July 23, 2024
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Law of Attraction Planner

How to Use Your Law of Attraction Planner Effectively

 “If you don’t know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere”,

This quote (from Henry Kissinger, American statesman), could be the guideline of this article about how to use a Law of Attraction Planner effectively!

As I told you in the last article “Understanding the Law of Attraction and How to Use It”, using this cosmic law is a really efficient way to change your life and to fulfill all your desires in any domain.

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Nevertheless, if you do not know how to use the Law of Attraction, you will not succeed, you will get lost, you will give up and might come back to your former unsatisfactory life… far more depressed because you could think that the Law of Attraction is not working. That is why you need a Law of Attraction Planner!

Using the Law of Attraction Effectively

Using the Law of Attraction effectively is not actually a matter of luck but of strategy. You need to stay motivated every year, every month, every week, every day and even every minute to achieve your goals through the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is not a magic wand from Harry Potter but a real process to a certified success if you follow its principles below. Otherwise, you will get lost in distractions, no longer know which path to follow, panic and, full of uncertainty, return to your old harmful habits.

A Law of Attraction Planner Will Help You

That is why you need a Law of Attraction Planner in order to stay on the right track to reach the success and happiness you are longing for.

The Law of Attraction is a strategy everyone can apply successfully over the long term but like every process or strategy, you have to follow a personal path by setting specific goals and planning them step-by-step.

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As most wealthy and famous people often state, in their own different ways: “success is not a question of luck but results from following a specific plan backed by strong motivations!”  By the way, using a Law of Attraction planner is the best way to be perfectly organized, to set your goals, and to stay focused on your final goal.  If you decide to apply the Law of Attraction without any organization as you go along, you will definitely give up sooner than later. If you use a regular planner, you will stay focused and be inspired every day till you reach your final goal and fulfill all your desires on the way. A planner is an ideal way to follow the path of success and achieve your goals, the space you need to be inspired and creative, write down ideas and new principles of life aiming to lead you to your dream life. Planning and following your yearly, monthly and daily goals will help you keep going on the right track for you, not wasting your time with useless distractions and far more important: stay motivated, avoid distractions, keep your motivations and your goal in mind.

You can design your own planner or you can find a lot of free printable planners online like the one below.


First of all, set your goals

Do not be too serious or shy when setting your goals, give free rein to your creativity, do not set excessively strict limits on them, otherwise your successes will be limited.

Once you have set your main goal, plan a step-by-step journey to reach it. Plan monthly, weekly and even daily goals and achieve them in due time.

After writing down your main goal and the step-by-step schedule to reach it, use the same planning techniques for the rest of your life.

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For example, you can set a goal in love, money, health, work, traveling or in whatever other desire you want to materialize in your daily life.

Then, write down to a step-by-step strategy for each of them and follow it. It is just as simple to succeed if you stick to this process. Try it now or as soon as possible.

Begin as soon as possible to use a Law of Attraction planner

The faster you will follow this tactic, the faster you will achieve your dreams. Use these tips to find your purpose in life, crafting your own vision, making a vision board, setting priorities, and sticking to positive habits. Setting up your appointments and scheduling your meetings and so on…

The only risk you take is to succeed and make finally your dreams come true, like finding love, becoming rich, finding a job, staying in good shape or healthy, or fulfilling all your wishes and desires!

This way, you will condition your mind for success and will get rid off bad habits preventing you to live your way.

Snap-in your planner all your notes, print as much as free planners you need online, upload and save them on your computer.

A Law of Attraction planner is really the best way to apply this everlasting cosmic law of happiness and to live a daily life filled with blessings!

With this planner, even if you are single of far from your loved ones, you will never walk alone on the path to happiness.

You can fill up your Law of Attraction journal with all your thoughts, feelings, desires, hopes, and wishes.

It is like a notebook, a friend, a life coach that will never betray you or disappoint you all rolled into one if you regularly follow your written plans. 

Get in sync with the universe

Of course, you should have positive intentions if you want the Law of Attraction to apply and be effective for you! This way, your planner can guide you and will keep you in sync with the universe to help you complete all related tasks and achieve your dreams.  Using a planner will always increase your productivity, your motivation, and your joy by keeping you aware of the path to follow towards your personal and ultimate goal. If in the beginning, you do not know your life’s purpose or how to reach it, do not worry. By setting a planner, you will quickly find answers to all your questions.

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