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Women of the Earth Element

Meet the Women of the Earth Element!

Equipped with the nature of being solid and firm on their believes, actions, and ideas. The women of the earth element are steady as a mountain. These 3 women represent the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The article picks the mind of the readers to understand the 3 women of the earth element.

The Earth Element

The earth element is one which is designated for being crafty and conserving. Also, earth element’s women are highly connected to the senses. All of them are very sorted out and considerate of what they do. Being mindful of what they say and do makes them ideal partners in every group. Apart from this, they are all always staying down to earth minding their own business.

Taurus Women

This sign of the earth element is probably the most practical of the lot. Taurus may seem like a sign which has no interest in anything productive at all. But in the case of Taurus that is not true. They are known for being the ones who are always up to being active. Making things work is the trait of a Taurus woman.

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Some Taurus women would find themselves engulfed by the professions of craft. As they are interested in design, engineering, and many more things that make them look priceless for their employers. Crafts add a separate flavor to their personality which lets them be adventurous with the things they try.

In extreme cases, which means the worst-case scenarios, a Taurus is famous for being a self-absorbed person, the bull-headed person who is known for overdoing it with food. Building something useful is what differentiates them from the lot.

Virgo Women

Virgo has a sign of maiden holding wheat in her hands. This symbol is known as ‘The Virgin”. This woman of the earth element is designated by affection, sense of duty, and having an eye for the smallest details.

A Virgo is symbolized with the mutable quality. These properties make them the best person to talk to at times of pain because of their nature they would listen to each and every issue, and then give you a piece of excellent advice related to the problem itself. As they have the in-built capability to understand the standing of the other person.

But there is always a side that goes to the extreme. Virgo is claimed to have this face as well and makes them hyper-critical because of their keen attention to details. This also makes them one of the biggest perfectionists which may scare away some of Virgo’s friends. But the bad face can never stay with them for long. Soon they bounce back to their nice stage and would always be there for their friends. The ability to stand up for their friends and having a soft heart is what makes them unique.

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Capricorn Women

A Capricorn is famous for being an ‘old soul’ because their wisdom precedes their age. This woman of the earth element is known for being wise. A Capricorn is famous for being straight headed as their wisdom is greater than any other member of the horoscope. These are the people who tend to set their goals and then achieve them through hard work and determination.

This sign of the earth element feels like being out-of-phase with the present system of the world as they are of the older mindset.

The Capricorn ability to set its goals and then strive for them is what makes them very unique. Their hard work puts them on a separate sheet from the rest of the lot.

Finding common traits

All of these 3 women belong to the earth element. Thus, this bends them naturally into getting the qualities of the earth in them. All of these signs have an in-built love for nature as a whole. They would do anything to protect what they love, and this includes friends, family, and relatives. They are the ones who love to initiate things and then see them through to the end as that is in their nature. Being down to earth is the key embellishment of the earth element women.

The Differences

The number of differences is very minute in number as they are the sort of people who tend to look and work the same way. But the only differentiation arises when they reach the extreme stages of their traits. That is when they see the dark side of their personalities. They may become very mean and self-centered at times. This makes them prone to being criticized by others. The sense of competition fills their heart which, at times may turn a good soul bad. This leads them to do things which they would not usually do.

Mutable is the quality of Virgo. The fact that Virgo is mutable makes it prone to change. It can become adaptable, just like a chameleon. This woman of the earth element is famous for being a source of healing for others rather being just a person who can change whenever they want to.

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Fixed is the quality of Taurus. They are termed for being who are bent on making their plans and then following them. This sign also has the quality of being very creative with what they do. But once the project starts, it becomes very difficult for them to change their line of action.

The cardinal quality corresponds to Capricorn. Each group in the horoscope starts with a cardinal sign because they have the strongest will for setting the things into motion rather than slowing them down.


The women of the earth carry a gentle heart in their chests. Their souls are filled with the love of life and nature to help. They have a positive attitude to making things work. That is what the 3 women of earth look like.

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