May 28, 2024
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What Is the Role of Eris in Astrology?

Eris is a dwarf planet discovered in 2005 and has since adopted a vital role in astrology. Eris was thought to be the 10th planet in our solar system and is the second-largest known dwarf planet in our solar system, coming in second place after Pluto. It takes Eris 558 years to complete one revolution around the Sun, making it one of our solar system’s slowest moving planetary bodies. The position of Eris is near the orbit of Neptune, past the Kuiper Belt. Eris is 68 astronomical units away from the Sun (one astronomical unit is the distance from the Sun to the earth), and due to its distance from the Sun, it takes sunlight 9 hours to reach the surface of Eris.


Eris on an Attic plate
Eris on an Attic plate, ca. 575–525 BC (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In Greek mythology, Eris is the personification of chaos, strife, and discord. Eris was the daughter of Nyx, which is the personification of night. And Eris is also the sister and companion of Ares, and Eris was known to be part of the commencement of the Trojan War. Eris had a son, Strife, whom she bought with her when she rode the chariot to the Trojan War alongside Ares. All the Olympians were invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who are the parents of Achilles. However, Eris was not invited due to always causing chaos and discord wherever she went. 

What is the Role of Eris in Astrology? 

Eris has a similar role as Pluto in astrology, as Eris indicates how and when you express your more rebellious side. How Eris is placed in your natal chart can show how you express disagreement and rebellion toward particular things. Some signs, such as Aries and Aquarius, are naturally rebellious and discordant; however, other signs are not known to be this way but can display these traits and tendencies in certain areas of their life. The solution to understanding how you speak up and fight against what you disagree with is indicated through your Eris placement. The Sun‘s placement might not give an accurate picture of a native’s rebellious temperament. 

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Eris in Aries

Eris entered Aries in 1922 and will remain there until 2048. Most people who are alive today have Eris in Aries, as Eris will spend around 126 years in this sign. The collective expression of Eris in Aries is that each individual has an awareness of their wants and values and finds it easy to fight or speak up against what they do not want. Eris in Aries has created a large group of people who are aware of their desires and challenge and fight against what opposes their desires. 

While Eris is in Aries, we learn how to be more powerful, and we work hard and fight every day for our survival. We do not hold back on our anger and rage, and each person’s voice is essential and needs to be heard. As Eris spends decades in a sign, it has a powerful influence over the masses and how they approach what they wish to fight for. Often, we can feel that people are more self-motivated and self-concerned in this world, which can be the collective effect Eris has on us to survive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. 

Through the Houses

Eris in the 1st House

There is a strong need to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Very often, the native can act highly rebellious and antagonistic toward certain things, bringing a lot of attention to themselves via their disagreement. A Lot of drama and tension occurs in these natives’ lives due to them being highly open and aggressive when voicing their opinions, desires, and values. 

In the 2nd House

These natives rebel against the current economic system and refuse to participate. 2nd house Eris natives are highly skilled at finding innovative and independent ways to earn a living that is not dependent on the current financial system. Living off the grid and living a self-sufficient lifestyle is the goal of these natives, and they will rebel against anything that removes their financial freedom. 

In the 3rd House

The current education system does not work for these natives, and they can fight and rebel against it. These natives are masters at finding their own ways of learning and do not function well when following educational systems set up by others. 

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In the 4th House

Rebelling against their family values will be a big part of these natives’ lives. They often feel like the odd one out and find a new value system and lifestyle different from their families. 

In the 5th House

It might not be easy for these natives to have fun and just let loose, and they can disagree with other people’s methods of enjoying life. These natives find alternative ways to have fun and enjoy life, and they struggle to find people who connect with their vision of a good time. 

In the 6th House

These natives feel a great deal of resistance toward the 9-5 work structure and find themselves constantly opposing routine, structure, and authority. Most 6th house Eris individuals will become self-employed as they experience too much conflict in formal work settings. 

In the 7th House

Finding a balance in relationships can be tricky. These natives constantly find themselves in conflict with their partners, wanting to go their own way due to the negative influences relationships might have on them. 

In the 8th House

These natives can be excessively intimate or cannot intimately connect with others. Their private desires can cause a lot of chaos and discordance in their life when they make them known to others. 

In the 9th House

A great deal of resistance toward organized religion can be present, or the native will resist any other bit of information that contradicts their religious values. These natives learn best through their research and experiences and can experience challenges when enrolling in higher education. 

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In the 10th House

Being successful is important to these natives, but it needs to be on their terms. 10th house Eris natives challenge and resist authority because they believe they should be the authority themselves. Taking orders from others is not easy, and they usually find themselves having more knowledge than their superiors. 

In the 11th House

Friendships can be tough to maintain. 11th house Eris natives constantly disagree with their friends and challenge their values.  

In the 12th House

These natives can have a lot of unresolved emotional baggage. They will experience conflict in almost all areas of life until they find healthy ways to deal with and express their emotions instead of oppressing and resisting them.