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The Descendant

The Descendant – What You Seek in Others

When your full astrology chart is cast, it will be divided into 12 pie pieces called Houses.  These houses are determined by the time of your birth.  Whatever the sign of your Sun and the time of the day of your birth, the Sun will cross or have crossed the horizon in certain signs at dawn and dusk.  The degree the Sun activates at dawn is known as the Ascendant angle and the degree at dusk is known as the Descendant angle.  The Ascendant degree represents what you bring to relationships, while the Descendant degree represents what you seek from relationships.  This article will address the Descendant ruled by each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The 7th House – The Home of the Descendant

All houses in an astrology chart have natural sign rulership, a point that rules the house, an elemental quality, and a modality.  Libra is the sign that rules the 7th House, and Venus is the ruling point.  Therefore, the 7th House is an air house.  Since it is ruled by a cardinal sign, it is known as an angular House (modality).  Angular energy, like cardinal energy, initiates.  A person “initiates” their relationships in this house.

When an energy point resides in the domicile of the 7th House, that energy point is affected by the sign ruling the House determined by your birth time.  Astrologers and online programs will ask you to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  It is the birth time that determines the connection of the signs to the houses.  In my case, I was born at 9:39 pm Eastern Standard Time on April 12, 1968.  Therefore, my 7th House is ruled by the sign of Taurus. My approach to relationships is to seek partners who are reliable, secure, and persistent.

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Equally important is the placement of the Venus, indicating another area of life where relationships can form, and how, in your life.  My Venus is in Aries in my 6th House of day-to-day work.  Many of my relationships will form as “one-offs”, meeting people through my skills (doing tarot readings and astrology charts), but not necessarily lasting (Aries).  However, some clients and people do connect more persistently, and those people trigger the energy of my 7th House (Taurus) and form relationships that last for years.


The Descendant and the 7th House represent traditional marriage, not because of love, but because of the marriage contract.  Libra and the 7th House rule the law and the contracts/relationships people form with each other, whether they are professional or personal.  Your Descendant sign and degree help you understand who you need to connect with and what type of energy within people, you need for help while navigating the world around you.

Aries Descendant

Individuals who had or would have had the Sun pass through Aries at dusk seek teachers and guides who can help them function independently.  The need to learn about relationships as an energy that comes and goes.  New people are always coming in and old people are often leaving.  Aries Descendant individuals seek people who are present now!

Taurus Descendant

At the core Taurus Descendant individuals want partnerships to last and endure.  They are the most likely to stay in a relationship well past the expiration date.  They seek partners who are steadfast and can help them learn how to survive and persist.  While they do appreciate luxury, first and foremost they want their partners to be a source of stability, both financially and emotionally.

Gemini Descendant

Gemini Descendant individuals seek knowledge and communication from others.  They appreciate building a diverse network of people to connect with and share ideas and stories.  People who are highly intelligent, excellent communicators, who love to learn and explore will be the kind of partners these people seek.  They love to learn and want to meet people willing to teach them or learn with them.

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Cancer Descendant

Cancer individuals seek to learn lessons about compassion and connect with people through emotional vulnerability.  They seek people who are willing to share their feelings and help them nurture themselves.  Often these people can become “extended” family members by proxy; the brother from another mother or the sister from another mister.

Leo Descendant

Leo Descendant individuals want to engage with people who know how to have fun and who can teach them how to have fun.  Partnerships that are creative and playful mean the most to them.  These individuals like to be fans or have fans, whether in professional life or their personal life. Doing fun activities as a group if a favorite way for them to connect.

Virgo Descendant

Virgo individuals want others to teach them how to be of service.  They want life guides and partners who can teach them practical skills that they can use to be successful in life and at work.  Problem solvers will be attractive to these individuals; so, people who know how to fix broken items, invent solutions and see and correct flaws will be most helpful to them.

Libra Descendant

As an air sign, Libra Descendant individuals want to learn how to work as partners to solve problems and be successful in life.  They want others to ask them what they think and work with the idea that four hands are better than two and two heads are better than one.  They will constantly include you in decisions and want to be included.

Scorpio Descendant

Scorpio individuals want to connect with others who are “life-changing” agents; the people who transform others and help others through difficult personal transformation.  They bring the gift of stability through their Ascendant, so they seek help moving from old states of being into new ones from their partnerships.  They want to learn from people who manage or have managed death and rebirth situations.

Sagittarius Descendant

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider, seeks Indiana Jones. Christopher Columbus seeks Amelia Earhart.  Without a doubt, the Sagittarius Descendant individual wants a fellow adventurer in all partnerships, whether sharing business interests or just a love of travel.  The worldly-wise people will attract these individuals immediately.

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Capricorn Descendant

Capricorn Descendant individuals seek powerful partners; these people want to be part of a “power couple” dynamic regardless of gender.  Very much the “what have you done for me lately”, over-achieving mindset that wants to find others who can help with goal setting and personal/professional achievement.  Let’s build something successful together!

Aquarius Descendant

These individuals seek partners who are comfortable with being authentic and different from the norm.  If they happen to embrace the norm, then these people should be the best example of that norm.  Aquarius energy is idealistic and wants to learn from others who are idealistic, interested in the good of the community, and willing to embrace new visions for partnerships and connections.

Pisces Descendant

The feminine divine seeks the masculine divine and the masculine divine seeks the feminine divine. Pisces Descendant individuals seek partners who can elevate them spiritually, help them with their purpose, and find direction for their life vision.  They want to be shown the spark of the divine in each relationship and learn how to take leaps of faith where their trust will not be misplaced.

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