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Psychic predictions for 2021 are arrived at with the help of astrology, Tarot cards and other forms of divination and research.

These are forecasts. The future is not written in stone. What is being discussed here are likely trends and patterns.

A psychic reader uses their intuition, their best judgment and the information stored in their cards and other tools of divination to formulate their feelings, thoughts, impressions, and visions of possible future events, but the fact is, no- one can know for sure what is going to happen during 2021 or indeed, in any year.


The Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius

Is this a dawning of a new age of Aquarius?  The Jupiter–Saturn Conjunction at 0° Aquarius (Dec 21, 2020) marks a significant astrological and astronomical event with global effects expected to last through 2021 and far beyond.

This will be the first such conjunction since the year 2000 and the closest Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since the year 1623 when the Mayflower arrived in America, New Plymouth, and accounts vary, but this astronomical event may have been observed since this conjunction happened in the wake of the invention of the first telescope.

Even more significantly, this great conjunction will take place at the winter solstice on December 21, 2020, announcing a long term shift in human affairs, a chapter likely to last perhaps thirty years, but shifting…from what to what?

The major Arcana Tarot card associated with Aquarius is The Star.

The Star tarot card Rider-Waite

Star card Keywords:

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Aquarius is intellectual, abstract, dispassionate, futuristic, and moves between extremes of rebellion and authority, innovation and tradition.

We will see a lot of social and political see-sawing in 2021 affecting many countries and there may be notable earth tremors or earthquakes.

Aquarius genius will take us to the moon and bring us back. It will voyage to the planets, the asteroids, and bring back samples for us to study.

The air sign of Aquarius is cerebral, humanitarian but remote, and suggests a theme for 2021 of new Ideas, technology, collectives, campaigns, and causes, many progressive and constructive, others destructive where ideologies clash and some middle ground must be established for the good of all.

The question here is how best to deal with extremism in all its forms? What works better in restoring peace and order when dealing with those who will not hesitate to use extreme violence to further their own agendas? The velvet glove or the iron fist? Moderation or counter-extremism?

2021 will be quite likely to show us.

Jupiter in Aquarius is big, bold, and optimistic, however. We will see great things in truly science fiction style in 2021.

An Aquarius cycle will ideally bring a stronger focus on culture, AI, scientific and technological progress with material benefits for all.

Aquarius can be a crusader, a fundamentalist, though claiming to have the highest possible motives. But those who set out to stick it to ‘The Man’ can end up becoming ‘The Man,’ as we have seen with the rise of the power of the Tech giants, once the ‘wild tech rebels,’ of Silicon Valley, and this power is immense but largely unaccountable.

Freedom of speech will not be the problem, but the intrusion and freedom of reach of Big Tech to breach our privacy and security while refusing to accept accountability, and the Law is still running behind.

Our relationship with Big Tech, and also the big world religions will be under the microscope, and not only in 2021 but is here to stay.

2021 continues the struggle with Covid-19 and its social, economic, and other consequences, but this looks like an improving picture, in a series of stages.

Sometimes it may feel like a step forward and two steps back, especially during the first months of 2021. But it will pass, and we could still escape a deep global recession.

The Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox

Year of the Ox 2021

February 12, 2021 – January 31, 2022

In Chinese astrology, the Lunar New Year 2021 brings the Year of the Metal Ox, sometimes called the Gold Ox; a practical, productive, traditional, hardworking, dutiful, orderly sign. The Ox  advises placing our focus on what is right in front of us, as our best way of moving forward and not being distracted, derailed, or depressed when all around us, people are making a lot of noise,

The Metal Ox is Yin (passive, receptive, inward.) Interestingly, given current ongoing events, it is associated with the lungs, and this may be taken as a good omen for the easing of the Covid-19.

You were born in the year of the Ox if you were born in  1925,1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and of course, if you are born in 2021.

The element associated with the calm and logical Ox of 2021 is metal. This is often described as gold but it can be white metal and could suggest gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and other white metal investment opportunities, possibly aluminum too, as potentially lucky investments during 2021.

