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The astrology chart is made up of four sources of data: the astronomical bodies (Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids) and calculated points (Nodes of the Moon, Part of Fortune, and so on); the Signs; the Houses; and the Aspects. The bodies and points, Signs, and Houses are ruled by one of the four elements. The Aspects have no element assigned to them.

The Earth Points in the Sky (Sun, Moon, Planets, and Asteroids)

Mercury (planet) Venus (planet), and Saturn (planet), are the Earth points. Mercury rules Virgo and the 6th House; Venus rules Taurus and the 2nd House, and Saturn rules Capricorn and the 10th House.

In classical and modern astrology Mercury and Venus co-rule other signs and houses: Mercury also rules Gemini and the 3rd House; Venus rules Libra and the 7th House. There are some astrologers who are beginning to displace Mercury from Virgo and replacing it with Chiron. Saturn once co-ruled Aquarius but has since been displaced by Uranus.

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Mercury represents our communication, and how we use our thinking to solve problems and make decisions that will help us navigate through the material world.

Venus represents how we relate to others, and how we care for our bodies and our resources.

Saturn represents structure, rules, and how we address responsibility and deal with duties in our lives.

The Zodiac Signs

Each sign has a quality (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable) and an element.

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign. Ambitious Active Earth fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when they are setting and achieving goals; Capricorn individuals must learn compassion to manifest their best results.

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Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign. Intense Persistent Stable Earth energy fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when they feel secure; Taurus individuals must learn some degree of adaptability to manifest their best results.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign. Practical Adaptable Earth fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when they get all the details in order; Virgo individuals must learn to “see the forest for the trees” to manifest their best results.

Earth and the Human Experience

Each elemental group process all the various life experiences through the nature of the element. Earth Sign individuals rely on money, skills, health, and work to make their way through life.


Earth Signs can be practical, sensual, loyal, and grounded when it comes to love. They get turned on by security, consistency, physicality, and capability. The way to an Earth Sign’s heart is through their belly and their bank account, by putting good food and excess money into both.


Earth Signs rule all spheres of work and career, even creative and healing ones. Their energy supports the finances and structures that make anything real in the world exist and persist. Every profession functions on payroll, profits, costs, goods, and services; and Earth Sign individuals will want to make sure the “wheels of industry” stay greased and running smoothly and optimally.

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Family life is a serious responsibility for Earth Sign individuals. The Earth signs want the family to be taken care of and provided for. Families need their resources to be safe and stable. Savings, investments, and insurance will be of the utmost importance to these signs. As parents, Earth Signs prefer attention to material needs over nurturing (water), independence (fire), and logic (air).


Money is a means to an end for Earth Signs, and they understand its necessary and practical purpose. For them, money does make the world go round. These are the signs that want to have money so they can prepare for the future and bring ease into the present.

4 Key Traits of the Earth Element

Whether you are looking at an Earth Planet, Earth Sign, or Earth House, the element has certain key traits it expresses that define it separately from the other elements.

Earth Energy Builds

The earth, along with water, sustains life; it also provides resources that allow humanity to build civilizations and improve living conditions. Energy is essential for building. Energy helps humanity make places safe and sustainable.

The act of building something brings tremendous satisfaction when the work is complete, and its purpose is both clear and “being served”.

Earth Energy Establishes

When we think of traditional values or traditional behaviors or just plain “traditions”, we are tapping into Earth’s energy. Anything that stands the test of time captures the “establishing” energy of Earth.

Whether we are establishing routines or establishing a tradition, we hope to find enduring aspects of human creativity, thought, and places. Every monument or statue is an example of Earth’s energy trying to establish and hold in place a value, quality, or moment.

Earth Energy Conserves

Earth energy tends to be prudent and risk-averse, preferring calculated leaps of faith instead of all-out plunges into the unknown (that is what Fire energy is for). Earth is naturally conservative energy, plodding along with endurance, patience, persistence, and reliability.

There is a strong sense of time, knowing that one day can be profit and another day loss, so it is best to conserve energy for any times that may require energy that exceeds what is readily present.

Earth Energy Produces and Provides

This energy takes raw materials and produces goods. It accumulates what is necessary to provide for family, clients, employees, and society. Productivity is a cornerstone of Earth energy, which is constantly aware of the back and forth between supply and demand. It feels at its best knowing goals have been set and achieved, success is measurable and exceeded, and needs are satisfied.

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