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15 Different Forms of Divination

15 Different Forms of Divination

What is divination? Humans have been fascinated with predicting the future for thousands of years, which is why so many different forms of divination exist. The word divination is derived from the words “divining the future” and refers to any practice that is used as a tool to predict the outcome of future events. Most divinatory practices have a common suffix, “mancy”, another term for divination derived from the French, Latin, and Greek languages.

15 Different Forms of Divination


Tasseography is a method of divination that involves reading a person’s tea leaves. The shape that the tea leaves create after drinking a cup of tea will determine the drinker’s fate. People commonly practiced this method in ancient China, Greece, the Middle East, and Europe.


When many of us think of a fortune teller divining the future, we think of a person sitting at a table looking into a crystal ball. This stereotypical representation of the fortune teller is derived from the practice of Crystallomancy, where the diviner uses the abovementioned items to scry into the future and gain information about the enquirer.

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Runes are stones with certain symbols carved or drawn onto them with specific meanings. The symbols on runes are derived from ancient German and Nordic tribes and are said to bring wisdom and insight about life and the future to the caster.


Also known as palmistry, Chiromancy is a form of divination where you read the lines and formations on your hand to gain insight into your personality and future. The lines on your hand change over time, and these changes are said to be important indicators of past and future events and experiences.


More commonly known as dream interpretation, Oneiromancy is the method of decoding and analyzing the symbols presented in your dreams to gain insight into your subconscious and the future. The best way to practice Oneiromancy is by keeping a dream journal and dream dictionary, journaling your dreams, and referring to the dictionary to gain insight about yourself and what is to come.


Using your name and birth date, Numerology uses numbers to determine your fate and give insight into your personality and destiny. One of the most important aspects in Numerology is your life path number, where you add together the numbers of your birthday to determine which life path you should follow.


Every one of us has a unique handwriting style, and this style can hold many indicators of our emotional, mental, and subconscious states. Graphology is the practice of decoding a person’s handwriting to understand the overall energy and state of being of the writer. Forensic handwriting is almost like a scientific version of Graphology, where law enforcement uses handwriting to profile and identify potential suspects and criminals.

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Cartomancy involves using cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future and the emotional and mental state of the enquirer. There are many forms of cartomancy present today, including reading standard playing cards, the tarot, and reading oracle cards. The reader of the cards must use the symbolism and meaning assigned to the cards and use their intuition to guide the inquirer.


Astrology is one of the most commonly used and well-known methods to predict the future or fate of an individual. It is believed that the stars and planets have divine meanings attached to them, and one can divine the future and determine important information about one’s life by studying the patterns and meanings of the stars and planets. In the Middle Ages, astrology was used by the royal courts in Europe and was seen as a valuable source of information.


In Phyllomancy, leaves are used to determine the future. For example, one can observe how leaves fall from trees, and the patterns they create are said to hold vital information. Another form of Phyllomancy is throwing leaves into water, and depending on how they land, one can indicate what is to come in the future.


Oomancy allows you to divine the future through observing the patterns created when a raw egg is thrown into a glass of water. The practice of Oomancy is also commonly used to determine the fertility of an individual and whether a woman is pregnant or will fall pregnant.


In the practice of Geomancy, one uses objects to create a pattern unconsciously, which is said to determine the future or a person’s current mindstate. The most common form of Geomancy is using a pen and paper, closing your eyes, and making dots on the paper with the pen. The pattern you create doing this is said to hold insightful information.


Have you ever tossed a coin to figure out the best course of action? If yes, then you have practiced Cleromancy. In this form of divination, an object is thrown, and depending on how the object lands, one can determine the best course of action to take.

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When practicing Ceromancy, the caster will melt wax into a water bowl. The shape formed by the wax determines the inquirer’s fate and essential information about their mental and emotional state.


In bibliomancy, a book or the bible is used, and the enquirer opens the book on a random page. The first thing the enquirer reads is said to behold an important message about the future, or it can be a valuable piece of advice or information that needs to be seen at that moment.

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