2021 may prove especially favorable for better practices in animal husbandry and welfare (cattle in particular) and could signify a year of prosperity in agriculture and associated agri-business as well as the construction industry.

There is a slower pace of production indicated in general by the year of the Ox. But progress is solid. The feeling with the Ox is, what you see is what you get.

Many will be feeling less trustful of 1) authority in general and 2) tech giants as seen with the public reaction in the UK to 5G technology.

Some will wish to ‘reclaim their turf’ and take more authority back into their own hands, but others will go in this new direction, keyboard warriors seeking a sense of group identity, and Aquarius can mean any kind of cults.

Many though, are hungry for simplicity, authenticity, honesty, sincerity. The Ox says small is beautiful and local is best for quality when it comes to food, and for the reduction of overheads and the carbon footprint in respect of non-consumable goods.

The understanding of the Metal Ox helps keep our feet on the earth when all around us in noise, anger, fear, and confusion.  The Ox is slow but strong and surefooted. Watch, listen, work your own furrow, and do not be swept away by the crowd or the noise on social media in 2021.

It is not the real world. It is only a mirror, an echo chamber, and sometimes a mirage.

United States

United States

The astrology suggests a volatile mood in January 2021 and it is likely to prove an unsettled time in the US with demonstrations of unrest in the immediate aftermath of the Presidential Inauguration on 20 January, once the Election results are finalized after a stormy Election week in November 2020.  If so, matters seem likely to settle and improve during late February when Mercury goes direct again.

United Kingdom 

United Kingdom

The UK finalizes its departure from the EU on 31 January. This has been a long, difficult and divisive process, bitter at times, and it looks as if there will be no single, grand overreaching agreement or ‘Deal.’

This will very likely be a WTO departure broadly speaking, however, various other special agreements will be arrived at, and in the longer term, the prospects for the UK are better and brighter than many fear, particularly those who voted to remain within the EU and despite an anticipated anti-Brexit Biden presidency if that is what has materialized.

The City of London continues dominant, with much continuing inward investment in manufacturing, and a resurgence in hospitality, but conversely- and this is very ‘Meta Ox’ – there will be a rise in local farmers markets and farm shops.



A Biden Presidency could prove helpful for the EU in 2021, a Trump presidency less so. The situation created by the Schengen Agreement first signed on 14 June 1985 and which marked the start of the process that abolished the controls at the borders between the Member States (the so-called “internal borders” has by this stage created a burden of massive proportions on the national and local infrastructures of southern states of Europe; notably Italy, Greece and Macedonia and now present intransigent security issues which will require new legal powers to realistically address the safety of the wider public faced with a sharp rise of incidents since its thirtieth anniversary in 2015 of fanatics committing acts of domestic terrorism citing grounds of ideology or religion.

This is the fanatic face of Saturn in Aquarius. Europe has seen it all before, to its regret, and doing nothing will not be an option for European leaders in 2021, but it will be extremely difficult to dampen the fire without making it worse.

The G7 2021


The UK will be the president of the G7 in 2021 and may use next year’s G7 to launch the ‘D10,’ an alliance of democratic states that could act as a counterweight to China. South Korea, India, and Australia will be invited, along with the usual G7 members.

The idea of this new alliance has already drawn interest from the Democrats in the US and is also a reminder that no country will be more aligned with US foreign policy goals under Biden than Britain. NATO is usually a tricky issue for France, and Germany’s strong economic relationship with China complicates its attitude to Beijing.

Mr. Biden will be keen to show that the US is turning the page on Mr. Trump’s ‘America First,’ agenda while a Trump second term will likely mean the opposite. One way to do that would be to re-enter the climate change agreement from which Mr. Trump withdrew, and next year Britain is also hosting the (delayed) UN climate change conference in Glasgow next year, COP26.

Here is an opportunity to work together constructively even if The UK Prime Minister and Mr. Biden never forge a bond in the way that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan did, or Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.



