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Karmic Reason for Earth Moon Signs Part 3

The Karmic Reason for Earth Moon Signs – Part 3

If you have been following the Moon sign series, you would have read about the fire sign Moons in the second part of the series. And those who have fire Moon signs are quite passionate on an emotional level. However, the Moon signs they have are the result of past life ties and karma. In the third part of the series, the focus will be on earth Moon signs.

The Brief Overview of Earth Moon Signs

As you know, the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Those who have earth Moon signs have a practical side to them. They may communicate in a matter-of-fact nature and they do have a preference to be in a routine. Especially those who have a Moon in Taurus as they are the ones who need the most stability in their lives. Those who have earth Moon signs have them for a karmic reason.

These individuals that have the earth Moon signs have an emotional tie to anything that is tactile or practical. That is because of having a strongly impactful issue that happened in the previous life that is affecting them on an emotional and karmic level today. And anything that is karmic will also have a strong effect on emotions. Let’s now go over each of the earth Moon signs to examine what each one is all about, the past life connection, and what impact they have on the native. The first Moon to examine is Taurus.

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Moon in Taurus

If your Moon is in Taurus, you may have a very strong attachment to materialism. This could create stress for you, since you may be the type to collect clutter which can stand into the way of finding success. Examples of clutter may be excess possessions that do not serve you, excess weight, excess ties to past emotions that no longer serve you. Possibly, your mother may have been very practical or earthy. In your last life, your need for material security was strong. An example that could explain that you have this emotional need is that you were starved in your previous life. Or maybe you were extremely poor or was homeless. That was the most traumatic experience for you to endure and carried the emotion with you which created an attachment or fear of letting go of materials.

That can present as having an unhealthy relationship with food in addition to continuing to have problems with keeping your home cluttered even well into adulthood. You may have a hard time getting rid of their possessions and may potentially struggle with hoarding as well. There is just that underlying fear of losing possessions which is why it is typical for those who have a Taurus Moon to just need ‘things’.

However, there are some positive traits that those with the Taurus Moon have as well. Those who have a Taurus Moon can develop a positive relationship with the environment around them. An appreciation and love for the environment may have developed in a previous life as well.

Going for walks or meditating outdoors can be extremely beneficial for those with a Taurus Moon to connect with their soul, and to feel more at peace. They can also easily develop an affinity for organic food and cooking. They may have an inclination to help make a positive contribution to environmental matters, such as finding ways to inspire others to keep the environment clean by not littering. That is one example. The next Moon sign is Virgo.

Moon in Virgo

If you have a Virgo Moon, you are definitely a hard worker who is focused on health and routine. There is a risk of becoming a workaholic with this Moon placement. Your mother may have encouraged you to work hard or may have been an obsessive cleaner. You may also experience karmic illnesses from a lack of proper hygiene. Funny enough many of those with this placement have an extreme fear of illnesses and feel compelled to exercise and eat well. It is quite possible that in your previous life you had contracted an illness and died quickly from it. It was quite common for that to happen for obvious reasons.

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Maybe perhaps you lived in less than ideal living conditions where there was dirt around you even if you did not catch any illness. But the impact of it was strong enough to have an effect on your soul memory. That is how you would have ended up with being born with a Virgo Moon.

Those with a Virgo Moon are very detailed oriented. Since Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, writing or journaling is healing. Gemini leaves out details whereas Virgo concentrates only on details. Writing out your emotions in detail would be healing. You could be an inspiration for those who realize that their health needs improvement by adopting better lifestyle changes. Since Virgo is a sign that is also very service-oriented, it is not a surprise that you’d have a need to help others and teach them about staying clean and healthy. The next moon sign to talk about is Capricorn.

Moon in Capricorn

If you have a Moon in Capricorn, you were conditioned to believe that suffering, hard work, and religion was placed above your personal enjoyment. Therefore, you tend to either overwork yourself or not engage in activities for leisure purposes because you believe that you are not allowed to experience joy. Many times, children who have this Moon were forced to give up their childhood and take on many responsibilities.

It could be due to either having an ill parent and you had to help out excessively. Perhaps the other reason could have been you had a very strict upbringing. If you were raised to work, and you worked since you were a child (child labor) and never had a chance to experience life as a child, you would have never known what joy really felt like.

In your previous life, you may have only been able to work and not catch a break due to a lack of money. Maybe you were part of a culture where all that was done was work and they’re very little fun and play. You may have worked literally day and night, as it may have been on a farm or a factory of some sort. The feeling of never experiencing joy left a huge karmic imprint on your soul at the time of your death in your last life. Many of those who have a Capricorn Moon end up realizing that it is okay to experience the joy of some kind after they reach middle age, or after raising a family.

The positive thing that can come from having a Capricorn moon is that others can be inspired to work hard at achieving their goals by your presence. Especially if the Capricorn moon has some positive aspects to planets such as expansive Jupiter or even strict Saturn.

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One thing to also remember about the Moon signs is that the native may be impacted more positively when it comes to the Moon having easier aspects to other planets. For instance, if someone has a Moon in Taurus and has a trine to Saturn, they may not struggle with hoarding. They will certainly take pride and cherish their possessions and will still not want to let them go.

They may even still feel anxiety on some level about getting rid of the possessions that are not usable. However, they will also be quite responsible with their possessions. They are less likely to clutter up their homes as well. That really also depends as well on how strongly some situations that happened in their previous lives impacted them.

Remember as well that even though the Moon may have easy aspects to make some areas of their lives easier, there are always difficult aspects as well to other planets. There will always be a struggle that the native will have on some level and in some areas of their lives. The next group of Moon signs to discuss in the next part of the series are the air Moon signs and the karmic reasons for natives to have those.

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