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The Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Planets

The Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Planets

It takes the Moon 27 days to orbit around the Earth, and this is how long it takes the Moon to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending about two and a half days in each zodiac sign. We are born with each planet in a particular sign, and the position of these planets is displayed in our natal chart.

Each month, the Moon proceeds on its cycle, coming into conjunction with our natal planets. There are ten conjunctions in total with the transiting Moon to our natal planets, as the Moon will conjunct a natal planet once a month.

Each month, we have specific emotional cycles. Some days we feel happy, some days we can feel down. Some days we feel inspired, whereas other days we can have low energy. Every time the Moon conjuncts a natal planet, it has a unique effect, which is why we might feel on top of the world some days, whereas other days, we barely want to face the world. These changes in our moods can be determined by the transiting Moon’s relationship to our natal planets.

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Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Sun

This transit occurs when the Moon falls in your Sun sign. Your ego and heart are in alignment with each other during this conjunction. What you externally express agrees with what you feel, and you become much more authentic and genuine.

This conjunction is the best time to deal with stressful situations and public-facing events, as you feel more connected and in tune with yourself, and your emotions will likely not overwhelm you or be all over the place.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Moon

When the transit Moon conjuncts the natal Moon, you experience a lunar return, where the Moon is in the exact position and sign it was when you were born. You become much more connected with your emotions, and it is easier to connect with and identify where your feelings are guiding you.

This conjunction can cause an influx and flood of emotions; as your emotions become very active, you can find you are much more sensitive and emotionally reactive on this day.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

You become much more verbally expressive regarding matters on your mind and heart, and you can feel like you want to express your emotions quite urgently, needing to get a lot off of your chest. You might find yourself “venting” more often and possibly oversharing with others during this transit.

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Focusing on practical matters might be tricky on the day when this transit occurs, as your mind space will likely be overtaken by your emotions, causing you to think more about sentimental and emotional matters.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Venus

Sharing your feelings of love and affection is effortless when the transit Moon conjuncts your natal Venus. It is much easier to be vulnerable on this day, and you will likely need to give or receive love and affection to feel connected and balanced.

This can be a day where you feel the need to be more sociable and engage with others, feeling a sense of belonging when in the company of those you feel secure and safe around. You are also very charming and creative on this day, making it a perfect day to work on and showcase an art form.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Mars

You feel the urge to take action based on where your emotions are guiding you when the transit Moon conjuncts your natal Mars. Making spur-of-the-moment, emotional decisions is much more likely, which can either have a positive or negative outcome, depending on the situation.

Following your passion and desires are vital on this day, and anything or anyone who might stand in the way of you getting what you want will be presented with the aggressive, more pushy side of you.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Jupiter

Positive emotions and feelings are abundant when the transit Moon conjuncts your natal Jupiter. Your feel on top of the world and like luck and good fortune is on your side. Known the be the “luckiest day” each month, you might find yourself hitting a lucky streak and receiving or experiencing something wholly unexpected yet amazing.

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You could receive opportunities for growth on this day and being open to new possibilities and experiences will lead you toward your expansion.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn

When the transit Moon conjuncts your natal Saturn, you are much more confident, reliable, secure, and in control of your feelings. The chances of feeling overly emotional or overwhelmed are slim, and you are more capable of focusing on essential tasks and responsibilities without being distracted by your reactions and emotional space.

This conjunction is the best day to make crucial decisions, as you are much more realistic and possess a cool, calm and collected approach.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Uranus

Expect the unexpected when the transit Moon conjuncts your natal Uranus. You might be surprised to see how you react and feel to particular situations, not thinking you would respond that way.

This conjunction changes your emotional space, making this the perfect day to work through stagnant emotions and feelings that have been bothering you and keeping you stuck for a while. You could also be influenced into a new direction via external circumstances, which will bring a fresh perceptive to you along with refreshed emotions.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Neptune

Neptune influences mystical feelings and increases your ability to dream and daydream when in conjunction with the transit Moon. You want to believe in dreams and fantasies, and on the one end, this transit can make you highly optimistic and creative, trusting the flow of the universe.

On the other end, you might want to believe fantasies that are merely deceptions and illusions and can easily get lost in a dream world that lacks perception of reality during this aspect.

Transit Moon Conjunct Natal Pluto

The transit Moon conjunct natal Pluto aspect reminds you of where you lack control and how you can gain more power in your life to have more balanced emotions. When things feel out of your control, your emotions can become negatively triggered, and you can often become flooded with negative feelings.

Conversely, when you feel in control, you are connected to a sense of power within yourself and feel happy, confident, and content in your emotions.

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