June 16, 2024
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Your Love Language by Zodiac Sign

Your Love Language by Zodiac Sign

Ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Created by Gary Chapman, the Five Love Languages are a great guideline to how you and your sweetheart best feel loved, adored, and cared for.

This is a game-changer when it comes to relationships, because if you aren’t speaking the right languages to each other, you’re just going to have misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

The 5 Love Languages

Now, what’s interesting is that we often demonstrate the Love Language that we most crave to our partner. Therein lies already a clue as to what makes our love clock tick smoothly. So, with this in mind, here is the breakdown of the Five Love Languages:

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Giving of Gifts

This is a pretty standard one. If your love language is Gifts, then it’s good if your partner is constantly showering you with things, big or small, to let you know that you’re on their mind. Now, don’t mistake this for expensive gifts – a pretty flower will do just fine!

Verbal Affirmation

This Love Language is all about saying it! Dropping the ‘L Bomb” and telling you – often – how much they love you is bound to get your engines going! Letters, texts and posts on social media also count!

Acts of Service

Acts of Service as a Love Language include doing chores for you, such as washing the dishes, helping you to get your car serviced, making the bed or taking care of admin that you don’t have time for. When your lover does this and more for you, you feel absolutely cherished!

Physical Touch

Many of us have this Love Language. Being hugged, kissed, cuddled, massaged or otherwise physically shown love is where it’s at for you! You don’t mind those Public Displays of Affection, and will happily hold hands and smooch in public.

Quality Time

If your Love Language so Quality time, your lover needs to spend time with you doing things that you enjoy. And if you both enjoy it, so much the better! Setting aside a day to be with you, alone, without any distractions, is going to make you feel deeply cared for.

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Your Love Language by Zodiac Sign

Now, you may be a little confused as to which of these Love Languages belong to you or your partner. So, we’ve broken it down for you, zodiac sign by zodiac sign, to help you find your perfect fit and know what your Love Language is:

Aries Love Language

Aries is an action-orientated sign, so you like to show your love openly and honestly! It’s all or nothing with you, and sometimes it can feel like one day you’re in love, and the next day, out! With that said, when you’re really in love, you go all the way, and the Love Language you appreciate the most is likely to be a combination of Physical touch and Quality time – maybe even a touch of Verbal Affirmation.

As long as your lover is giving you attention, you’re happy. If they’re ignoring you, well, they’d better watch out, because you’ll chase them down and make sure they know to never do that again.

Taurus Love Language

Did you know that your zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus? And did you know that Venus is the planet of Love? Thus, Love Languages should be something that comes naturally to you, but your favorite and very best is usually Gifts. You just love being spoilt with tangible things by your lover.

As such, you usually do exactly this for your own sweetheart, hoping they’ll get the hint. You’re also going to love, love, love Physical Touch as you’re the touchy-feely type – there’s nothing you adore more than a good cuddle!

Gemini Love Language

Air signs are intellectual types. And so, for you, Love is best expressed in the mind. Thus, Verbal Affirmation is what gets your love engine going, and you just adore it when your partner tells you how much they care about you, how good you look and how they never want to be without you.

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You’ll also fall hard for anyone who sends you clever, flirtatious text, and if you’re with someone long-term, you never want this side of the relationship to die, Gemini. Better yet, writing you a good old romantic letter is guaranteed to make you weak at the knees.

Cancer Love Language

You have to be one of the sweetest, most loving, and most sentimental signs when it comes to relationships, Cancer. You know how to make your partner feel cared for and supported, but do you know how best you feel loved? Well, for you, it’s likely a combination of Physical Touch (you love being held), and Gifts.

Not because you’re materialistic, but because you love the memory attached to something. When you receive a gift, it reminds you of you and your sweetheart that day and how special it felt together, even if it was a random pebble from the ocean on a day that you both went walking by the sea.

