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Davison Chart Your Astrology as a Couple

The Davison Chart – Your Astrology as a Couple

Astrology has many uses and techniques; one of the most popular uses is synastry, which is the term to describe how two charts interact with each other.  We all have the same points in our charts: the Sun in a sign, the Moon in a sign, Mercury in a sign, and so on.  When we get together with someone our energy designs (our charts) interact.

This article is one of a series to look at the interaction of points between two people and explain how to interpret the dynamics between points in different charts.  A Davison chart is the singular chart you create as a couple when your charts are merged by calculating the midpoint between each of your locations of birth.

What is Synastry Astrology?

It is probably easier to show it visually rather than write a lengthy explanation.  Below you will see a single image of two charts, one on the inside and another going around the outside.  There are two images to show what the relationship looks like when person A is on the inside and person B is on the outside, then the reverse.

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Relationship B to A
Relationship A to B

These were randomly generated charts. As you can see, all the same points appear in different signs throughout the two charts.  When we look at them together, we have the chance to see the kinds of energy dynamics that will take effect when they form a connection, whether as lovers, friends, or family members.

Reading the Synastry of Two People

A fair amount of my work as a professional astrologer involves relationship chart reading, and I always start with the Moons and work my way through the other points.  Often clients, or people I meet in public, who find out I am an astrologer, will say something like, “I am a Leo and read somewhere that I should never date a Scorpio” or “I am a Leo and should only date fire and air signs, like Aries or Gemini”.  Then they ask, “Is that true?”

While it is true that some signs challenge one another and others flow, any sign can “get along” with another sign depending on the maturity of the individuals.  There are certainly plenty of examples of successful and happy Leo/Scorpio couples and failed Aries/Leo couples.  The signs do not guarantee success or failure, they just reveal how energy will generally interact in any relationship.

Please keep in mind that flowing energy is not the same as positive energy.  Flow occurs when two points aspect or align with each other in certain ways and close to the same degree.  For example, if I have my Mercury in Leo at 12 degrees and you have your Mercury in Aries at 13 degrees, our Mercurys will trine and easily flow since they are both in fire signs

That is great if we communicate well and positively with our fiery approach, but not so great if one or both of us chooses to be argumentative all the time, picking verbal fights constantly.  And no matter how problematic the communication energy between us, the flow will keep us communicating and trying to “win” our points whether the relationship is healthy or not.

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Combining Two Charts to Create One Chart

There are two main ways to combine astrology charts: the midpoint method, known as the Composite chart, and the geographic method, known as the Davison chart.  This article will focus on the Davison chart.  Below you will be able to see the Davison chart for Person’s A and B and the Location Map of their Midpoint in Space.  This chart reflects the energetic entity the two people become when they are together.  The Davison chart exists for any connection between two people, so there can be a Davison chart for parents and children, co-workers, and friendships.

The Davison Chart

Below is the Davison chart of the two charts above, as well as the map showing the midpoints in space:

Person A & B Davison Chart
Person A & B Davison Map Locations

When you combine the charts, the couple ends up with the Sun Leo at 14 degrees and 08 minutes in the 3rd House of Communication.  The combined Moon is 11d50m of Capricorn and the Ascendant is 21d00m of Gemini.  The Primary Triad for this couple could be stated as, “Their Life Path needs to be adventurous and filled with dynamic interactions with the people around them, as social leaders.  At the heart (Moon) of the relationship is the soul urge to succeed together as a couple.  People will perceive them together as open-minded and curious, the type of couple everyone likes to communicate with.”

The Couple Chart and Each Person

To do a complete and comprehensive reading for any two people, you want to look at the synastry charts – Person A to Person B and Person B to Person A, the combined charts – Composite and Davison, and the combined charts to Person A and Person B.  There are only minor differences between the Composite and Davison charts.

For Person A, the Moon in the Davison chart is right on top of Jupiter in the 7th House of Partnership.  The “heart” of this partnership will help Person A expand and connect with other people out in the world (7th House) and the people who will help Person A reach his or her goals (Capricorn).  Whether or not the relationship lasts, the emotional engine of the two of them together will drive up the ambition of Person A.  Since it is a conjunction, the process could be loving or challenging; either way, it will be significant.

For Person B, the Moon in the Davison chart is right on top of Neptune in the 8th House of Intimacy (and Shared Resources).  The “heart” of this partnership will help Person B understand and really “feel” his or her purpose (Neptune), especially regarding the relationship itself and how the two of them will achieve and succeed (Capricorn) together (8th House). 

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Lastly, sometimes a Davison chart “favors” one person more than the other, energetically speaking.  Considering the Davison chart with each person, there is a standout aspect favoring Person B.  The Sun of the Davison chart is conjunct the Jupiter of Person B’s natal chart in the 3rd House and in the Sign Leo.  In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the Greater Benefic, so having the relationship Sun pouring energy into Jupiter should really give Person B a strong boost whenever he or she is with Person A.

The Book on the Davison Technique

If you would like to read about this technique for calculating a Davison chart, then the book to get is Synastry: Understanding Human Relations through Astrology by Ronald Davison (1983). It can be purchased on Amazon.

Davison Synastry Book Cover
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