July 23, 2024
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Taurus and Scorpio

Can Taurus and Scorpio Make It Work?

This is a deadly combination! Both of these signs have strong convictions, a lot of will power and determination.

First Impressions

As a Taurus, you might be fascinated by the Scorpio in question, potentially more fascinated then anyone you’ve ever met before. You admire their qualities and wish you had them too. Taurus and Scorpio are on the opposite ends of the zodiac. They have intense differences, but also some things in common too.

Emotional Compatibility

Scorpio is deeply mysterious and very emotional; they are much more emotional than Taurus. As a water sign, Scorpio blends well with the earth element of Taurus, but Scorpio would rather learn all about the person they are dating then let you get inside their head or heart. Scorpio is very protective of themselves and is cautious of giving away aspects of who they are. First, Scorpio has to trust you and feel comfortable, and then they will let you in, somewhat. It’s important that they feel safe. Scorpio will always keep things to themselves, even if you’ve known them for years, you’ll learn there is stuff you don’t know about Scorpio. Scorpio likes to have their secrets.

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Scorpio is usually bubbling with emotion under their placid exteriors. Scorpio rules obsessions. They like to control things, especially their emotions, which they like to keep in check, however, they won’t fully be able to do this, especially if alcohol is involved.

The steady, calm demeanor of a Taurus will give solid grounding to a Scorpio, as they deal with their emotions, and this is a big part of the attraction because Scorpio can also be supportive when Taurus is emotionally spent, angry or conflicted. Scorpio is generally a natural at helping others.

Emotional Clashing

The caveat is that because Scorpio doesn’t like to talk about their feelings and Taurus isn’t one to explore feelings freely—resentments could build up and cause undiscussed tension. One might be mad at the other and won’t say a word about it. Communication lines can run thin. This is something to be aware of. It is important to work to keep the lines of communication clear.

Scorpio and Taurus may also clash if they feel differently about a situation. Neither will back down. As they are both signs of control, both also like to be right and will be stubborn about this. The best thing to do in this situation is to agree to disagree and try to move on from the situation.

The Scorpio and Taurus Conviction

Scorpios are very intuitive and are right about a lot of things often just by a hunch—they are inherited with a physic ability, and Taurus shouldn’t question it. Taurus is earthier and relies more on rationality and reason to navigate the world. Scorpio brings a new layer of looking at situations, which Taurus will either appreciate or cuts down.

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Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, which means that neither of them is going to budge on certain things. They will have their hang-ups. Each sign will stay devoted to their goals. They are not up for compromise, which could interrupt the flow between them. Be aware of potential conflicts and look inward to see if there is a way to compromise or meet in the middle. As mentioned, sometimes you just have to agree to end the conversation, even if you don’t reach an agreement and let it go.

Matters of Money

Scorpio rules the natural eighth house of joint resources. They really flourish at finances. Taurus rules the second house of personal wealth. Both signs are security orientated, but Taurus is more materialistic and likes buying things. Scorpio is more into making investments. Taurus also likes to spend money on expensive dinners and other luxuries. Scorpio’s tastes are a lot more practical.

Communication is the Key

Scorpio is the master of persuasion; they go straight to the heart of the matter and this includes negotiating on any matter. Scorpio is intelligent and they will make so much sense that they will quickly earn the respect of Taurus. Taurus might even ask for advice on how to handle their own life matters.

Taurus and Scorpio and both typically quite reserved and not exactly outgoing. Neither is a fan of the dating scene and dislike the idea of having to constantly share their life story with strangers. They can relate to each other on being real as neither of them enjoys the fake scene.

Sex and Love

Taurus and Scorpio are both very possessive lovers. This won’t even cause conflict. As Taurus, MTV The Challenge Veteran Cara Maria Captioned “Mine” in a picture with her Scorpio lover, Paulie Calafiore. This type of staking the claim language comes naturally to the Taurus. Scorpios love very intensely just like Taurus loves very possessively. Scorpio expects total and complete fidelity, and so does Taurus. Taurus values loyalty and trust the same way Scorpio does, and true love never steps out of the line with loyalty. When you mate, you know it will be for life. You know that you will be in a relationship with your best friend.

Taurus is a powerhouse in bed. Sex can be a need for Taurus like eating or sleeping. Scorpio wants deep feelings, feelings Taurus may or may not be able to match, though opposites generally have a very strong physical match despite how they match elsewhere.

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Taurus may have a hard time relating to Scorpio’s level of spirituality because they are so “feet on the ground”, however they can open up to it and embrace it. It might be just what Taurus needs. Taurus may have to let go of the practicality and open up to romance. Regardless, Scorpio will be entangled with Taurus’ erotic style and will love how Taurus tends to their every need in bed. Scorpio will be dazzled by Taurus’ blatant desire and sincere affection, and this will create a lasting bond. A bond built upon passion that is unfamiliar to any other.

This could be that earth-quaking love; the kind you’ve always dreamed of.

Final Thoughts

Opposite signs attract and repel. If you are a Taurus, your Scorpio is either going to be the best or worst thing that ever happened to you. Whether you complement or complete each other remains to be seen. You could date for week, months, years, or indefinitely. Opposite signs always have potential, though many have said that pairing a Scorpio and a Taurus long term can be difficult if not impossible. With love, anything is possible, as there are thriving Scorpio/Taurus couples that shine today. Put everything that you’ve got into this relationship—the rewards are too good to pass up. If you pay attention, you’ll see that you can learn a lot from your opposite.

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