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The Moonscope for December 2020

The Moon Horoscope for December 2020

Let’s look at the moon this month, and what it could mean for us all and for you….

What is astrology and why do astrologers study the Moon?

Astrology’ comes from Greek and means ‘the study of the stars.’

Humans have been studying and recording the phases of the Moon for at least 25, 000 years. The Moon, though a satellite and not a planet, is the closest celestial body to Earth, an average of 238,855 miles (384,400 kmaway depending on its orbit.

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The Moon provides us with a map and a guide to the seasons, with a measure of predictability as to when certain things will happen, such as the tides or the migration of animals for hunting and much more besides, for example, the spawning of corals, animal mating seasons, crop growth, hormonal cycles and quite possibly human behavior (lunatic, moody, moonstruck, etc).

Cave paintings show that early humans relied on Moon information for their very survival in timing the organizing of hunts and later, planting and harvesting crops.

The mass of anecdotal evidence gathered over many millennia, describing the effects of the Moon on human health and behavior is simply too great to be dismissed.

December 2020 Moon Headlines

The key astronomical event this month is the winter solstice 21 December. And in astrological terms too, this is especially significant in 2020, with the Sun moving into conjunction with Mercury in the first degree of Capricorn and then Jupiter, making an exact conjunction Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius.

This marks a symbolic shift, called by some astrologers a new Age of Aquarius, described as an age of high technology, balanced by greater collectivism and less individualism in a world with a human population currently double the size that it was in 1970.

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Earth’s resources are finite. This ‘shift’ may mean ‘working smart,’ with less available resources per person, in effect, and the effects could be seen for the next few centuries as humanity adapts tries to reconcile itself with best practice with the rising use of digital and other technology on the one hand, and urban design, food production and our connection to the natural world on the other. 

None of this is new. It is a conversation that has been taking place for some time. But this coming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, happening on the solstice of all days, marks this symbolic doorway.

The takeaway messages are to consider how we use digital technologies in our own lives, to be aware of the downsides as well as the benefits. Over-sharing online, for instance, also compromises the privacy and security of your physical space, finances, and personal safety.

This conjunction says many of us are now living with one foot in the digital world…but the other foot must stay firmly rooted in the real world. 

Key Dates

Dec 14   New Moon in Sagittarius (and a solar eclipse)

Dec 21   Winter solstice and waning half moon in Pisces and Aries

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Dec 22    Look out for shooting stars- The Ursid Meteor shower

Dec 30   Full Moon in Cancer

  • The Full Moon is when themoon is on the opposite of the Earth from the Sun on the same celestial longitude and we can see the entire illuminated face of the moon.
  • TheNew Moon is the first/last lunar phase when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun,and the moon is largely invisible, hidden in the sun’s glare.
  • A Super Moon happens when the orbiting moon comes closest to the earth. The moon looks bigger and may have a slightly stronger gravitational effect on the earth.

What do the moon phases mean symbolically?

A waxing Moon as we approach Full Moon is the optimum time to grow, build, add to, make or get something. It is about bringing in something new, or bringing something to completion or fruition.

A Full Moon is the optimum time to take stock and evaluate, or to gather, collect, harvest or cash in on something.

A waning Moon after the Full Moon is the optimum time for ending something, clearing out what’s no longer wanted or needed, including unhelpful or unhealthy habits. It may mean releasing something, or even getting rid of something (someone.)

A New Moon is the optimum time to launch something, make a new plan, and start from scratch.

14 December 2020: New Moon in Sagittarius 

Temperance tarot card Rider-Waite
Source: Wikimedia

The major arcana Tarot card associated with the New Moon in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius is Temperance.

Traditional meanings: A new inspiration, fun, friendships, Timing, Travel, Healing, Patience, Moderation.

This could be an auspicious time for a job interview, audition, or another important meeting, especially if it is attached to Teaching, the Arts, Entertainment, or Travel industries.

This New Moon and its total solar eclipse suggests a dynamic mood with a lively, fun, and friendly feeling, but watch out – things could suddenly turn quarrelsome and we could be slightly more accident-prone than usual.

30 December 2020: Full Moon in Cancer

The major arcana Tarot card associated with this full moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer is The Chariot.

Traditional meanings: ambition, direction, focus, self-control, teamwork, progress, determination. It can refer literally, to a journey, a new car, or another vehicle.

The Chariot Tarot Card Rider-Waite
Source: Wikimedia

The first full moon of 2020 was on 10 January and was also in Cancer. This last full moon of the year makes a circle to wrap up the lunar year on a gentle note after all the tumult of 2020.

What or who could we make peace with this month? What personal chapter has ended, and what new page has been turned in in 2020? What is our own new normal going to look like next year? What lifestyle changes have we made in 2020, possibly as a consequence of the Covid 19 emergency, that we did not choose to make, but that may actually be working better for us?

The Tarot’s Advice

2 of cups Rider Waite tarot
Source: Wikimedia

Here we have drawn the gentle, calming Two of Cups.

Traditional Meanings: romance, friendships, offer, invitations, partnership, trade, positive exchanges

Curiously, this card coincides symbolically with the December Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab.

The constellation of Cancer was known as ‘The Gate of Men.’ Platonic legend said the souls of Mankind descended through the stars of Cancer to be born on Earth.

This month’s full Cancer Moon is ruled by Venus, goddess of love and fertility. Babies conceived this December during or after the winter solstice will be born during Virgo, at harvest-time, late August to early September.

Lockdown may result in many more Virgo born babies in 2021, and this is already the most common birth sign in the northern hemisphere for this reason.

This positive, gentle card is all about partnership and romance, but in more general terms, talks about give and take, and could be a sign for recovery in the retail sector from summer 2021, and a boom in Fair Trade consumer choices as suggested by the staff of Mercury with the Lion’s head on top.

This card is a good omen for a global return to greater normality by late June 2021 if not sooner.

Meanwhile, what can we do to make the best of the current situation, and create an oasis of calm this Christmas?

Everyone has got their own opinions, but we can choose to step back from all the noise and the anger on social media. It doesn’t change the difficult reality governments all over the world are trying to deal with, and what good does it do, falling out about it with our friends and colleagues, and our nearest and dearest.

The Two of Cups says now more than ever, we need to take good care of one another, and be kind.

Season’s Greetings!

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas 2020 and a brighter, better New Year in 2021.

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