June 24, 2024
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10 Ways To Make The Most Of Leo Season

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Leo Season

Leo season is when we should be confident, boastful, and take pride in who we are and what we do regardless of what other people think of it. Let’s look at 10 ways to make the most of Leo season. During Cancer season, we reflected on our emotions, the past influence of our family, and how they shaped our emotional space.

Leo season is when we are more connected to our inner child and more aware of the needs of our inner child, as we did a lot of emotional reflection during Cancer season. 

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Leo Season

Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius. Aquarius represents the community, other people, and awareness of the community and other people around you. When it is Leo season, you must focus on yourself. The Sun rules over Leo, and the Sun is big and bright.

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The Sun takes all the attention in our solar system, and when it is Leo season, you need to do the same. You must act bigger and brighter and draw all the attention to yourself and the amazing things you can do. Below are ten ways to have the best Leo season!

1. Connect with the playful side of your inner child

Our inner child has two sides. One side is the emotional side linked to all our childhood experiences and memories, and the other is our playful side, where we allow ourselves to live in the moment to express ourselves and be carefree.

During Cancer season, we connected with the emotional side of our inner child. Leo season is when we need to connect with the playful side of our inner child.

2. Be proud of yourself

During Leo season, the world is your stage; this is the best time to show off your best side and talent. Other people will be much more appreciative of you and your abilities and will notice you much easier during Leo season.

3. Make an effort to look your absolute best every single day

Leo season is when we should take pride in who we are. We should show our best selves and our best side. When we look our best, we feel our best, and then we can be our best. So put in some extra effort every day to ensure you look ultra-fabulous!

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4. Do not be shy and get out of your shell!

During Cancer season, we tend to avoid many confrontational situations and do not want to deal with other people in the world. We create a protective shell for ourselves that we hide in. Now that it is Leo season, it’s time to leave the shell and explore the world again.

You will notice that when you are yourself during Leo season, you attract other people through your authenticity. Don’t hold back and let the world know exactly who you are without fear.

5. Allow yourself to think and act younger than you are

So what if you’re 60 years old? You can have just as much fun as a ten-year-old! You do not always need to act your age. Leo season is the one time when you are excused to behave like a child again.

6. Recognize other people’s talents and make them feel special

Part of the reason Leo is a sign that is so admired and appreciated is because Leo usually has very warm energy. When they’re around other people, they make other people feel loved, and they make them feel valued and appreciated.

During Leo season, it’s important to attract attention to yourself and have high confidence levels. Still, it’s also important to build up other people and make them feel good and confident about themselves.

The more positive feedback that goes around, the more motivated people will be to express themselves creatively and authentically. Let other people know how amazing they are when expressing themselves creatively.

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7. Make time for more play over work

Leo season is when you should enjoy life instead of focusing too much on your responsibilities. It’s important not to neglect your duties and to ensure that the things that need to be done are done but don’t get sucked into this too much.

Allow yourself some extra time off to enjoy life and be in the moment. Very often, our responsibilities and our duties stop us from being able to tap into our creative expression. When you can remove yourself from these responsibilities and duties for a while, you’ll see you might be able to express yourself creatively again.

8. Say what you want to say.

There’s no such thing as being overly dramatic during Leo season. Be open, honest, and yourself even if other people think you’re overbearing or too much. Leo season is the one time when you are allowed to be a little bit too much.

9. Be more creative

Leo season is the best time to act on all those thoughts and ideas that you have had concerning manifesting something creative. Leo is the heart of all creativity, and during Leo season, the creative energy will be pumping through your veins.

Make sure that you set time aside to be creative and express yourself through some creative art form, and you’ll be surprised to see what you’re capable of.

10. Allow other people to appreciate you for who you are without you having to give them anything in return

People appreciate celebrities and famous people for merely who they are and for what they can do in terms of their creative expression. Therefore, allow yourself to be somewhat of a celebrity during Leo season.

When a person appreciates you for what you can do and for your creative expression and your authenticity, don’t feel obliged to return something to them. Don’t feel like you owe this person something.

Allow yourself to give and receive praise and love without feeling guilty for it and without having to give something back when you are appreciated. Allow yourself to bask in the admiration of other people guilt-free during Leo season.

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