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How To Prepare For The Upcoming Saturn Retrograde on June 17th

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Saturn Retrograde on June 17th?

On the 17th of June 2023, our dear beloved Saturn will be entering its retrograding motion, halting its usual eastward movement through the stars and turning westwards instead. This will be taking place for a good 139 days, up until November 4th. But what does it really mean? And how can one prepare for the Old One’s energy, which will be further entering our atmosphere? Keep reading to find out.


What Does A Planetary Retrograde Mean?

All of the Milky Way planets journey eastwards around the Sun, meaning anti-clockwise, but during their retrograde period, this movement becomes clockwise. This often appears to be a backward movement, but it is merely an optical illusion. A directional switch of the celestial body. From leftwards to rightwards. However, it is not surprising that our ancestors would often take this as a sign of doom, as for them, a planet moving backward, or at least appearing to do so, could have meant the beginning of doomsday or that something is inexplicably wrong.

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But this isn’t exactly true. No planet is negative or evil so to speak. They are mediators of forces that affect everything. And depending on which force they intermediate, you can ask and work with the corresponding guidance for that area of your life.



What Does Saturn Represent?

Saturn is often misunderstood as a terrifying planet, one that comes to tear you apart. This is partly true, but that is because being torn apart, sometimes is necessary. The famous purification process? Yup. That’s Saturn. The reason it can sometimes feel so destructive to the ego is that he cannot allow anything over his threshold that still holds a form (materialistic attachments). He is the ultimate test. The last of the planets that the spiritual adept is to work with. And yet we can slowly and gradually tap into this energy without being overwhelmed by it or waiting for our Saturn return to hit us hard in the face. This is the opportunity that the retrograde of this planet grants us.

Saturn governs discipline, responsibility, hard work, achieving your goals, and staying true to yourself. And in a world where most of us are flaky, do a bunch of things that aren’t really for us, and lack clarity, Saturn can definitely feel like a transformative force. And he is. But don’t let that scare you. Saturn goes retrograde every single year for about 140 days. It isn’t some gigantic event that needs you hiding, it’s simply how the celestial bodies function in the sky. They all go retrograde, each year, around the same time.

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If it helps you loosen up, think of it like this. Since the day you’re born, every single year, you’re spending almost half of your time with a Saturn retrograde going on. It just simply is that way and will continue to be that way. But not everyone is conscious of this planetary motion.

So seeker… now that you’ve been made conscious. What’s next?


How To Prepare Yourself For The 2023 Saturn Retrograde

In short, Saturn Retrograde means karma moves a little faster. Energetic attachments get processed quicker, things that are untrue burn into ashes a little bit speedier, and in general, it’s a time for the past to be deleted. Or so to say, transmuted.

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Like a phoenix rising from its ashes. You might notice old friends who no longer serve you dropping off, a job that you’ve been wanting to quit for quite some time now is finally being let go of, or certain habits that have been withholding you from your true identity are now finally being alchemized within you.

This can be challenging for some, especially if you’re not used to challenges, but they are part of life. In reality, they are what makes life worthwhile. The tests that propel us toward our growth. The tests that help us incarnate as who we truly are. And this is what the Saturnian energy is all about. It cuts out anything dead from our lives and creates room for new blessings to come through.

It is a time of more autonomy, more sovereignty, and a release from pressure and obligations that have been draining you but aren’t necessarily part of your core truth. Part of your core path or soul mission, so to speak. In a way, this gets supported by the energy of summer.

As we loosen up, go on vacation, spend time by the beach, or do things we love and that relax us, we raise our vibration and slowly, but gradually de-attach from old patterns. The secret though, is to not get overwhelmed with this summery energy. Otherwise, by the time Saturn goes direct, you might get left behind.

You still want to make sure that you’re developing a core skill of yours and getting ahead, not leaving a gap in your knowledge. So by all means, take some time off, and enjoy your holidays but make sure you don’t stay idle when it comes to your goals and aspirations.

