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Karmic Reason for Air Moon Signs Part 4

The Karmic Reason for Air Moon Signs – Part 4

So far in the Moon sign karmic and past life series, the karmic reasons to have fire Moon signs and earth Moon signs have been examined. If your Moon is in an air sign, you are in luck as you will be reading about the reasons you had come into this world with your Moon sign. Those who have air Moon signs have an emotional tie to anything that is intellectually or mentally stimulating, and there is also a disdain for conflict. Therefore, those who have air Moon signs prefer to never get into any type of conflict. Let’s talk a little more about the overview of air Moon signs before getting into the nitty-gritty of each one.

The Brief Overview of Air Moon Signs

As you are aware, the air Moon signs are those who have a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius moon. Those who have any of these air moon signs have an emotional need to communicate and to be mentally stimulated as it was already pointed out. They also have a need to socialize, except for those who have the Aquarius Moon as they are naturally detached. However, they still have an emotional tie to groups and clubs.

Why would anyone be born with an air Moon sign? That is due to the fact that an issue in their previous life had karmic implications on them that are related to the Moon sign that they were born with. It would have to do with the type of thoughts that involved other people or any type of relationship they had at the time of their death in their previous life. The moon sign shows that those issues are having a large emotional and karmic impact on them today. Let’s go through each of the air moon signs to delve into it further. The first one to focus on is the Gemini moon sign.

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Moon in Gemini

If you have a Gemini Moon, you have an intense need for constant communication which could be anywhere from talking to private journaling. This could be an indicator of a nervous or mood disorder as well and could create a lack of focus on important details. It is quite possible that your mother is or was much of a talker and has left out important details having to do with topics that she should have taught you while growing up.

If your Moon is in Gemini, in your previous life you may have had an extreme need to communicate something very important. However, you never had the chance to do it, and when you perished the stress due to that stayed with you. An example of that could be is, you had witnessed a murder or something horrific and were warned not to leak anything even though it was eating away at your conscious. As a result, in this life, you are anxious to communicate whatever is on your mind. Communication for you is security.

You can channel your traits into creative writing or helpful journaling which will help purge your mind and settle your anxious need to communicate. If you pay attention to detail and to what you are actually communicating, others could learn some interesting facts from you as you possess much knowledge without being aware of it. The next Moon to focus on is Libra.

Moon in Libra

If you have a Moon in Libra, you are craving balance and peace, and cannot stand conflicts. Perhaps your mother was the type to avoid conflicts and instilled how important keeping the peace was while you were growing up. If you have a Libra Moon, in your past life you left the world feeling that you had failed to relate to others the way you would have wanted to learn. Towards the end of your life, you had come to the realization that there is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship. You had longed to have any kind of relationship.

It is quite possible that you had a spouse that was taken before their time and you had not had a chance to develop the knowledge of what it is like to value relationships. Or maybe either you or your spouse in a previous life committed adultery. You may have had expected perfection from your spouse and was disappointed while you were with them that they were not your ideal mate.

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Either way, after losing your spouse or mate, the feelings of guilt for this kind of attitude made a karmic imprint on your soul at the time of your death. You long to have a relationship and intend to value it no matter what, you cannot stand arguments and you are definitely the type to settle an argument before going to bed. You despise being alone and many people with this Moon tend to marry young or get into relationships at a young age.

There is also a longing for finding justice. If your spouse in your previous life was killed, you wanted to find justice and have the murderer pay. If you committed adultery, you would also feel guilty from that in this life and want to make current relationships work to balance karma. If your spouse was the one who cheated on you, you would also have left the world wanting justice. Many people with a Libra Moon, Sun, or Ascendant find the law field to be the right one. With this placement, you also value your relationships and maybe the one to inspire others to find peace after an argument. The next moon to go over is Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius

If you have a Moon in Aquarius, you have more of a detached, aloof, and even rebellious nature. You tend to rely on technology for emotional support. It is quite possible that your mother was emotionally detached from you and only took care of your basic material needs. You had to find ways to satisfy your emotional needs since you did not receive it from your mother, and you may have found breaking the rules was a way to fulfill your emotional needs. It is also possible that your parents treated you more like their friends than children. Possibly, if your last life involved you being kidnapped, you purposely detached yourself from what you were being put through during the kidnapping.

Even though you had to comply with the orders from your kidnapper that may have involved you being forced to be their servant or to take your orders. Otherwise, you feared for your life. However, instead of being depressed from the situation you were in, you constantly tried to come up with methods to rebel. Your ideas that you had come up with were original, and you had left with that last memory at the time of your death. This had made a karmic imprint on your soul, and therefore you had brought this in at the time of your birth. With this Moon sign, you can make a large contribution to technological advancements, since this is an area of joy for you.

If you have your moon sign in either Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you can now have an understanding of how those signs affect you on a day to day basis. Additionally, you would have a deeper understanding of how you are emotionally and karmically impacted by that moon sign. What you have read may or may not completely resonate, but that is the best interpretation of why you would have that air moon sign. The last group of moon signs to examine is the water moon signs which will be the last part of this series.

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