June 13, 2024
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Psychic Impact of Social Distancing

The Psychic Impact of Social Distancing

Psychic energy is part of our daily lives.  We emit our own psychic field and we bump into and interact with the psychic fields of others.  We both gain energy and lose energy in our interactions depending on the nature of our psychic field and the fields of the people around us.

In our modern and heavily populated world, constant interaction is, or was, normal.  The arrival of COVID19 and its aggressive spread around the globe changed social norms dramatically.  The change is likely to persist, and some changes will become permanent.  This article will look at the psychic impact of social distancing as a shift in the psychic energy of individuals, communities, and the planet.

The Personal Psychic Field (Your Aura)

We all emit psychic energy and some practitioners can see the energy field around us and refer to it as our aura.  Auras have different colors to match different energy coursing through our bodies.  Our aural field is both consistent and flexible.  If you do not have the talent to see your aural field, special photography exists that can capture the psychic field you emit.

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If you get your aura photograph done regularly, say once a year, you will probably notice a consistent color from year to year, as well as variations that can reflect changes or pressures on your aura field at the time of photography.  My partner had her photograph taken yearly and her colors were consistently blue, then she got pregnant.  Her aural field changed dramatically during the pregnancy, then again, and permanently, after the birth of our daughter.

This example is a fundamental one when thinking about social interaction and psychic energy.  My partner had an emerging psychic being inside her, sharing the psychic field.  When our daughter was born, the fields became distinct and our family shared three psychic fields.  The arrival of our daughter changed the psychic dynamic between my partner and me.

Psychic Field Interactions (Socializing)

Family psychic fields are among the most powerful; romantic interaction is often just as intense, but in a distinctly different way.  Besides the psychic energy intermingling with family and romantic partners, we encounter energy at different degrees of intensity simply going about our daily business.  If we look at the energy patterns in our life, we may notice we prefer shopping in certain stores or walking through certain parks because we like the psychic energy of the people in those places.

The reverse is also true.  Some interactions and places cause us psychic distress and discomfort.  This psychic distress harms us when we cannot avoid the disturbing people and places for one reason or another, such as a family member or job you cannot easily quit.  Hardest of all is an abrupt disruption of our routine, even if we are routinely experiencing psychic difficulty.  On the whole, humans prefer psychic consistency above almost any other form of psychic experience.

Social Distancing

The new social change in how we interact with other people has been a sudden and jarring change, requiring us to adjust our psychic patterns and feel deep shifts in our individual aural fields.  Whether we can socially distance with ease or not, practically speaking, we are acutely aware of the need to socially distance which strongly impacts our psychic field.  In fact, social distancing is making us aware of social proximity and what that means in each of our lives.

The personal and global psychic DNA is being rewritten by the pandemic and our efforts to pass through it with the choices we make individually and the decisions of government leadership.  Such comprehensive change to our physical movement and daily patterns is profoundly difficult on our psychic fields, which rely heavily on consistency and predictability.  The longer the social distancing and unpredictability of the spread of the virus, the harder our psychic fields have to work to maintain integrity.

Coping with Social Distancing

We are social by design in order to fulfill a spiritual contract to learn about interaction with all the other people on the planet with us.  We are now aware of “the other” in such an acute way that proximity and what it means is now an issue for everyone.  There will be a new normal, but we, as a whole, are still in the transitional phase from the norm of 2019 to the new norms of 2021.  This year is the unsteady, shaking bridge between the two.

In order to keep our psychic fields intact and knowing that much of the integrity of our psychic fields rely on social interaction, it is important to have new social strategies to close the distance in alternative ways.  Technology offers many tools for social interaction that can be used frequently.  Some form of video chat as well as the tried and true phone call, used regularly, can help mitigate the strain of physical social distancing.  Texting and emailing regularly help as well.

Meeting with others under the guidelines of social distancing, as strange as it may seem now, to sit a certain distance apart, with a face mask or face covering, is another important way to keep our psychic energy connected to important people in our lives.  One adaptation we can expect is an effort to stretch our psychic fields over a greater distance to make the psychic contact we need and want.

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A New Normal

While societies make the effort to create and adjust policies to live in a new world order shaped by the virus, each of us as individuals will have to decide what the new normal will be in our personal lives, based on the choices we can make and the restrictions we face living in a particular part of the world under certain leadership.  Recognizing that we have a psychic field and it is important, even vital, that our psychic energy gets nutrition from our interactions with others, we must work hard to adjust.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”.  You can, and we will invent solutions for this dramatic change in our daily behavior.  Most of human life is constructed.  Many of the things we think of as fundamental, such as a handshake, are just constructs that, over time, became normalized.  Social distancing will throw many of our norms in stark relief, so we can judge them and determine what we can keep, what needs to go, and what new solutions will be necessary.

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