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The Karmic impact of Saturn in Scorpio

The Karmic impact of Saturn in Scorpio

With Saturn in Scorpio, your karmic path is to look beyond the physical and material world and give strength and meaning to the unseen. Natives with this placement can become outstanding investigators, detectives, doctors, and surgeons. In addition, many people with these placements have solid intuition, and some even have psychic or clairvoyant abilities.

Throughout your life, your inner voice will be thunderous, pushing your will into specific directions others cannot dictate. You seem to know everything, even what is being kept secret or hidden from you. Although if you have Saturn in Scorpio, you are highly intuitive and adept at identifying the motives of others, but others find it extremely challenging to know your motivations.

Your Saturn Return

Before your 1st Saturn return (age 27-31), you will have some intense experiences related to themes such as death, sex, and the occult. Naturally, you will keep many of these insights to yourself, creating a great of aura of mystery surrounding you. However, knowing that many of these things you will learn and experience need to be bought to light is crucial. You might feel uncomfortable talking about it or making it known, but part of your karmic path is to bring light to many of the dark things in this world, even though it might seem uncomfortable.

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If you allow yourself to tackle these dark forces you will face with strength instead of fear, and you bring it to light, then by your 1st Saturn return, many of these dark, negative experiences will end, and you will be able to guide many who undergo similar experiences. On the other hand, if you do not face these forces in your life with strength, you allow fear to consume you, and you let it remain in the dark; the darkness will eventually destroy you. By your 2nd Saturn return, you will have another chance to change how you approach these matters, and by then, you will have no choice but to bring awareness to others about the wisdom you hold about the unknown.

Unveiling Secrets

Learning that secrets do not serve anyone is vital if you have your natal Saturn in Scorpio. The more you hold onto your secrets, the more pain and suffering you will experience. On the other hand, when you can speak your truth about things that make others uncomfortable without being fearful of the reactions of others, you have learned your karmic lesson.

Your Past Life

In your past life, you avoided your emotions. There is also a possibility that you were assaulted or killed, and in this life, you live with your guard up, not letting others in and not trusting them. It is essential to realize that this is part of a part life experience, and you can trust others in this life.

Tendencies to let go of: Anger, manipulative tendencies

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Tendencies to learn: Studying the occult, learning the unseen, processing emotions in a healthy way

When you react angrily, you allow resentment to build and explode inside you. You will attract many negative events and circumstances into your life when you respond with hostility, as per the law of attraction. It is essential to find healthy ways to channel your negative emotions and not let them spill out into your life and onto others. You also need to learn not to abuse your sexuality and to create a healthy relationship with sex. There can be a tendency to use your sexuality to get what you want and end up abusing and using others in the process, which leads to alot of negative karma being piled up for you to resolve. Learning to let go of obsessive tendencies and hate is essential, as not doing this will only attract negative experiences.

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