July 23, 2024
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7 Essential Tips to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

We are bombarded with information about how to use the Law of Attraction, so apologies if I am contributing to that.  I write because most of the information you come across is incomplete and this is why LOA hasn’t worked for you yet so far. 

Like most things in life; using the LOA is very simple, it is only the way us humans go about things that complicates them.  Here are 7 tips on how to de-clutter your mind and tap into the true nature of quantum attraction!

Tip #1: Be very clear and concise

To look at the most basic law of attraction; like attracts like.  In order to manifest anything in our lives, we need to be as clear as possible as to what it looks and feels like.  This is not to say that it is okay to try to interfere with another’s free will and ‘win back your ex’.  It means that if it is love you wish to manifest, write down the essential traits in your future partner, and imagine some of their features. 

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Most importantly, imagine and envisage how you feel when you are with them, it is the feeling that is the most powerful form of attraction and the feeling always needs to be love-based.

The same applies if you wish to manifest a job or a new home.  Write down the essentials and be as detailed as you can about what you want to create.

Again, it is integral that what you wish for does not have any effect on another’s free will. This will not only be ineffective; it will also bring controlling energy into your life too.

Tip #2: Create a routine

Whilst we should pay the most attention to the inception of a vision that we wish to manifest, we will be far more effective in manifesting if we create build-up the energy regularly. You may choose to spend 5 minutes a day or allocate some meditation time every week to re-focus upon your goal.  It could be that every time you are stuck in a traffic jam you decide to ‘step into’ the feeling of what it feels like to attain your goal and give thanks for it.

The more often you feel the energy you have allocated to what you wish to manifest, the more powerfully you will draw this into your life.

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Tip #3: Reflect your desire in the physical world

Thoughts are incredibly powerful and regular focus will have an amazing effect.  However, in order to utilize additional LOA energy creating a physical reflection of what you are manifesting will generate more impetus.  It could be that you make a scrapbook of anything that resembles what you are creating.  For instance, if you want to find love, photographs of happy couples, and togetherness will help.  Looking into having a little area of your home where you meditate and light incense, candles, and keep crystals will create a special space.  Keeping jade/money plants will always help for finances and the creation of additional incomes.

Be creative!  I’d love to hear about how you are working on your manifesting power.

Tip #4: Believe

Now, this may sound obvious, but it’s actually more complicated than you may imagine!  If you fully focus on believing that this outcome will (and already has) manifested, you may find those small areas of resistance start to arise.  After all, if we are not happy with what we experience in our lives currently, then it must mean that this dissatisfaction is a reflection of our current state and that we are reflecting what we feel we deserve, for whatever reason.

For instance, it may be that you wish to experience wealth and excellent cash flow, but that your current situation is one where you are short of money.

Why is that?  Perhaps you have some deeply held beliefs that rich people cannot be kind, or perhaps in your childhood, your parents would tell you that you were poor and would never be successful?

Most people find it difficult to ‘believe’ and have to dig deep to weed out blocks at this stage.  Don’t be disheartened, you will benefit so much from confronting your old fears and beliefs and you will succeed.  In fact.  You already have!

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Tip #5: Learn to use the present tense

In order to use the ‘like attracts like’ principle, you need to treat what you are trying to manifest as if it has already happened.  If you can fool your mind into believing that you have your heart’s desire in your life, then you are halfway there.  Giving thanks for successfully receiving your wishes on a daily basis, is another way to speed up the process.

You will always create more of what you recognize you already have, so watch out for how you casually phrase things in a conversation also.  If you want to be wealthy but you tell people you are ‘poor’ or ‘struggling’ then you will be creating exactly that, which leads to my next point.

Tip #6: Ensure you do not contradict yourself

You could spend every day working on the clearest manifestation, have the most vibrant pinboard of images backing up your wishes, and the best routine but if you spend the rest of the time thinking negative thoughts then nothing will come through for you.

The key to success with the LOA is observing everything you do, say, and think and ensuring that as much in so far as possible, you reflect your intentions all the time.

Remember, every thought is powerful and all of the energy, conversations, and actions in your life will be reflected back to you.  A real sense of self-discipline and awareness is required to create great outcomes and it’s not easy!  Hence, why so few people do achieve their dream life.  It is, however, possible for all of us, should be put the work in, to be mindful and focused in the correct area most of the time.  It’s not easy to control your thoughts though is it?  It will take practice.

Tip #7: Know your energy vibration & shadow side

Now, as I’ve already said, everything that we are transmitting will be reflected back to us.  That applies to unconscious programming, deeply embedded thought patterns, and energetic blockages also.  Although thought is one of the most powerful energetic transactions, we do send out other vibrations which have a very powerful impact also.

If you have low energy and vitality, due to depression, suppressed grief or a bad diet (for example) no amount of positive thoughts and actions ill nullify this.  The Universe will not be fooled if your overall approach is that of despondence, even if you do not have contrary thoughts as such, you will struggle to attract anything positive into your life.

Our shadow side, which connects to our energy, is just as powerful as our conscious!  Many have no idea of what they are actually projecting into their surroundings and for some, it can counteract a lot of the great work they do.

My follow-up article which explains how to integrate the shadow side using astrology will help you pinpoint and work on this.  In the meantime, asking those close to us to honestly describe how they perceive our energy may help.  If maybe that you come across as very unhappy, or a little too wired, or inattentive. 

You will need to put your ego aside if you want to learn the truth and make changes. It may be difficult to such personal truths, but if you have heeded all of the points above and your manifestations have not worked, then this is your final block to achieving ultimate success, wealth, and happiness.

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy.  Shalom and blessings~~~~~

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