June 12, 2024
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These 3 Signs are the Freakiest in Bed

These 3 Signs are the Freakiest in Bed (one of them might surprise you!)

An astrology chart can tell us a lot about our lives and personalities, but can it tell us about our sex drives? It absolutely can, and there are three signs in particular who take getting down and dirty to a whole new level. So scroll down to see which 3 signs bring the most freaky fun to the bedroom (one of them might surprise you!).



Raise your hand if you’ve ever been loved on by an Aries and, despite a total lack of compatibility elsewhere, you just kept coming back for more. I bet a lot of us are raising our hands and that’s because there is a pure animalistic nature to the way Aries people approach horizontal activities.

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This fire sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of war but also the planet of love making. Mars taps us into our deepest instincts and, let’s face it, at the end of the day our human instinct is to mate and increase the population. Being Mars ruled, Aries is naturally in tune with their primal energy, so when they find someone that they have that spark of chemistry with they are going to pursue them like a beast in the wild, turning on all their charms in hopes of satiating that carnal desire.

Let’s not forget that Aries also happens to be the first sign of the zodiac, meaning that it’s sun season begins on the Vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. There is a certain youthfulness that permeates the people who have strong Aries placements because of this. With youth comes both stamina and a general excitement about life, both of which are qualities Aries brings into the bedroom. There’s nothing quite as endearing or as big of a turn on as the sheer joy and enthusiasm that your Aries partner brings to the bedroom, smiles, giggles and jokes included.

If you prefer things sweet and slow, an Aries partner may be a little startling, it’s not that they can’t make sweet love, it’s simply that they approach sex with a certain kind of attack and hunger the other signs don’t. So if you want to feel like the hottest and sexiest person on the planet, you’ll love making love to an Aries!


Hearing that Virgo is one of the sexiest signs might be a shock to some of you who are used to viewing this earth sign as tightly wound and rigid. The thing about Virgo is that they are perfectionists and their desire to be the very best at everything they do doesn’t stop at work or school.

Virgo holds a rightful place on this list because they take their job in the bedroom seriously. Sex is not just about doing what they need to do in order to feel that rush of pleasure, it’s about cultivating an experience and making sure that their love making will always rank number 1 in your memory. Sex isn’t one sided when it comes to Virgo love making, part of their joy and pleasure comes from being able to know all the right buttons to press in order to make the experience perfect for their partner as well. After all, Virgo is a Mercury ruled sign, so they’ll be sure to talk things through and make sure that you’re having just as good, if not a better time, than they are.

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This deep need to please their partners means that Virgo also tends to be the kinkiest on this short list of sexy signs. Why is that? Well, every person has different desires, wants and needs when it comes to sex, and Virgo is down to play around with all of it. You should never feel afraid to share your kinks and fantasies with a Virgo because they might seem uptight, but that’s probably because they need the sweet release of sex, and they’ll be happy to do whatever freaky thing you have in mind in order to help you both unwind.

All of this becomes even sexier when we remember that Virgos tend to be more reserved and put together as a whole, so they truly are the epitome of lady/gentleman in the street but a freak in the sheets!


In medical astrology, Scorpio rules over the genitals and sex organs, so it’s no wonder that Scorpios tend to be known for their skill and voracity when it comes to carnal pleasure. A night with a Scorpio lover is usually a memorable one!

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, their modern ruler Pluto only having been discovered in 1930, and we learned all about Mars ruled love making when we talked about Aries in bed, but Scorpio Mars energy is different. For one, Scorpio is still a water sign at the end of the day which means that emotional connection comes before mere primal instinct. So the true depth of their love making is not fostered by a chemical reaction, instead knowing your soul inside and out is the sexiest thing in the world to them. So while a one night stand with a Scorpio can surely lead to some good memories, it’s relationship sex where they really thrive.

Scorpio is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to sex, but for the people who are into it… it’s good, real good. They bring a deep intensity to the bedroom, cultivating an intoxicating experience that goes beyond the pleasure of flesh on flesh and instead takes you into the world of merging souls. In fact, it’s quite common to hear your Scorpio partner suggest that they want to live inside of your skin (metaphorically… hopefully) because simply touching you won’t create the depth of connection they want to achieve.

So if you’re looking for a partner who will wear a vial of your blood around their neck and make love to you like you’re the only two people in the world who exist, go out there and find yourself a Scorpio!

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