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Understanding the Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction and How to Use it

No matter who you are, where you live, your level of intelligence, your financial situation – even if you are poor – you can put the Great Secret to use: the Law of Attraction that can completely and radically change your life, make all your dreams come true, and finally lead the kind of life you’ve been dreaming about.

To that end, you should learn and use the secrets unveiled in this article about the Law of Attraction. Test it and believe in its power and it will perform miracles in your existence just like it did for thousands of other people all over the world for centuries: from the most famous stars to the most ordinary people! Understand the Law of Attraction and learn to use it right away!

The Origins of the Law of Attraction

Its origin can be traced back to the dawn of time. Since those distant times, it has held various names, but the Law of Attraction has never disappointed anyone who practiced it with the right state of mind.

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The most ancient written pieces of evidence came from the Ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. The Law of Attraction has such a power of transformation over any single existence that many people have tried to keep it for themselves, forbidding its use among other human beings, or even trying to destroy any written evidence… in vain!

The Universal law that governs our life

Indeed, this Law of Attraction cannot be destroyed for it is a universal law that rules over the universe and the world and has done so for eons.

This Law of Attraction is not a human invention, it is an eternal cosmic law, and this is why it can never be destroyed, or hidden, or forgotten…

It is shared via an invisible and subtle current, in other words: as positive vibrations from one mind to another, or through people of goodwill meeting one another, through the sharing of spiritual teachings, and even in books… this is why it is invulnerable and so strong.

If you practice it as described below, it could bring you ANYTHING: wealth, luck, love, faithfulness, health, and so much more depending on what you wish for…

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Provided, of course, that your intentions are positive and meant to do good in this world, either in your favor or on behalf of others that you wish to help one way or another!

It can truly perform miracles in your life and lead you on a completely different path from the one you are following today!

It can make any of your wishes come true and ensure and your dreams will become a reality soon and in a long-lasting way!

You might tell me it’s “Too Good to be true!”

… And I would understand it, especially if you dislike your current existence, and particularly if you have already tried everything else, or if you have unsuccessfully tested several methods with fleeting results if any.

I am not asking you to take my word for it, but to actually apply the Law of Attraction. I will not even try to convince you how true and effective it is, because my conviction cannot falter.

Each one of the thousands or even millions of people who practiced it with a positive and open mind was but an additional piece of evidence about it. Give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed!

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You may find numerous evidence and testimonials about its efficiency online, so I will go straight to the point so that you might apply it as soon as possible!

What is the Law of Attraction?

To speak plainly: the Law of Attraction is the ability to materialize your thoughts into your life through words and actions so that your wishes might come true in the world.

The four phases to apply the Law of Attraction are simple:

  • Express your dream
  • Visualize it
  • Act as if it is your current reality
  • Take massive action in order to make it happen.

You can be or have anything you want to be or have through this cosmic law… depending on the way you think. In other words, you attract vibrations of a nature similar to your own thoughts.

If you have negative thoughts, you attract negative vibrations that materialize through negative ideas, words, and actions.

As a consequence, you cannot improve your lot in life, you will only meet people that will oppose your plans, and experience difficult situations…

Conversely, if you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive vibrations that will help you to improve your existence and get what you want: money, love, luck, health, a job… or to grant any other wish you might want to see materialize in your existence.

As such, the Law of Attraction stands at the core of the practice of positive thinking, itself a very effective method that inspired several paths of personal development, spiritual teachings, and religions…

What happens when you are not practicing the Law of Attraction?

Truth be told, it could be said that you are unknowingly practicing the Law of Attraction in a currently negative way if you are not satisfied with your life right now.

Indeed, if the Law of Attraction is the ability to generate thoughts that are of a similar nature to your own thoughts, then if you do not have the kind of existence that you want it means that you are generating negative thoughts that have noxious consequences on your existence.

No need to feel guilty about it, resent it, or underestimate yourself because you did not know about, or rather you did not know you were (unintentionally) practicing the Law of Attraction in a negative way! Now you know about it and it is not too late to put things back in order!

For instance, if you want to be rich but think that it is hard to get a lot of money, or that you won’t ever be able to do it, these negative thoughts – which I will call “poisons of the mind” – will generate thoughts, words, and actions that will prevent you from earning more!

If you are looking for love but think that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not intelligent enough, not smart enough… to find someone, or that no one could be interested in you… then you will generate thoughts, speak words, and do things that keep you away from your ultimate goal.

