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Higher Chakras Series Spirit Chakra

Higher Chakras Series: Exploring the Spirit Chakra

Learning how to utilize the energy from your Spirit Chakra may profoundly change your life! The Spirit Chakra is the ninth chakra and it is the second chakra in the Higher Chakras. The Higher Chakras are located in the aura, the energy field that extends outside your physical body. Your Spirit Chakra helps you communicate with the spiritual realm of your energetic being. Let’s explore the Spirit Chakra in more detail and how it may benefit you.

Where Is the Spirit Chakra?

In most people, the Spirit Chakra is located about twelve above the crown of the head. However, in some people who have an exceptionally large aura, the Spirit Chakra may be located eighteen inches or more above the head. It is located between the Soul Star Chakra and the Universal Chakra.

What Is the Spirit Chakra and Why Is It Important?

When you hear a little voice inside your head telling you what to do or to stop doing what you’re doing and change course, that may be angels, light beings, or ancestors communicating with you through your Spirit Chakra. This is potentially an example of accidentally accessing your Spirit Chakra without actually purposefully doing so. It may also be a spirit being that is motivated to get a message to you, they find a way, perhaps a deceased parent or grandparent.

When you have what many people perceive as “intuitive thoughts,” it may actually be your spirit guides reading the karmic energy of your past lives and helping you avoid a problem in your current life by applying the lessons learned in another life. If you want to hone your access to this bountiful wisdom, you will need to learn how to more consistently access and fine-tune your Spirit Chakra.

If you earn a “passport” to your Spirit Chakra, it may expose you to knowledge, experiences, and powers you have never dreamed of before. Lucid dreaming may become second nature when you take an afternoon nap. Daydreams may turn into out of body travel to exotic places which gives you new insight. Telepathy may even become possible. Some people who have a strong connection to their Spirit Chakra can actually sense other people’s auras and interact with them in purposeful ways!

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Psychics tend to have a very active Spirit Chakra and the ability to open and close this powerful chakra at will. In other words, they don’t just access their Spirit Chakra at random times. They can actually control it precisely, or at least more precisely than most. However, for the average person, it’s usually best to be more flexible and just go with a more natural flow when accessing the deep ancient wisdom through the Spirit Chakra. Without the guidance of a psychic, or another medium, most people have the best luck accessing wisdom through their Spirit Chakra when they meditate.

The Spirit Chakra can help you find your own best goals and real purpose in life, rather than following what other people have in mind for you. For example, your parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends, bosses, counselors, or religious leaders may be pushing you toward one particular path. However, this may not be your Divine purpose or your most natural or best-suited pathway. Accessing your Spirit Chakra and other Higher Chakras can give you more clarity in this department and help you find the pathway in your life that gives you the most fulfillment. Exploring your goals and purpose by opening your Spirit Chakra more may also help you find a path for which you are more naturally gifted.

The Spirit Chakra Can Be a Blessing For Creative Types

The Spirit Chakra can be a source of extraordinary inspiration and revelation. When other humans impress us with an extraordinary talent — WHEN THEY REALLY IMPRESS US — they are getting the energy they need for that talent to shine from their Spirit Chakra. Think of a street musician playing from the soul without any sheet music. It’s unlike anything anyone has ever heard and it draws a big crowd. People are so moved by the street musician’s music they stand in silent awe, completely oblivious to all the other city sounds around them. Where does this transcendental music come from? Some say special music like this comes from the soul but perhaps it may be more accurate to say it comes from the Spirit Chakra.

Poets who write in lyrical verse that sings melody from the written page are said to have a special way of viewing the world and capturing its fundamental essence in the artistry of language. These talented writers may receive inspiration via their Spirit Chakras. Painters, who with strokes of a paintbrush, create an image that is so moving it brings onlookers to tears, may also be accessing their Spirit Chakra, albeit probably unaware of this. Theoretical scientists who conjure a new way of thinking that radically transforms the existing paradigm may also be accessing their Spirit Chakra without even knowing it. Art and science blending through the access of the Spirit Chakra.

How Do Psychics Use the Spirit Chakra?

When a psychic works with her client, she must first ground herself and open her own chakras. If she chooses to specifically open her Spirit Chakra, this can allow her to be a better conduit for angel readings, Akashic readings, soul readings, and communicating with the departed. Likewise, a psychic can help her client open her Spirit Chakras too, often without even telling the client what she’s doing as it sometimes works better that way. It’s important too at the end of the reading that she close both her own Spirit Chakra and her client’s Spirit Chakra. Tarot readers, who use psychic energy to work as well, may also open and close their own Spirit Chakra as well as their clients.

The Soul Star Chakra and the Spirit Chakra Work Hand and Hand

The first chakra of the Higher Chakras is the Soul Star Chakra. It is usually located about six inches above the crown of the head. The Spirit Chakra is located above the Soul Star Chakra and is the next one up from the Soul Star Chakra. While the Soul Star Chakra may open a person up to the 4th dimension and all the amazing possibilities this extends, it’s the Spirit Chakra that takes all this ethereal energy and creates a purpose from it! Thus, it’s important for you to work on all your Higher Chakras at the same time in order to receive the greatest benefit from doing so.

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to accessing your Spirit Chakra. Some people read a book on Higher Chakras and see a step by step “how-to” list but then get frustrated when going through the motions of the list doesn’t work for them. Gaining wisdom through your Spirit Chakra isn’t like a talk with your grandparents or an older friend. It can happen in a much more abstract way and you just have to be open to the effect of the experience more than a direct precise message. The good thing is when you stop trying to force it, and stop trying to do it a certain way, and just relax and allow yourself to be receptive, you’ll often find it just happens — suddenly you have an epiphany!

There are artists that make no plan whatsoever before they start a new project. A sculptor may start with a big block of their favorite medium and just start carving or chiseling. You may hear them say things like, “I let the wood speak to me and this is what I came up with.” Super talented artists, perhaps without even knowing it, may naturally have more highly refined Higher Chakras and with a very active Spirit Chakra.

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