It is a time to get ahead when it comes to problem-solving and accomplishing things that may have been blocked or obstructed in some way by the veils of this Earthly realm. It is a time for truth to come to the light, a time for puzzles to come together. And yes, this happens best in summer. The deeply contemplative summer energy will bring you a boost of clarity, and you want to use this forward motion to narrow in on what really matters to you.

It’s a period where you’ll be able to be more with just your own energy, without needing the usual emotional support from others. You might notice spending less time reading the news, scrolling through social media, or dwelling on someone else’s business. It’s a time for you to dwell in your own business! It’s a time when you’ll start choosing what you bring into your life, instead of being washed over like a wave. So own it. Be you and do you. Feel the pulls of Saturn, they are your guiding force. And go there.


3 Practical Tips To Assist You During This Period


1. Sing to Saturn

Reach out towards the eastern horizon. Let your mind reach further into the void of the East, in a straight line deeper and deeper into this vast horizon. Reach out until your vision finds the sphere of Saturn. Far ahead, emerging out of the darkness, you can see the Black One, the Prince of all the planets, the One who never speaks, yet always listens. Settle back into this stillness, as you watch the outline of Saturn. Draw the planet down to you and connect with him as the ancient planetary Being that he is.

After you’ve done so, begin to sing to Saturn. Sing to the planet and sing to the consciousness from which it is built, caught in a body of rock, gas, and celestial rings. Sing to Saturn who has both created and destroyed every single human being and who now stands before you. Use anything that allows you to connect deeper within yourself. Whether that is your favorite song, your go-to mantra, or your preferred prayer. Outloud, whispering or inside your own mind. It matters not. Whatever feels more right to you. If you need a specific Saturn mantra for this, search “Shani mantra”. SATURNday is the best day for this, but really any day works.

Singing in the light of the respective planets can become a powerful tool for counterbalancing and healing imbalanced aspects within our natal charts. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple. But keep it focused.


2. Automatic or intuitive writing


The Saturnian retrograde energy is a fantastic time to get clear on who you are, what you want and thereby define where you are going… your path. But you mustn’t be too structured or logical when it comes to clarifying this. Saturn does this for you. You just have to place your focus there and allow this energy to further manifest into your life. Intuitive writing, also known as automatic writing, or as we like to call it, freestyle writing, is a perfect way to do so. Open up a Word document, your diary, or even a blank piece of A4 paper, and ask yourself questions.

  • “What do I really want in life?”
  • “What are some habits that I’d like to let go of gradually?”
  • “What kind of people do I want to be around?”
  • “Where does my Love best manifest?”
  • “How can I leave my mark on this world before I depart?”
  • “What gift can I offer to the world as a business?”
  • “What is natural to me but looks like work to others?”


All these are great questions to get you started. And simply jot down the answers. Intuitively. Just write. Openly and freely. Uncaring as to whether you’ll be seeming foolish. Anyways, it’s just you and Saturn. Allow the energy to flow out of you. And then put the papers or documents aside. Keep doing this. The secret here is to not look or contemplate too much on what you’ve written. Just keep it going. And allow your true face to appear before you.



3. Consciously Deprive Yourself (food, sleep, or people)

Ok but don’t overdo it. The goal here is to push your boundaries of what you thought was possible and see how far you can go without your normal patterns and habits. If you’re new to fasting, start with a 16-hour water fast. For the more advanced, proceed with a day, or two.. or three. Sleep is also a good one. Set up your alarm early in the morning, and get up. You only got 5 hours of sleep during a beautiful summer night? Fine. Get up. Get to work. Build yourself. Everything that’s done in darkness, is always brought to light. It’s just you and the gods. Like a bird that rises at 6 am to sing to… nobody. And yet it sings the most beautiful hymns. Who is it singing to? In the vast, wild empty forest. Who is there to listen? Does it matter? Does it sing for others to listen? Do you work for others to see you? Or do you offer yourself in reverence to the divine? Be, and live your craft. And allow that fire to carry you all the way through. Into the avatar of your Guardian Angel. It’s time to incarnate, my friend. Most of us have failed way too many Saturn tests in our lives. Not this time. This time we get it right. Believe in yourself. And go get it. It’s time for the fire to be lit.


Be brave now.

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