June 13, 2024
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Planar Alignment why you should look at the sky on the 17th of June

Alignment: Why You Should Look at the Sky on the 17th of June

Well, it means your awakening of course. But let’s dive deeper into the so-called Planet Parade, as the links between planetary alignment and their symbolic meanings are still a relatively new area of research for most astrologers & fans alike. Continue reading to find out more.


What Is A Planetary Alignment?

Also known as the Parade of the Planets, a planetary alignment is when a certain number of planets appear across the sky in an orderly fashion. There are many different combinations for such an event but this one involves: Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn.

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Happening at 93 degrees, they will be visible from Earth around dusk time for two consecutive days. You might need a telescope for the Uranus sighting though.

Now, the planets are not only aligning as a visual spectacle, but this rare alignment also carries a spiritual meaning and energetic effect on us all.


What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Planets Aligning?

As above, so below. As the macrocosm, so the microcosm. Aligning on the grand scale will further pull us into alignment on the small scale, aligning withOut, aligning withIn.

So, when five of these major celestial bodies align, the energies are intensified and they work in greater synergy with one another. This is calling forth a greater harmony to manifest from each one of us, and yet it can be quite intense, as the layers of the Not-Self are shed.

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In order to understand which areas we are to further focus on or so to say, further integrate in our personal lives (at a Soul level), we must first look at which planets are harmonizing on the grand scale and see each one’s significance and how they work in synergy with one another.


How To Best Prepare For The 17th Of June Alignment?

In short? It will be a phenomenal day for transformation and solidifying intentions. See it as a second New Year’s Resolution. A day where the old is strongly desiring to be burnt to pieces so that it may be rebirthed again in a new form.

Of course, this is a longer-term theme that gradually builds up and gradually dissipates, as both Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Jupiter are in a long co-presence. But specifically, on this day, it is recommended to spend extra time within yourself and contemplate your dreams and aspirations.

Setting goals for the rest of the year. What is it that you truly desire? If this was your last incarnation ever as a human, what would you like to build?

“A man who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started understanding the meaning of life.” – Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize Winner

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Make your witchy rituals, meditate, walk barefoot in the forest, take a stroll at the beach. The same way you would at a New Year’s Eve… only this time, luckily, you don’t have the distractions from the home gatherings or parties going on. Most humans will go through this day unnoticed. But not you. Why would you waste this energy?

Having all that celestial energy in the air backing you up… It’s kinda like a clean second go at your 2023 goals.

And once defined, remain stubbornly devoted. To yourself, to your dreams, to the things you believe in, to Love.

Become your own anchor.


Alignment: Does It Matter Which Planets Are The Ones Aligning?


A planet is a large celestial body with its own specific vibration. All planets and stars are interconnected, but based on which planet we’re looking at, the constellation it’s sitting on, its proximity to Earth (the closer, the stronger the gravitational pull) and its temporary relation to other celestial bodies, the effects vary.

17th of June Placements For The Five Planets: 

Mercury Will Be In Gemini:

As one of the faster moving planets, its theme will have a more short-term effect on us humans than the other four outer, larger moving planets.

On the 17th of June, Mercury will be sitting in the house of Gemini, one of its favorite constellations. Having the planet of communication, technology, travel and exchange of information in the deeply witty, communicative and dialectic sign of Gemini, can only mean one thing: True expression of OneSelf.

During this brief Mercury transit, which is intensified on the 17th thanks to the alignment, we will be witnessing a clarity of thought and expression when it comes to moving forward. Plans, ideas, and communication will be clear and straight to the point.

Embrace independence at this time. As you come to know what you want and who you truly are, you’ll notice the guilt, shame and confusion dissolve with each step you take towards expressing your truth clearly and effectively. Anchoring your true path forward.

Soul work brought forth, mission, value creation in relation to one’s gifts, expansion of that through the online world… all are topics which are becoming present during this transit.

Saturn Will Be In Pisces:

A slow moving planet with a 2 year transit, on March 7th 2023 we saw Saturn moving into the constellation of Pisces, bound to stay there till May 24th 2025. A sign that it doesn’t necessarily like, but brings forth the necessary responsibility to the dreamy, intuitive, flowy side of Pisces.

