conversations about taboos. Such people had a traditional upbringing and prefer to keep their private life and intimate matters within their household. Sometimes, people might find such individuals self-centered because by valuing their privacy too much they might avoid helping others or accepting others’ help.

When it comes to finances, those with the eighth house astrology in Cancer tend to choose a traditional approach as well. They do not take any risks with their finances and make investments only when they are certain of a positive outcome. People of this sign are driven by emotions in any transformation in their life.

The Eighth House in Leo

Leos do not have problems with self-esteem, and this may show through their conversations with others. They might seem to others as insensitive in discussions related to taboo topics, as they try to use the opportunity to show off. Sometimes, they need to tone down their egos in order to make others comfortable.

People with the cusp of the eighth house in Leo are enthusiastic about joint finances and investments. They take money seriously, but they prefer to not overdo it and control every single penny they spend. Such individuals seek to transform in life, in order to achieve confidence and self-esteem.

The Eighth House in Virgo

Those with the eighth of the astrology houses in Virgo are very meticulous people. They take their time when making decisions, and they are not the type of people who would enjoy spontaneous big purchases, unsafe situations, or one-night stands. Such individuals may criticize their romantic partner in their intimate life, which may leave them confused.

When it comes to investing and joint finances, such individuals choose to consult their partners before making an important decision. The transformations in their lives come from their intellect and being cautious about trying new and unconventional things.

The Eighth House in Libra

If your eighth house astrology is in Libra, you do not like sharing your personal issues with others. For such individuals, finding a partner who they can share their worries and fears with openly will be a great achievement. They prefer to keep a cool facade, even when they are in a state of discomfort, so an understanding and supportive partner can help them get through their worries.

By working with their partners, people with the eighth of the astrology houses in Libra can improve their financial situation. They discuss financial decisions, share, and invest together with their partner and distribute the responsibilities evenly between each other. Finding a partner who can support them will help people of this sign transform their lives.

The Eighth House in Scorpio

Since Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth of the houses in astrology, those with this house in their sign are familiar with subjects of degeneration and regeneration. They contemplate the complicated issues of human life which others tend to avoid discussing openly. Such people usually have a strong philosophical or religious framework, which gives them the strength to face their fears.

When it comes to their joint finances, people of this sign are very secretive about what they spend and where they invest their money. They should be more open with their partner and other people, as they will undergo many transformations in life, and having a reliable person by their side will help them through those.

The Eighth House in Sagittarius

Individuals whose eighth house astrology is in Sagittarius express a particular interest in religious and philosophical approaches to the topics of death and sex. As they learn about the various perspectives on such themes that exist in the world, they change their opinion about them and seek to become more knowledgeable about those issues.

In romantic relationships, they look for a partner knowledgeable about finances and investing, as they would like to be able to receive financial help when they have to make a money-related decision. Such people are very optimistic about transformations and embrace the changes in their lives.

The Eighth House in Capricorn

People with the eighth of the astrology houses in Capricorn are too preoccupied with aging and death. They see as their main goal in life leaving a legacy, their mark in the world. When it comes to their sexual relationships, Capricorns are adventurous, until they begin concentrating on planning and aging, which makes their enthusiasm go away.

Such individuals are responsible for the joint finances and prefer to make investments only if they are certain they will pay off. They take a traditional approach to money, and other people may trust them to handle their finances as well.

The Eighth House in Aquarius

Those with the cusp of the eighth house in Aquarius are adventurous when it comes to money and sex. They enjoy investing, gambling, playing the stock market, buying stuff, and trying new things to spice up their sex life. Such people like indulging themselves and may get into trouble if they do not think things through.

When it comes to investing and using joint finances, such people take an unconventional approach. Sometimes their risks pay off, but more often, they lose money in the process. As with everything else in their lives, their transformations are unusual and happen spontaneously.

The Eighth House in Pisces

People who belong to the sign of Pisces are prone to worry, and the topics described in the eighth of the astrology houses give them more reasons for anxiety. For such individuals, it will be useful to practice mindfulness and stress-reducing techniques, such as yoga, guided breathing, or meditation, to begin to enjoy the outside world rather than to fear it.

They tend to worry about joint finances, too, afraid of making misplaced investments. However, using their strong intuition can help them in making correct decisions about their financial future. Such people may have to sacrifice something in order to transform their lives.