China is likely to be the first country to recover in 2021, just as it was the first to succumb to the pandemic.

The goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, asks that her followers lead the way in caring for the lungs of the whole world and all the creatures that live there, including the critically endangered animals, including the tigers, pangolins, and others. Kuan Yin hears their cries, and leadership from China here may mean a triumph of good dharma with direct material benefits in terms of prestige, trade, and diplomacy.

The year of the Metal Ox is steady and brave rather than aggressive, working hard, making, repairing, and building solidly to leave a legacy, that like the Great Wall, endures as a wonder of the world.

Global Business 2021

Global business

It is all about branding in 2021 and being seen to add social or environmental or ecological value to products, goods, and services.

Under the relentless pressure of new customer realities, the future is now in focus: The value of your company depends on how customer-obsessed, resilient, creative, and adaptive you are in jumping to the next growth curve in your industry. In 2021, businesses will further accelerate the pace of their digital activities, because they must.

Brands are now subject to constant public constant spotlight on their actions, statements, and associations across social media. They are expected to adopt and demonstrate social justice causes. It is not enough to carry out their core business. Companies must be seen to tackle complex economic, environmental, and social challenges that impact all of us. They must be seen to do so with integrity, competence, and transparency to earn the trust and loyalty of these new values-conscious consumers.

Cyber security

Cyber security

Challenges here will dominate the agendas of businesses and governments alike. Individuals cannot rely on their personal data remaining secure and must take their own precautions accordingly.

The events of 2020 have turned most predictions for 2021 on their head. Top trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) were supposed to be the big news of 2021 and will still define tech trends in 2021.

However, more home-based office working happening during the 2020 lockdowns has presented new challenges and 2021 will see tech responses to these changing needs, enabling us to adapt and adopt the new best practice by placing an increasing focus on the capabilities of cloud computing (-the very concept, cloud computing conjures an iconic Aquarian mix of water and air).

Cloud computing is the backbone of the data-driven, app-based tech ecosystem, and is used in everything from contact tracing to home delivery services, remote medicine. Working (and gaming) from home has been revolutionized by cloud services and this will continue throughout 2021, with much more from cloud-based computing applications, as more businesses adopt cloud models and delivery of data from the cloud to our devices becomes part of our daily lives.

Space, Science/Technology


Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in sci-fi star sign Aquarius on 21 December 2020 announces truly amazing hi-tech space adventures to come during 2021.

Mars is having visitors -us.  For a month or so, Earth and Mars line up in a way that makes it viable to land a probe. Miss that window, and you have to wait two years for the next opportunity. The United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States all have missions scheduled for launch in July, all three due to arrive during February 2021.

NASA is scheduled to land The Perseverance Rover on Mars on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021, in the Jezero Crater just north of the Martian equator. This once contained a lake, which scientists think may contain evidence of ancient microbial life. The Perseverance is trying to find out why do we detect traces of carbon there? Was there ancient life on Mars? 

China and the United Arab Emirates are also sending their own exploration missions to Mars…all due to arrive at the Red Planet in February 2021.

China is sending the Tianwen-1 Rover. After sending a rover to the far side of the moon, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) this mission is called Tianwen-1, meaning “quest for heavenly truth,” and aims to be the first Mars mission to drop a landing platform, deploy a rover, and send a spacecraft into the planet’s orbit all at once. The rover will be equipped with a radar system that can detect underground pockets of water. It will also help China prepare for its own mission to return a sample from Mars to Earth in the 2030s.

The UAE is sending The Hope Orbiter, the Arab world’s first mission to another planet. The satellite will study the Martian atmosphere.

Russia was planning to send a mission to Mars, as was The European Space Agency, but the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic demanded a postponement.  

Europe’s Space sector has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the earlier scheduled launch of the Ariane6 satellite launcher has been delayed until summer 2021, the date yet to be confirmed.