Your negative thoughts will materialize in many different ways: you will walk past people you might be interested in without noticing them, and they won’t notice you… You will miss or forget about your dates with people you are interested in, won’t find the courage to talk to them, or fail in your seduction attempts. You will not express your feelings; your relationships will be short-lived… All these negative events will stand in your way toward the romantic life of your dreams.

Another example: if you want to see one of your wishes granted, but do not truly believe it cannot be done, Lady Luck will not come to you or will turn away from you.

You will then think that you can never be lucky, and as a consequence, bad fortune will stick to you like glue!

What is happening when you are practicing the Law of Attraction?

All of this will be a distant memory if you consciously and positively start using the Law of Attraction from now on!

Practicing the Law of Attraction will be easy for you if you believe in it and regularly put it into practice. You could then quickly achieve astonishing results.

Start by asking for the fulfillment of wishes that are simple to achieve, then ramp up the difficulty by relying on your past successes.

Indeed, it might take quite some time to turn your current state of mind – the one that did not bring you what you expected out of life – into a positive mindset that will ensure your success in any domain.

Here are three examples about wealth, love, and luck that can illustrate this principle and will be developed in my next articles, but if you put them into practice they will already set you on the path of the materialization of the enrichment of your ideal love life and of your dreams.

To that end, you simply need to think almost the polar opposite of your current state of mind in one, two, or even all three domains if you have not met your goals in these aspects yet.

Law in attraction for money

The easiest way to get rich is simply to believe that you can be it and that there is no reason for you not to achieve it.

Many people have gotten rich regardless of their social class, environment, origin, or initial level of intelligence… Getting rich is not a question of favorable prior conditions but is rather a state of mind.

So, trust that you can get rich and dispel any thought that might push you to shatter third belief. The flow of negativity will soon dry out and be replaced with ideas all full of belief that you will get rich!

For example, if you want to get rich but think that it is hard to get rich, or that it is forever out of reach for you… these negative thoughts that I call “poisons of the mind” and that will generate thoughts, words, and actions preventing you from earning more money!

So put the four phases described above into practice in order to benefit from the Law of Attraction for anything related to wealth.

  • Express your dream: to get rich, the amount you would like to earn…
  • Visualize it: imagine how you could reach your goal.
  • Act as if it were your current reality: behave as if you were already rich.
  • Take massive action in order to make it happen: do whatever you can to get rich

Law of attraction in love

If you want to find love, to succeed in your seduction attempts, to have a long-lasting relationship… then the Law of Attraction may also be quite profitable for you.

You should convince yourself, for example, that no matter your current physical appearance, the strength of mind, and current situation – even if you have been single for a long time – there is someone, somewhere, that is meant just for you!

Tell yourself that there is no reason for you not to find love if you know how to listen to your significant other, to be genuinely interested in the partner you are drawn to, and if you go out of your way to meet their own needs.

Then just like below, go through the four steps of the Law of Attraction related to love:

  • Express your dream: falling in love, finding the right person…
  • Visualize it: imagine how you could reach your goal,
  • Act as if it is your current reality: behave as if you were already in love,
  • Take massive action in order to make it happen: do whatever you can to meet your goal.

Manifest your dreams with the Law of Attraction

If you want to achieve your own goals, you truly need to believe that you can materialize them in your everyday life.

Start with a wish that seems easy to grant but is still quite dear to you. Indeed, the easier the goal will be, the more you will have a chance to think positive thoughts.

These will draw proactive positive vibrations from the universe to you, and they will turn into ideas, words, and events that will facilitate the fulfillment of your desires. You will succeed if you follow the four pillars of the Law of Attraction.

  • Express your dream: write down the desire you want to fulfill and think about it every day…
  • Visualize it: imagine how you could reach your goal,
  • Act as if it were your current reality: behave as if your desire were realized,
  • Take massive action in order to make it happen: do whatever you can to reach your goal.

Every day you should think positive thoughts about that dream in question, telling yourself that you can materialize it in your everyday life and that it will eventually happen if you genuinely believe this.

Never have doubts about the fulfillment of this help, because even if you do not really believe it, your desire will not manifest or will move away from you. 

The Law of Attraction, Use it effectively now

You now have all the required principles to effectively use the Law of Attraction. You know how to use it effectively.

Keep practicing until our next article where you will learn to plan your own path leading to the life of your dreams.

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