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how zodiac signs show that they care about you

How Zodiac Signs Show That They Care About You

You may find that someone you care about seems aloof and does not show much emotion to the point that you wonder if they feel the same way about you. However, you will be pleasantly surprised if you encounter a negative situation that involves someone trying to demean or harm you; they get in the way to keep you protected. Therefore, you will see that the individual cares about you. And that means that everyone has their way of showing that they care about someone even if they may not seem like the type at all. So how do you indicate that you care about someone? Let’s take a look at all of that based on each zodiac sign!

Aries – The First to Defend You

Aries, you are the one who appears to always look out for number one, being you! That is because you are competitive, and you focus on your needs before the needs of others. However, you are highly passionate and aggressive, and you will also protect those you care about in your own way. That means if you find that someone you care about is being bullied or threatened, you will get in the way and defend them by showing aggression towards the offender. You may be self-absorbed in specific ways, but you will also see them as an extension of yourself if you care about someone.

Taurus – Give Hugs

Taurus, you are sensual by nature, and you are stoic and stable. You may not be the type to know how to offer advice to a friend or family member who is upset about something, but the moment that you see they are upset, you will, without any hesitation, hug them. You may even invite them to hang with you to watch your favorite show and enjoy some gourmet candies or food since that is what you want to do each night. However, they may likely decline, but they will appreciate the offer. Those gestures will make them feel better.

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Gemini – Make You Laugh

Gemini, you are versatile, and you like to tell some good jokes since comedy is your thing. You also enjoy hanging around people because you love having a good time. However, if someone you care about is upset, you will know how to cheer them up. You will make them laugh by telling them some funny jokes, or you can purposely make them corny and tell the worst dad jokes – those bad ones always get a chuckle because they are so terrible. You may even do some slapstick comedy by eating a banana, placing the peel on the floor, and deliberately walking on it to slip on it – just to make them laugh!

Cancer – Extremely Affectionate

Cancer, you are the nurturer of the zodiac, and you are the one who is known to be incredibly affectionate with anyone because you do care. And you do not show any unusual way of showing that you care about others because that is how you naturally are. For example, if someone who you are close to or even a stranger is having a difficult day, you will be there to listen to them, give them hugs, spend time with them, and even feed them a meal or a snack. Taurus is similar to what they do when they show someone that they care, but you are naturally nurturing and demonstrative.

Leo – Showers with Gifts

Leo, you are the one who tends to focus on yourself because you are the one who needs and wants to be in the spotlight. However, that does not mean you are oblivious to how others are feeling. For example, if you have a friend or colleague dealing with grief or is upset over something, you will show your generous side. You will give them gifts as that is how you show them that you care. You may even take them out to a pricey restaurant or take them for expensive specialty coffee.

Virgo – Dry Humor

Virgo, you are naturally the serious type, and you do not show emotions that easily. You are the type to serve others, but you have other ways of showing that you care. Like Gemini, your ruler is Mercury which has something to do with having a sense of humor. Therefore, you will joke around the same way as Gemini does. However, because of your natural demeanor, you are the dry humor type. You will state some silly facts in a blatant and non-emotional way that the one you are trying to cheer up by doing that cannot help but laugh.

Libra – Spend Time with You Listening

Libra, you are the type that is all about balance; love and relationships are essential to you. You have an obvious way of showing that you care. And you will spend time with the upset or unsettled one, and you will listen to every word they say. You may not always have the advice that can help them. However, listening to them and being there for them is enough to show them that you genuinely care. You will even go out of your way to be there for the one who you want to soothe. Additionally, you will have a way to make them feel better too.

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Scorpio – Listening and Defending You

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are passionate. The thing with you is that you can be overly protective of those who you care about, and you can be the worst nightmare to someone who betrayed you. You are the sign of extremes. However, when you care for someone, as mentioned, you will defend them fiercely if needed if they are hurt by someone else. If they are upset over not being hurt by someone, you will be an excellent listener to them like LIbra. You are an incredible problem-solver, so you can give them tips about how to cope with the challenges they face.

Sagittarius – Loyal and Will Stick by Your Side

Sagittarius, you are the happy-go-lucky type that loves to have a good adventure, and you will do what you want on your terms. However, when it comes to someone who you genuinely care about, you will drop everything and stick by their side no matter what. You will be loyal to them and ensure they are doing well before you go and experience the adventures you want. In addition, you are a natural optimist, so you will also do what you can to make them feel better about the troubling situation they are in.

Capricorn – Help You and Stick Up for You

Capricorn, you are the type that takes everything seriously, which ranges from your work, home responsibilities, relationships, and family. You may not be overly demonstrative because you are not in touch with your feelings too much, though you can be sensitive. You are also highly empathetic than more people would realize. If someone you care about is upset, you will be there to listen to them, spend time with them, and give them good advice on how to handle their predicament. You will also stick up for those you care about to anyone who is giving them a hard time. You may be into your work and not overly demonstrative, but you most definitely show your ways of how you care about those in your life.

Aquarius – Does What They Can to Make You Smile

Aquarius, you are the aloof type, but you are friendly, and you are a humanitarian by nature. You also embrace your unique ways and will march to your own drum. However, even though you are the distant type, you do have people in your life who you care about, and you will show that when they are upset. You will get closer to them to spend time with them, and you will do what you can to make them smile. And you can help them see the silver lining of the issue they are facing or even tell them a funny story. You will do whatever you can to cheer them up.

Pisces – Let You Vent to Them and Will Check up on You

Pisces, you are naturally the empathetic and caring type. That is why you will be there for those who you care about no matter what. You will not only spend time with them, but if they are upset, you will allow them to vent to you. If you have intuitive advice to give them, you will also do that. You will allow them to vent until you know they are relieved by getting what is on their mind out of their system. Additionally, you will be there to check on them. They will appreciate it because they will know that you genuinely do care by your gestures.

Even for the zodiac signs that are not known to be demonstrative such as Aries, Capricorn, or Virgo, they will show others in their own way that they care about those who are hurting. On the other hand, those who are more demonstrative such as Cancer, Pisces, or Libra, make it more known that they care about others through their gestures because they are most likely to show affection as they listen to you. Therefore, the point of this is that those who are more detached and don’t show as much emotion can care for others in pain or who are upset. They only have their way of showing it.

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