June 12, 2024
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The Karmic Impact Of Saturn in Taurus

The Karmic Impact Of Saturn in Taurus

Most of your self-worth is primarily based on how much money you own and earn.

You will spend much of your life working hard to acquire money for comfort. However, it can feel like a bottomless pit where you never think it’s enough.

With Saturn in Taurus, it’s crucial to learn that basing self-worth on possessions leads to an unstable sense of self.

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Harness a sense of power within yourself that isn’t tied to material wealth. What you have can be taken away from you in a second, and then what, or who are you? 

You will excel in work that allows you to bring a sense of peace and order to a chaotic environment or situation. Career fields such as police work, ER surgeon, paramedic, disaster management, construction, and design will be careers you will excel at. 

Your Saturn Return 

You will spend a big portion of your life feeling possessive over what you have and dare anyone to try to remove it from you; they will face severe consequences. Unfortunately, this possessiveness can also cause many problems in your relationships. 

During your 1st Saturn return, an event will push you to let go of many physical and material things you hold dear to you. Upon your 2nd Saturn return, you will realize that holding onto these things no longer serves you in this life, and you will look to lead a simpler life, less burdened by your attachment to your material surroundings.

Many people with Saturn in Taurus work hard their entire lives but eventually become free-spirited in their old age. They often sell everything, buy an RV, and travel the world in their later years.

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A profound realization emerges that life is about experiences, not material possessions. At this point, life gains more meaning.

Saturn in Taurus natives love nature and often pursue a simple, sustainable life in their later years. They seek ways to understand and connect with the natural world around them.

Happiness and Money Dont Get Along 

If you have Saturn in Taurus, your happiness might hinge on your financial reality. However, this dependency could prevent true contentment, as some financial factor will always diminish your joy. With a Saturn in Taurus, it is vital to learn that your sense of happiness needs to come from within, not the world around you. So often, natives with this placement become incredibly miserable and depressed throughout life when they do not own much and have alot of money. At these points in their life, it is more important than ever to work on harnessing a sense of happiness within themselves that is not based on their external reality. 

Saturn in Taurus Past Life 

In a past life, you had alot of access to money. Now, in this life, you feel this desperate need to acquire resources because a life of luxury is what you were used to. In your past life, you would’ve done anything to earn the riches you seek. In this life, you need to direct your focus elsewhere, which is forming meaningful connections and relationships with others. 

Tendencies to let go of: Placing too much importance on materialism, 

Tendencies to learn: Awareness of the environment, earth, and nature. Living a natural, down-to-earth life that is not overly abundant in material luxury. 

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When you focus too much on money, you will face many challenges in life. The key is not to be overly concerned with your material reality. You will find true inner happiness and fulfillment. There can be a feeling of not feeling loved by others present within you at all times, but compensating through money and material pleasure won’t bring you the love you seek. Those who love you for what you have, and not for who you are, are not the people you need in your life. The more you chase money, the more you will push the love away that you dearly need. 

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