June 16, 2024
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6 Ways to Interpret the Synchronicities in Your Life

6 Ways to Interpret the Synchronicities in Your Life

I hope you enjoyed my previous article about synchronicity and that you have been keeping note of any significant occurrences that you have experienced since you read it?  If not feel free to begin to do so, remember that the more aware, open and present we are to magical events in our lives, the more frequently they will occur. ♥

This article may be used as a guide to interpret and gain a deeper understanding of the types of synchronicities you encounter in your life.

As always, please do contact me if you would like a deeper, more personal interpretation of your experiences.  I have been studying these subjects and listening to people’s personal stories for 20+ years and so I will have insights to share.

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1.  Hearing song lyrics

Most of us love music and something about the way it touches us can enhance our sensitivity and link easily to memories, visual experiences and moments of strong emotion.  In fact some music can   move us to the point where it emulates meaningful emotions in us.  It is natural that we are more moved by synchronicities that come about within music and actually this often does denote intervention from those on the higher planes.

We should pay attention to messages which come through lyrics, as they are often ways that our loved ones in spirit, guides, and guardian angels will communicate with us.  Words can be very concise and offer clear messages as to how we should deal with common dilemmas.  Their impact can be very powerful and often the messages will be around trusting in the path of the soul hence be upon subjects such as; love, spiritual purpose and direct messages of reassurance and connection from those who have passed.

2. Repeated names or word affirmations

This is a more mundane form of synchronicity where the outside work begins to link up to reaffirm your thoughts.  Contrary to popular belief, this is actually the least meaningful of the types of synchronicity, as anything you focus upon will come up to be reflected in the outside world.  The key is focus and you can test this out by thinking about something or some word very intensely on a regular basis.  I can guarantee that word will begin to manifest for you, and you, in turn, will have begun to use the basic preface of the Law of Attraction which is; like attracts like and whatever you put your energy into, will be reflected in your environment.  If you are trying to attract love, then imagine that you already are with the love of your life, etc.  It truly works and this form of synchronicity shows that your focus is starting to be noted.

3. Thinking of somebody, and then they contact you or appear

This is often genuine telepathy and not actually synchronicity at all.  Few people realize the power of their thoughts and that sometimes when we think of somebody, we actually tune in to their ethereal body.  In a busy, fast-paced world, although this energy will be noted on an esoteric level by the individual, it may be consciously ignored.  If however, they are open at the time you are thinking of them, or are generally more intuitive and aware of such energy, then it is not unusual for them to respond and reach out to you, or even emulate your movements and bump into you.

Usually, this kind of experience shows two people who are on the same wavelength and if it happens often with the same person, your similarity in energy shows spiritual compatibility between the two of you (which can also indicate a soulmate connection).

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If you regularly and specifically focus upon somebody and they never show any sense of tuning in or recognizing such, then it could be that they are less keen on you than you them, or simply that they are so bogged down with day to day thoughts that they are not ‘in tune’.  Either way, you are not ~currently~ inhabiting the same frequency and your energy would be better focused in a more meaningful direction.

4. Dreams about a specific person

Dreams can be very complex and will be the subject of an independent article.  To simplify though, dreaming of somebody unexpectedly may mean that they have been thinking of you, and your ethereal body has recognized such.  It may be a message that there is something that you should speak to this person about, or it could be genuinely random energies that are being processed and ‘tidied away’ in your subconscious as you sleep.

The hint that you need to reach out to this person, will often be from your own mind, rather than the source.  It can, however, be a form of a message from those passed, your guides or the angels.

Do please comment/contact me if you need to know the difference.

Either way, I do recommend contacting the person you dreamed about, and, if you know them well enough, telling them to contents of their dream.  Sometimes the information may be very meaningful to them, or you are being called to speak to them for a reason.

5.  Having the same ideas/inventions as others

When we become aware of our thoughts and our ideas being the same as others, we can begin to recognize the true meaning of ‘oneness’.  All energy really is connected, and it is only by witnessing this in the manner of having shared thoughts, ideas, and creativity that we can really understand how powerful this can really be.  The motorcar was conceived by different people at the same time, as was electricity and so many other life-changing inventions.  It is fair to say that the people worked as conduits of output, developing what was fated to inevitably occur, exactly when it did.

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If you start to study this more, it really is very profound, but links in very neatly with the astrological transits (as most things do).  The truth is we are channeling thoughts from other sources far more often than we realize, and so is everybody else! With this in mind, it goes to show how easy it is to influence others also!

It is also imperative, with this thought in mind, to stay humble, after all, if ideas often come from outside of ourselves, perhaps we should not take any credit as the inventor; rather as the channel?

6. The more common number patterns

These are often ways that your loved ones who have passed, your angels and your guides will communicate basic protective messages to you.  As so many people these days pay heed to such patterns, it is very effective as a way to get clear, helpful information across.  Unfortunately, these can be misinterpreted i.e. by people thinking 11:11 means you have met your twin flame.  It doesn’t, no sign can affirm this for you.

Here are the messages conveyed by numbers:

111, 1111 or 11:11 – whatever you were just thinking of was perfect for your path.  This number is one of affirmation that you are on the right track and that your soul is beginning to soar!

222, 2222 or 22:22 – romance is on its way to you, or somebody is trying to get closer to you.  If you are in a relationship, you are doing well.  Your guides are very happy with your progress.

333, 3333 or 33:33 – this is about balance and teamwork, you can achieve more with others, trust more and know that you need to broaden your vision just a little.

444, 4444 or 4:44 – the angels are watching you.  You are protected and loved. This is a number of structure and building, but also of long-term bonds and stability.  You are growing you are safe.

555, 555 or 5:55 – This is the magic number, and you are creating something powerful with your energy at this time.  Go out in nature and connect to the source energy.  You are sensitive right now.

666 or 6666 – Satan’s number?  Not at all! The 6 is a successful number.  Your work is recognized, your efforts are paying off.  Keep doing what you are doing, reward and gratification are imminent.

777 or 7777 – you are sensitive and creative and need to take some time out to rejuvenate.  This is telling you, you need to self-nurture and put yourself first for a while.  Love thyself.

888 or 8888 – Reaching the end and then letting go, the 8s tell us that a new phase is about to begin and that it’s okay to be sad about change, but that we are not alone, we are loved.

999 or 9999 – In the UK this is the emergency services number, and this has to be acknowledged symbolically.  However overall a 9 is a transcendence number, implying a sense of being connected to and comfortable with esoteric energies and spirits.  Meditate, it will serve you wonderfully!

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy.  Shalom and blessings~~~~~

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