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8 Reasons why you Should Have a Personal Astrologer

8 Reasons why you Should Have a Personal Astrologer

To many, the word ‘Astrology’ conjures up an image of vague horoscopes printed in the back of a magazine or newspaper.  As in many areas, the mainstream media has taken a hand in discrediting an amazingly insightful and specific area of expertise.  In fact, professional astrologers work in great detail with charts created to exact times and locations.  An experienced astrologer can advise you in so many areas of your life that you may never have even considered!

It was customary in the past to consult a personal astrologer, all the royal courts had at least one, and a lot of pinnacles, successful figures still secretly consult an astrologer.  The truth is, although we may not be able to substantiate quite *how* astrology work, we *can* prove that it does.  In fact, Napoleon famously lost no conflicts, until he went against the advice of his astrologer.  The story of Hitler’s downfall is not so different! Here are some ways that astrological advice can change your life.

1. Analyzing your true birth chart

Did you know the word ‘horoscope’ actually means to observe (scope) time (horo – the same word used for hour).  It has nothing to do with astrological signs or glyphs and everything to do with creating a personal report.  By looking at the chart for somebody’s exact time of birth; something we call the ‘natal chart’; we can tell you so much about your talents, family, career, and character.  If you don’t believe me, book a consultation.  If it doesn’t resonate that you will not be charged!

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2. Predictions and trends

Whilst we are not qualified (or spiritually permitted) to predict the lottery numbers, by looking at your natal chart we can gauge a lot of information about different events that have and will occur in your life.  We don’t just look at the future, we often begin our analysis in the past, as by looking at childhood events we can ascertain more about the person you have become and the kinds of situations you are more likely to find yourself in.  It is normal for us to accurately predict career changes when you will meet the love of your life and we can even see deaths of family members (but we won’t tell you anything you don’t need to know).

3. Choosing your wedding date or business inauguration

Just as a person will have a chart that may be referred to as their ‘start in life’, so an important event chart can be drawn up in the same way.  People in ‘the know’ will consult an astrologer before choosing a wedding date, deciding the start date for a business, or even setting up a new facet, or sideline in a company.  Just like a natal chart, a marriage chart can be used to analyze a relationship and the kinds of events that will occur in a marriage.  This can be the difference between harmony and great tension in the years to follow.  In just the same way, the chart for the date and time a business is set up can be the difference between success and bankruptcy.  Astrology IS that powerful!

4. Finding lost items

There is a branch of Astrology which we call, “electional” and is based upon pulling up a chart in response to a particular question.  This is surprisingly accurate and is supposedly based upon the energy of the question already having the answer inherently linked, which makes a lot of sense on a quantum level!  Electional astrology is often used for finding lost items, but sometimes we will be asked to use it in answer to relationship questions, and it has even been used in criminal detective cases, although it can not to taken as evidence, it can provide a way to collect important clues which lead to great results.

5. Preventing health problems

Although legally we will always refer you to a medical expert or doctor, astrologers can actually ascertain a lot about the state of your health and your proneness to certain illnesses.  The Indian branch of astrology (Vedic) deals with this in great detail, but some of us Western astrologers go into it in depth also.  Whilst my studies are new, I have found combining certain planetary positions in connection to the positions of the planets at birth can glean great insights on how to prevent common health issues.  Since stress is at the heart of a lot of ill health, identifying the kinds of worry and tension somebody is more prone to, will help us to provide preventative type solutions.

6. Predict large-scale events

Although there are not yet any experts in predicting natural disasters consistently, wide-scale political events are very clear.  Political, or ‘mundane’ astrologers will use charts that correlate to the ‘birth’ of a country, region or state on the basis of when it was last-named, or significantly altered. For instance, the ‘birth’ for the USA is taken from the declaration of Independence in 1776.  This shows the Sun in Cancer and by analyzing this chart against the current and future positions of the planets, we can predict changes.  For instance at the time of the Wall Street Crash in 1929; Pluto the planet of change, destruction, and other people’s finances, was transiting over the USA’s Sun in Cancer!  Five months later Pluto was officially discovered!

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7. Understand your family and childhood

Just as we can often see life and death in a horoscope, we can also gain an idea of the kind of family you have, and the relationships held therein.  For instance, it is possible to gauge your maternal relationship and the kind of mother that you experienced, although it could be a completely different scenario for your siblings, as the interpretation will be from the eyes of your own personal experiences.  Also by using a special predictive tool called ‘Solar Arcs’, invented and mastered by the late, and great astrologer Noel Tyl, we can determine dates and times of big events in your life.  This is particularly powerful for the early years, as powerful changes affect us during the year of our core development.  For instance, Sean Lennon was in his 6th year of life when the father who raised him was shot.  This coincides with the planet of change & destruction; Pluto, reaching a Solar Arc position to his Sun & Mercury.  (And for those who understand astrology SA Chiron=Uranus & Saturn!)

8. Identify soulmate relationships

Astrology is amazingly insightful where it comes to personal relationships.  We can identify common ground, communication strengths and weaknesses, chemistry and; most importantly, the pinnacle points of change and development.  Relationships are all about being open to growing together if a nourishing soulful connection is what you seek.

So, you see it’s not so much about whether you are fated to be together and have met in other lives, but about the weak areas you may have as a couple and how you can use your stronger areas to work on these.  No matter how ‘meant to be’ a relationship is, the commitment to work on being closer and stronger as a unit is the hallmark of a ‘soulmate relationship.’

The astrological chart maps the birth of the body, so whilst we can ascertain the soul path in this life and the compatibility to two partners, an experienced astrologer will never tell you whether you should be together.  We will tell you why you are together and sometimes indicate this is a passing connection or, if the love is present from both parties, that this is a long-term bond.

As a psychic counselor, I can tell if there is a soul bond between people, but cannot alter the free will involve, only advise on the mission and how to embrace the deep level of love fully.

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