You might witness yourself no longer making excuses and lowering your standards to pleasure your lower Self’s needs or placing others’ needs before your own. You might witness yourself… prioritizing yourself…  for the first time. Prioritizing your dreams, aspirations, desires… They were granted to you for a reason. If you feel a pull towards some place or some endeavor, it’s not random. This Piscean Saturnian aura has already been in the works since March and its effect will only intensify over the next 2 years. Feel no guilt about who you are and what you truly desire and need. Enough of that.

Saturn in Pisces is forcing you to see all that you’re capable of and unless you start taking action towards your dreams and goals with a higher dose of commitment, you may end up settling for less than you deserve.

Double up on Self-Love, be kind to yourself, and prioritize the development of your gifts. This is what you came here for. And this is what the energy of Saturn in Pisces has to offer you. It might not be an easy one, but the reward Saturn brings you in this sign is a deeper form of confidence and Self-acceptance.

Solar system planets set. The Sun and planets in a row on univer

Neptune Will Also Be In Pisces:

Neptune has been wading in Pisces since 2011 and will remain there until 2026. Being one of its native placements, it’s loving this position. This transit intensifies the dreamy, astral and etherical world. Your Higher Self might be more prone to connect with you through dreams or meditation and with the thinning of the veils, the messages and guidance received are becoming clearer and clearer. Further helping you restore and enhance your Holy Communion with your Other Self (Higher Self).

This is the time for your creativity to flourish. It’s the time when we’ll see inventions and ideas that perhaps have never been built before, come forth.

The enhanced communion with your Other Self is meant to help you reclaim your heart, restore your sovereignty and get you focused on what you promised yourself that you came here to do.

He / She / It / They (your Higher Self) is your true source of guidance.

Uranus Will Be In Taurus:

Uranus, the planet of revolution, individuality, and enlightenment has been transiting in the aesthetical, Love-for-matter sign of Taurus since January 22, 2023 and will remain in Taurus till April 2026.

This is the revolution of the material world. Uranus is here to bring the initial spark of change for our structures and systems. Here to tear down rigidity which isn’t working, and give birth to new systems and new creations that further empower harmony and the rightful use of energy.

Whenever order becomes too rigid, that’s usually when chaos needs to step in, or so to say, a negative or an implosive energy, which is breaking the old structure and making way for a new, more coherent, more synergistic form.

You might have already been experiencing this burning sensation rising within you since early this year. Like you were put here to offer something great in the world, and it’s not about your ego, it’s about what is being channelled through you that needs to be seen in the world.

Well, this fire is about to become much much larger, and eventually One has no choice but to express and share it with others (this is where Jupiter comes in) or burn in his or her own flames.

Jupiter Will Also Be In Taurus:

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good luck, and opportunities is also in the sign of Taurus and will further expand upon the initial steps marked by Uranus in Taurus. On May 16th, Jupiter moved into this sign and is staying there for a full 12-month cycle, till May 2024.

This energy is meant to further solidify and anchor the work that Uranus brought forth. Expanding what you want to build and love doing. Further progressing those new birthed systems that were brought forth earlier by Uranus in Taurus. Solidifying them and actually turning them into proper models and businesses.

Materialization of ideals is the keyword here. Now is the time to put your vision out in the economical marketplace and receive your financial reward for it. This monetary compensation is equally necessary so as to not create energetic hooks or attachments. But that’s another topic.

Jupiter in Taurus is pushing you towards sharing your voice with the world unapologetically, in a structured, coherent way. Day in, day out. Having your dreams and goals at the forefront of your mind each morning and evening. This is what this energy is about. And it’s here to stay. Abundance and limitless resources are at your fingertips.

What will you do with them, champion?

Questions To Ask On This Day of Alignment:

  • “What are the practical things I can do in this world to embody my higher ideals?”
  • “How can I make my spirituality a lived practical thing?”
  • “What is my gift and how does the marketplace need this right now?”
  • “Where am I feeling the pull to go towards?”
  • “What daily disciplines and habits I am to embody?”
  • “What do I truly desire out of this incarnation?”
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