July 14, 2024
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Aries Zodiac Color

Aries Zodiac Color

“I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red” – Maria Sharapova (Aries Sun) 

Aries individuals are passionate and fiery. Possessing a direct and to the point nature with a strong vitality, they love to stand out and grab attention. It is very beneficial for their mindset if they surround themselves with the colors that empower them.

Aries is ruled by the red planet Mars, which represents great energy as it moves fast and it also represents the direct action that an Aries possesses. Red is a color that grabs our attention 1st and tells us “Look here!” and that is something an Aries will strive to do! It has a physical effect on us, and the red color is used to enforce messages into us such as stop, or do not go here. This is a very good representation of the direct and persuasive nature that an Aries has. They also have a big capacity to love, and as you know, the color of love is red!

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Aries Zodiac Color Guide

The Aries wardrobe

Most Aries people are rather sensitive when it comes to clothing and will usually have a wardrobe of well-selected matching items. They do not usually waste their money on unnecessary accessories and adornments. When updating their wardrobes, they must be sure to add additions of red and white items. Red hairstyles also make them stand out and suit them very well!

Aries Females – White and red dresses are the best for them! We all know there is nothing as eye-catching as a woman in a lovely red dress. It accentuates their feminine natures and gives the idea of a collected and direct personality, with tons of confidence. Red eyeshadows suit them well, and bright red bold lipstick is something they can pull off without any struggles!

Aries Males – Red sporty shoes and sneakers are most likely some of their favorite footwear. They love to look sporty to represent how active they are. Red jackets look great on them, and when they pair it with a white shirt, they can look ultra-trendy!

The Aries home

Aries people like to keep their decor simple, yet effective and stylish. Plain white walls with red paintings and decorations will give them the right kind of feel they are looking for in their home environment. Bedding with the main color scheme of red and white will ensure they remain calm and rested. It is a tendency for Aries individuals to paint their walls red, however, this is best avoided as it can result in built up anger. Plain red and black bedding and couches should also be avoided, and should always have white additions, such as pillows.

The Aries workspace

Most people won’t have much of a say how their work environment is decorated, but those who do can really make use of color coding to enhance their productivity. In the office, white desks will aid Aries individuals in keeping their mind clear. A reception with black or white couches and red pillows will add to a modern feel, and simple modern decor focused on the red and white color scheme is well suited. It is best to keep things simple and avoid too many distractions for the eye!

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The Aries car

You have surely seen that red Ferrari or Porsche and thought to yourself “Damn! That is a fine piece of machinery right there!”. The person driving that red, attention-grabbing vehicle was most likely an Aries or has strong Aries influences in their natal chart. Just like they like to stand out, they want to stand out everywhere, especially in traffic and on the road! They will always make sure their vehicle is shining and clean, as they have a sense of pride in their public image, and your vehicle is a representation of you. White cars with red covered seats are also very suited for the Aries personality!

Colors to avoid

Darker colors such as black and brown will result in a more serious mindset. Avoiding these colors will aid in their overall wellbeing and efficiency in their daily tasks, as it can be challenging to stand out when they are wearing colors that make them blend in. Aries individuals generally have a challenging time adhering to authority, and dull uniforms can discourage their spirits. An Aries should always strive for a career where they are able to express themselves.

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