June 13, 2024
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4 Ways To Find Out Their Birth Data Without Scaring Them Away

4 Ways To Find Out Their Birth Data Without Scaring Them Away

Astrology is becoming more and more popular in the modern world. People are looking for the answers to life and want to better understand the people in their lives. However, Astrology is one very nifty tool when it comes to love and relationships. There is so much you can learn about the person you have a crush on just with their date and time of birth. There are so many hacks you can learn about your relationships if you simply know your birth chart or the person you are interested in.

Nowadays It isn’t unusual for most people to know what their Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are. But, there is definitely still a big portion of the population that doesn’t know this information or simply doesn’t care about Astrology and definitely doesn’t believe in it. You might be interested in one of these people so it can make it a little tricky to find out what their birth data is to find out if the two of you would be compatible or not. But there are such clever ways to figure this out without scaring them away. If you’re interested in finding out how then be sure to keep on reading.

Just Ask Them Directly

The rise in popularity in Astrology over the last few years has made this divinatory artform a lot less stigmatized and frowned upon. Thanks to this, you shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable about asking someone about their birth data directly. The other person might in fact feel flattered that you care enough to ask.

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You can also always tell them that you have recently gotten into Astrology and you want to practice more by taking a look at their chart. Most people love to talk about themselves, and this opens up the door for you to find out more about the other person while simultaneously flattering them.

You are likely to blow their mind with the information you know about them by simply looking at their chart and the secrets that their chart reveals. I always find it is way more powerful, to be honest with your intentions and why you do something than to go about it behind the person’s back.

If you want to know more about your person, just tell them exactly why you are asking. Just say that you are curious about them and leave it at that. There is no harm in being direct, and honesty is always the best policy, especially when you are trying to get to know someone.

Take A Look At His Facebook

There are also sneakier ways to find out their birth data if you feel too shy or uncomfortable about asking them directly. Facebook is the best case scenario if that is true for you. Maybe you have just met them and have an instant connection with them, although you are curious, you might also be a bit shy to come out directly to find out what the potential between the two of you would be.

One way of being a little sneaky is by looking at their social media profiles like Facebook. Their birth information should usually be somewhere on their profile, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find. The most important piece of information you need to know when looking at a birth chart would of course be the actual date of birth.

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Although birth time and place are very important, these aspects are secondary when looking at a birth chart. There is a lot of information you can glean by just taking a look at their birth date. All the major positions will be indicated, the only thing that won’t be accurate is their Rising sign or the aspects between all the planets. But this is actually pretty minor because there is a lot you can figure out by just knowing their date of birth. Just knowing what the positions of the planets are and in which sins they are is already a gamechanger in and of itself. Go take a look at their Facebook profile and check out when it says it is their birthday.

Most profiles also show where someone was born in the world. You can take these two pieces of information and load them up in whatever natal chart application or website you use. Just state that the time is unknown or if it doesn’t give you this option always use 12:00 noon. Even though this won’t be 100% accurate and you will have to ignore their Rising sign or in which houses the planets are, it will still give you a good indication of who they are as a person and what your compatibility is like.

Use The Reverse Psychology Card

Many people seem to have quite the resistance to Astrology for one or another reason. Being against it isn’t uncommon at all, especially amongst men, especially. This makes a lot of sense because women are more open to exploring the psychological and emotional sides of life than men typically are and Astrology is a wonderful tool to learn more about yourself and others. It just really comes down to fear and being afraid of feeling vulnerable. Women are more open to this.

This is why reverse psychology is quite a good card to play especially if you’re wanting to find out the birth data of a man. If you’re interested in taking a look at their natal chart but suspect that they might be an Astrology naysayer then you could try this little helpful tip out. Let them know how much you love Astrology and everything you have learned about yourself by using it.

They simply cannot argue with this. If this person just comes out and disagrees with you and says something like it is a pseudoscience you can use this as an opportunity to reverse the tables on them and prove them wrong. Tell this if they give you their birth data to run their chart you know for a fact that you’ll be able to shock them with the accuracy of what you can figure out about them based on their Astrology.

Guys fall for this especially because they love being challenged and want to prove their point, but when you have astrology on your side there is no way that they can come up on top. Not only will you gain their birth data in this manner, but this is an opportunity for the two of you to grow closer together because there are all kinds of information you can share about them with them. They’ll be amazed about what you can see about their personality and life path.

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Find Out If They Are A Morning Or Evening Person

This hasn’t been researched in detail, but some people have suggested that there is a correlation between whether someone is a morning or evening person with the time they were born. This can be quite a useful “fact” to share with someone you are curious about. You can say to them that you were born around 11 pm, but you would consider yourself a morning person.  And because of this, you disagree with what they have to say about this correlation. Then ask them what time they were born and if they are a morning or evening person. This is probably the smartest way to enquire about this without raising any major red flags that you are super into Astrology.

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