NASA is also working to return to the Moon – robotically. The Artemis Project is using commercial delivery services to send science investigations and technology demonstrations to the Moon twice per year beginning in 2021.

The Moon and Space Tourism 2021

In 2024, Artemis III will mark humanity’s return to the surface of the Moon – landing astronauts on the lunar South Pole, the next man, and the first-ever woman.

Meanwhile, OSIRISREx is currently on a NASA asteroid-study and sample-return mission. The mission’s primary goal is to obtain a sample of at least 60 g (2.1 oz) from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu and is due to land back on Earth in 2023 with its precious samples.

Russia is planning to return to the Moon in 2021, the first moon mission since 1976Russia’s Roscosmos space agency aims to launch its robotic Luna-25 moon landing craft in October 2021 and has also drafted a deal with the U.S. space tourism company Space Adventures to fly two passengers to the International Space Station in 2021.



There will be a rise in Alt-Technology companies, challenging the dominance of the Silicon Valley giants, and there will be other exciting developments in space technology, medical technology, and also green technology.

The launching of the maritime polar exploration vessel, Sir David Attenborough demonstrates advanced technological specifications developed especially for conservation and ecology.

Elsewhere in the world, on the Blue Nile, and still very much on the Star card theme of air, water, hi-tech and collective cooperation, there could be trouble in 2021 focused on the filling of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam which threatens its neighbors Sudan and Egypt with water poverty. The dam is the size of Greater London and takes five years to fill, and with this, presents Ethiopia’s neighbors with a threat to their national food security.  The United Nations will be required to intervene in negotiations.

The Star card and the sun sign of Aquarius has a strong historical connection to the history of The Nile and in particular, the flooding of the Nile that once upon a time used to happen every year in the month of February.



In 2021 Tokyo will host the Olympics originally scheduled for 2020 but which had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  A gymnast may particularly distinguish themselves during these Olympics and Tokyo is the only Asian city so far to host the Olympics twice. The last time was in 1964.

This next Olympics scheduled for 23 July-28 August is featuring five new sports not previously included:  sports climbing, surfing, skateboarding, karate, and baseball/softball.

A climber, a gymnast, and a Paralympian athlete may particularly distinguish themselves during these Tokyo Olympics, which it is hoped spectators will be able to attend while 2020 branding still applies, and 2020 merchandise will be available. A surfer may become a new star, which suggests an appearance of the Hanging Man card, which represents the planet of water, and especially salt water, Neptune.


2021 will be volatile and challenging, with periods of social unrest in many countries, and rising religious extremism as well as a push- back of resistance to this on the one hand, and on the other secular prophets promising ecological doom. The climate of Earth is changing, though it has done so, many times before humankind was here, and will do again.

There are 7.8 billion people in the world today; twice as many people as there were in 1970 with 250 people born every minute today compared with 150 dying every minute.

The rate is slowing and it should take 200 years to double again if it maintains at the same rate but Consumer behavior needs to change – before a change is forced upon us.

2021 is the perfect time to develop a few, new, healthy, and less wasteful consumer habits, and this converges with the message of The Chinese Year of The Metal Ox, which interestingly, is coinciding in 2021 with the placement of the rebel planet Uranus in a solid, earth sign, bull-market Taurus

It may be suggested in addition that the post-Covid-19 economic recovery may happen sooner than expected, by the first quarter of 2022 if not sooner.

Any pandemic is a stark, periodic reminder that near or far, we are all connected, physically. High tech or Low tech, we are all in it together.

This is the big message of 2021. But the good news is, we have the power to make the world just that bit happier and better any time we like, with the compassion of Kuan Yin, and just a few thoughtful lifestyle choices.

[author title=”By Katie-Ellen Hazeldine” image=”https://beta.askastrology.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Katie-Ellen-Hazeldine.png”]Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a professional Tarot reader, writer, and blogger in the UK. She has been reading the Tarot, and also runes and playing cards professionally since 2006, and has been featured for this work in Fate & Fortune Magazine. [/author]