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It is on very few occasions that two signs come together in forming such a strong zodiac compatibility that there remains no doubt about them encountering problems in their life. Of course, there are always one or two factors involved that tend to downplay the very carefully woven relationship, but challenges are part of life and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Capricorn compatibility with any zodiac sign is a difficult issue, to begin with, considering how it has a unique planetary position combination that is seldom matched by any other zodiac sign. However, when it comes to Capricorn and Scorpio come together, these tensions seem to go away all of a sudden because of how well these two gels together. Two primary factors are involved in this, which we will discuss before moving on to commenting on the individual factors that dominate any relationship.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Scorpio Coming Together

Continuing directly from what we said before, one of the factors that is very important for declaring any sign the zodiac love match of another are the zodiac elements behind them. It is a pretty simple phenomenon, and also one that forms one of the founding pillars of astrology. Traditionally, astrologers see zodiac elements as the primary force that gives each sign its specific approach to life and the basic commands on how to deal with a certain situation. It is these elements that determine whether a person will calmly let a thing go, or be aggressive about it.

As such, these elements form their own set of rules for a compatible relationship. This means signs ruled by the element of water only are compatible with signs ruled by the element of earth. The same is the case for signs governed by elements of fire and air. Interestingly enough, this is also the way that these signs behave in nature. Fortunately for Capricorn and Scorpio, dating compatibility becomes a lot easier because their ruler elements are earth and water. These two complement each other beautifully. We will discuss that more when discussing the individual dynamics of the relationship.

Capricorn Dates as the Second Important Factor

The second reason that Capricorn and Scorpio get along so well is because of Capricorn dates. These are in such a convenient part of the zodiac calendar that they have a major portion of their planets aligning themselves in a position similar to the alignment of Scorpio in the skies. This not only gives the two people a lot to build their relationship with, but it also provides a sure footing so that nothing falls in that process.

Is Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility Gender-specific?

This is also a very important question that needs an immediate answer before we move on to discussing the individual dynamics of the Capricorn and Scorpio relationship. Many people think it makes a difference as to what gender takes what place in zodiac compatibility. Let us tell you, it does not. The analyses we are about to make a stand true for both a Capricorn woman Scorpio man couple and a Capricorn man Scorpio woman couple.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Scorpio Sex and Intimacy

One of the first things that is considered before moving on to the details of any relationship is how well connected the two partners are in bed. This is also important because, without that sense of comfort and security, it is very hard for two people to go on spending the rest of their lives together.

Luckily, Scorpio can find a place in the list of Capricorn best love matches because of how well these two tend to be in bed. Capricorn tends to be a very physical zodiac sign by nature, which only goes on to complement the submissive nature of Scorpio during sex.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Scorpio Trusting Each Other

As the zodiac elements of water intend to be, these two signs fit perfectly together just like a jigsaw puzzle. If there was one factor out of all that we could display, which showed how Scorpio is the most compatible with Capricorn, it would be that of trust. In fact, this is the only reason that these two do not indulge in any arguments over other people like most of the couples usually do. The major part here is played by the zodiac elements involved as to how water is a direct source of nourishment for the earth. Just like this, a Scorpio knows that it is always safe in the hands of a Capricorn and they would never betray each other.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn with Scorpio Communication

Communication is one more thing where Scorpio excels as one of the Capricorn compatible signs. While many people quantify communication as being able to laugh and enjoy together, Capricorn and Scorpio have a somewhat different take to this, and they enjoy every bit of it. As it goes, these two signs enjoy gaining knowledge from each other’s conversations. This means that they avoid any and all kinds of unnecessary small talk which other people find amusing and enjoyable.

Even in a loving relationship, their sense of rationality gets the better of a Capricorn and Scorpio couple as they sit together, talking only when they absolutely need to. One thing both of these signs greatly appreciate, however, is dark humor. It is the only thing they may talk about for hours at end, keeping each other busy.

As goes with every relationship, the key to building it stronger understands your partner and all the reasons for his or her actions. With this article, we sure hope you got a lot more insight into a Capricorn and Scorpio relationship and now know and understand fully how certain negative issues come about and why it is necessary to ignore them in order to foster a long-lasting and loving relationship.

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility
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