June 24, 2024
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Mars Square Neptune January 2020

Mars Square Neptune: Reality Check!

Astrology follows the motion of the solar system, deciphering meaning from the position of the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, and calculated points.  Throughout each month different points form angular relationships with one another known as aspects. Key aspects include the conjunction, square, trine, and opposition.

This article will look at the important aspects Mars will form this month.  Mars represents our drive, selfishness, aggression, and passion.  There will be one key aspect for Mars this month, with Neptune.


Mars, the God of War, represents our primal drive, our passion, and our sexual urge.  He rules Aries and the 1st House of Identity in modern astrology.  In traditional astrology, he was also the ruler of Scorpio and the 8th House of Transformation and Shared Resources.  Now, Pluto rules that sign and house.  Which sign and house Mars occupies in your chart indicates the way you express and act on your passions and how you prefer to assert yourself.

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With Mars in Sagittarius, it looks to Jupiter for additional guidance.  Jupiter is currently in Capricorn, so Mars needs to act with sustained effort to expand its desires and passions.

Mars Square Neptune (January 27) – Reality Check!

Neptune represents spiritual energy, dreams, and the collective unconscious; it is the ocean of consciousness.  Neptune rules mystery, the unknown, and spiritual connection through the sign of Pisces and the 12th House of Spirituality and Soul Purpose.  It is a water point that is generational, spending around 17 years in a sign.  Currently, Neptune is moving through the sign it rules, Pisces, which it entered in 2010 and will leave in 2026.

With Neptune moving through Pisces at this time, the entire planet is getting spiritually awakened.  Neptune’s influence is never direct, never even easy to assess.  A simple joke describes the essence of Neptune: two young fish are swimming along, and an older fish approaches them and says, as he swims by, “hey boys, how’s the water?”  The young fish respond, “fine” and keep swimming.  Not long after, one of the young fish says to the other, “what’s water?”

With Mars moving through Sagittarius at this time, the keynote is, “ambitiously conceived projects are carried out enthusiastically” and the symbol is, “a ‘bronco buster’ at a rodeo keeps his seat on a spirited steed” (Astrology, Moore and Douglas, 148). The keynote for Neptune in Pisces is, “the power of spirit moves through all individuals” and the symbol is, “a beggar and a wealthy person share food and philosophy on a park bench”.

Between January 24th and January 30th, we will all have a chance to get some kind of reality check!  Neptune is like a fog and Mars is fire that can burn away the fog, if temporarily.  If there were ever a day for Brexit to happen or the US President to be impeached or released from impeachment, this period of time is the likely candidate for such dramatic outcomes to happen on the world stage.

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While Neptune is the longer-lasting and “bigger” point of the chart, and this transit, Mars represents a “quick-hit” penetration, rather like dropping a huge rock in a pond, or having a meteor strike the ocean.  Not only is the impact significant, but so are the radiant waves of consequences.

Since fire and water signs are involved, we can expect this impact to take place in our emotional lives.  While the clarity may only turn out to be temporary, the intensity of it will be undeniable.  If you happen to know your personal chart, then the areas of life affected will be the houses ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces.  In my case, I will feel Mars in my 2nd House of Personal Resources “hitting up” my 5th House of Creativity, shocking me to take some form of action with my creative energy.

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