Leo Love Language

The truth is Leo, you could probably nod your head at all the Love Languages listed above! You just loved being loved, period. It doesn’t much matter how your honey shows it, as long as you’re being showered with constant devotion.

But, if you had to choose, it’d probably be Gifts, followed by Quality Time, and then maybe Verbal Affirmation as a close third. You love being spoilt with flashy things, but you also feel love it when your honey takes time out to be with you, and only you – whilst telling you how amazing you are!

Virgo Love Language

This one is quite straightforward for you Virgo – you love it when your partner does Acts of Service for you. It’ll make you weak at the knees when they offer to take out the trash, help sort out your license renewal or drive you to the doctor. Mowing the lawn for you as you make them breakfast is your idea of absolute heaven.

There’s nothing like a sweetheart actively showing their care by making a concerted effort to take a load off of your shoulders. You also won’t mind Verbal Affirmation, and quite like it when your lover says sweet things to you – in private, of course.

Libra Love Language

Next to Taurus, you’re another sign ruled by planet Venus, Libra, and thus, you know how to love and be loved! It’s just so natural for you and you should never have an issue letting your sweetie know you care. But how do you like to be loved? Well, as an air sign, you love Verbal Affirmation.

When your honey whispers sweet nothings in your ears, you’ll practically melt into a puddle of love! That said, Quality Time is also important to you, as you get to do fun things with your partner on a one-on-one basis.

Scorpio Love Language

You’re one of the most mysterious signs out there Scorpio, but as the same time, you’re an open book to the one you love and care about. You’re actually quite the teddy bear, despite your scary reputation, and when you love, you love hard! Physical Touch probably comes out on top for you, seeing as you’re a sign that puts huge store in physical passion and connection.

You can’t simply do a platonic relationship with lukewarm chemistry – you’ll never feel loved that way. So, make sure that your honey knows to touch you – often – in all kinds of imaginative and wild ways!

Sagittarius Love Language

If there was a Love Language called Freedom and Space, that would be yours, Sagittarius! But, seeing a there isn’t – yet – you’re quite happy with Physical Touch being high on your list. You’re a passionate sign, after all, and you enjoy the fiery side of a love affair!

Now, although Touch is high on your list, you also like Quality Time, but only if it’s doing really crazy, adventurous thigs together, like travelling or bungee jumping. It’s not about cuddling up on the couch and eye-gazing for you – no, it’s all about sexing the bull by the horns and living life to the fullest with your honey!

Capricorn Love Language

Although you tend to take a more reserved stance on love and like to play the long game, once you commit and walk down that road, you’re extremely passionate, sensual and loving Capricorn.

You like tradition, and thus, being bought a Gift to show love feels right for you – whether it’s a classy bunch of flowers or being taken to dinner and paid for. You have expensive taste, so it’s important that your lover buys you quality Gifts – they don’t have to do it often, but when they do, it’s got to be the best!

Aquarius Love Language

Like Sagittarius, you feel most loved when you have your space and freedom to be yourself, Aquarius. You’re not really the touchy-feely type, and you also don’t care much about Gifts. What you will probably like is Verbal Affirmation, but not too soppy either, else it’s uncomfortable.

A well-chosen word here and there to show love will create the warm and fuzzies inside of you, and that’s all you need. Quality Time also feels good, when you’re doing things that inspire the both of you and make you want to grow as people. But again, it can’t be too much time together or rise you’ll feel suffocated.

Pisces Love Language

Well, the truth is that any of these Love Languages will likely make you feel truly adored. You’re such a romantic that the simplest show of care is enough to make you fall head over heels! You’ll particularly like Acts of Service, where your lover takes care of all of life’s practical details for you, so that you don’t have to.

That’s bliss, in your books Pisces. You’ll also love poetry (Verbal Affirmation) and Quality Time spent doing magical things together. And, of course, Physical Touch is one of your best, as you do love a cuddle. It’s safe to say that your Love Language is always changing!

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