June 16, 2024
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Scorpio Who to Date and Who to Dump

Scorpio: Who to Date and Who to Dump

When it comes to love, Scorpio doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules! Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars which is the planet of energy, drive and sex, but this water sign’s modern ruler is also Pluto. This means that Scorpio has a depth of intensity to it that its fellow water signs do not, so love can often feel like an all-consuming tidal wave, and not every other zodiac sign is ready to stand against that storm.

Do you or your partner have a Scorpio Venus or Mars? Venus and Mars are the planets we look to when it comes to love and relationships because Venus rules over what attracts us to other people and Mars rules over our sexual desires. You can use this article to see if your Scorpio Venus or Mars matches up perfectly, or clashes with your partner’s Venus or Mars–Scroll down and see what the astrology has to say!


Scorpio and Aries have a lot of wicked fun together whether they are friends or lovers. One problem that this fire sign and water sign pair find themselves in time and time again is the explosiveness of their arguments. Being that they are both Mars ruled signs they know how to play dirty, still the make up sex will always be just as dirty! In love, Aries and Scorpio resemble the enemies-to-lovers trope!

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Because Taurus is the opposing sign to Scorpio these two signs are often drawn to one another. They balance each other out, with Taurus adding a nice grounding energy to the deep wells of emotion that a Scorpio partner holds on to and Scorpio adding some intensity to the comfortable world of Taurus. However, both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs so the stubbornness in this pair will always be at an all-time high!


Both Gemini and Scorpio have a sense of curiosity that breeds intelligence. Partners with Gemini and Scorpio Venus/Mars placements will be drawn to one another because of the long deep conversations they can have with each other. However, the playful jesting of Gemini can get under the skin of Scorpio, making it hard for love to truly grow. Still, these two make for great friends!


There will always be a strong pull from one water sign to another, like the tides of the ocean following the moon. So yes, Cancer and Scorpio make for an excellent match, but sometimes the intensity of feeling between these two signs can be overwhelming and the relationship ends up drowning before it can really thrive. Emotional maturity from both partners is needed for this love to thrive!


People say that opposites attract, but when it comes Leo and Scorpio sometimes opposites should be avoided! This fire sign and water sign clash on so many levels it’s even hard to find connection on a friend level. When Leo is bold Scorpio is reserved, where Scorpio is mysterious Leo is in your face. Some people make it work but it certainly does take some work!


Scorpio and Virgo make for great friends because both are very meticulous people who are often thinking 5 steps ahead of their peers. The easy understanding found between these two signs can easily lead to something more romantic but sometimes this pair gets too stuck in their head to take it to the next level.

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Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus which seems like an unlikely match for brooding water sign Scorpio, however there is always an intense energy that pulls these two signs together. Libra yearns for the love of Scorpio and Scorpio adores the devotion of their Libra partner. This is the kind of zodiac pairing where opposites attract in a good way!


Love me or hate me it’s still an obsession–that’s that kind of bond we see formed when two hot-blooded Scorpios fall for each other! Scorpio love is not satiated with the common bonds of love, it desires darker and deeper connections like blood oaths, soul convergence and getting under each other’s skin… so obviously this can get a little weird and dangerous. Enter at your own risk!


Sagittarius and Scorpio are better off as a fling, but it will be a really memorable one. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and they are the “try anything once” type, whereas Scorpio has a bit more forethought yet at the same time a natural love for danger. This pair can have an exhilarating weekend of daredevil activities, lovemaking and philosophical conversations, but it probably won’t go too much further than that.


There is a lifelong devotion that can be easily cultivated here between Capricorn and Scorpio. That’s because, unlike the other earth signs, there is a truly wicked energy hidden beneath the tough surface layers of Capricorn. Still, Capricorn brings a very stabilizing energy to the relationship which can help foster a sage, long-lasting love affair.


Aquarius and Scorpio will certainly find many things to discuss and debate, both having a penchant for niche topics, but finding a spark for romance between them may be a bit harder than finding a good topic to discuss. Also. aquarius prefers to love slowly, wanting to be just friends before lovers, which isn’t the normal pace for Scorpio. Still it’s not impossible for love to bloom, just unlikely.


Water signs are always going to be drawn to water signs. No one else in the zodiac can ever really understand the language of emotion quite like they can, so the waters of love will always be pulling Pisces and Scorpio together. The depth to which each of these signs can feel love might be overwhelming to some, but it might be the warm embrace that each is looking for!

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