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Jupiter Direct After Retrograde

Jupiter Direct After Retrograde

Retrograde motion is an interesting phenomenon in astrology practice.  The term describes an optical effect that occurs when one body is moving faster than another body and from the “view of the faster body, the slower body to appear as if it is “moving backward.”  This periodic “change in perspective” means something interesting and useful in astrological practice. After a period of retrograde motion, the point will eventually return to direct motion, changing the perspective once again. This article will explore the retrograde to direct motion of Jupiter this August.


Jupiter is the point in the astrology chart that deals with expansion and exploration in our personal journey.  Wherever Jupiter resides in your chart by House tells you the area of life you will mostly like to expand in and want to explore.  The sign your Jupiter is in will tell you how you want to expand and explore.  Further, if you were born with Jupiter direct, stationary, or retrograde, you will have another level of understanding about your Jupiter.

In my case, Jupiter is in Leo in my 10th House of Career, and retrograde. A translation of this astrological sentence into more mundane language would be that I seek to earn my living (10th House) through some form of performance (Leo) that is “behind-the-scenes” (retrograde). Most of my professional life has been “performing” as a college English instructor (1992 to 2009) and now (since 2013) as a spiritual adviser using the tools of astrology and tarot/oracle cards.

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I have a “private” practice, and thanks to global communication through the internet, I work with clients from all around the world (Jupiter) from my home office in Cary, NC (retrograde). The tools I use are visually creative and imaginative (Leo) – astrology charts and tarot/oracle cards – which require me to “perform” for clients when doing a reading for them (Leo). Each sign, house, and motion of Jupiter will indicate how you prefer to expand and explore in the world.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, and will ingress into Capricorn on December 3, 2019.  It spends approximately 1 year in each sign and completes its cycle every 12 years.  Those cycles play significant roles in our development when we consider the ages 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60.  At 12 we pass from childhood to adolescence, then at 24 (hopefully) from young adulthood to full adulthood. 36 should be a period of peak performance, operating with a fullness of life. 48 should be the time we are reaping the rewards of the hard work between 24 and 48 while 60 offers us the time to think about sharing our wisdom with our community and the wider world.

Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius, so it is currently in its strongest position.  And since Sagittarius deals with beliefs, philosophy, and authority, this period of time can be one of the intense feelings about what we believe in and why.  As with any astrological point and placement, energy is neutral, so how it manifests in the world depends on how we choose to use it and where it is applying to our charts.

For example, Sagittarius rules my 2nd House of Personal Resources and Finances.  During this retrograde period, I have redone my will, reorganized my home, and revamped my website to reflect better my approach to the work I do with clients.  Under this part of the transit, it is not unusual to have more money going towards necessities than fun, which is why it is important to have savings while Jupiter is retrograde in this area of my chart.  If Jupiter is moving through someone’s 4th House of Family, changes in beliefs regarding the family would be emphasized. If it is in the 7th, then issues related to relationships.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter went retrograde on April 11, 2019, at 24 degrees and 21 minutes.  While retrograde we can expect more conservative beliefs to rise up and challenge us to decide how we want to move forward when the energy returns to direct motion.  We may find travel impeded or slowed, maybe even blocked in some cases.  Persistent effort or resigned patience, or a combination of the two, is usually required to make it through positively during this phase.

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I always like to look at the Sabian symbol for a change in motion. Sabian symbols are meaningful values assigned to each degree of the Zodiac by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and psychic Elise Wheeler.  Since Jupiter went retrograde at 24d21m of Sagittarius, the Sabian symbol would be 25 Sagittarius. The phrase for this degree is “a chubby boy on a hobbyhorse”.

Jones writes, “This is a symbol of the ambition by which man ultimately manages to leave his immortal stamp on the world around him, here dramatized by his desire for fullness of living and perfection of accomplishment”. The keyword is EMULATION (The Sabian Symbols, 235).

It is the perfect time to reflect on your purpose in life and how well you are achieving or have achieved that purpose. And, if you are not on track, then this period of time is excellent for shifting your life in the direction you feel like you need to go.

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter will go direct on August 12 at 14d30m in Sagittarius.  Before it does it will enter the stationary period on August 10 and 11 and appear to be “stopped” in the sky.  The move back to direct motion will be most welcome since Jupiter prefers to be moving and expanding without restriction or limits. Expect “clogs” to unclog and expansion to flow but be mindful of overdoing.  Jupiter likes to indulge, and the retrograde phase usually shows us where we have “gone overboard”.

The Sabian symbol is 15 Sagittarius and the phrase for this point is “the groundhog looking for its shadow”. Jones writes, “This is a symbol of the creative interest of man in the immediate set or drift of the potentialities on which he must depend”.  The keyword is REASSURANCE (The Sabian Symbols, 225).  We should “get back” to our core beliefs in the retrograde phase and forge forward again when the energy goes direct.

Lastly, each point that goes from direct to retrograde completes the full retrograde process once the point returns to the same degree on which it went retrograde, in this case, 24d of Sagittarius.  That will not happen until November 6, 2019.  Until then, Jupiter is said to be “in the shadow”.  Full forward movement will take place at that time.

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In short, the retrograde phase is designed for you to review your deepest beliefs and the direct phase is about acting on and living the beliefs you have reviewed during the retrograde time.

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